Cheap luxury travel: possible?

When talking about luxury travel, one immediately thinks about a big budget. And yet, it is possible to afford this kind of stay without having to empty your wallet. The basic principle is first to choose the cheapest destinations. Here are some of them…


According to recent comparisons by professionals, Spain is the cheapest destination for a luxury trip to Europe. Airfare from Paris, accommodation rates, as well as the cost of gourmet meals in the country remain very affordable compared to other destinations. The paradise of the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain, allows travelers to enjoy a luxurious holiday without exorbitant expenses. And all this, without the services offered disappoint the unconditional on the top of the range.

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Italy is also among the The cheapest luxury destinations in the world, thanks to luxurious hotels at low prices. For an average budget, it is possible to offer luxury stays in the country, with gourmet dishes and breathtaking views of the stunning Italian landscapes at the rendezvous. Sicily offers the most affordable prices for a luxury trip. And yet, the region is full of treasures to explore, if we cite only the famous Greek temples.

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The United Kingdom

Contrary to popular ideas, a trip to London is not as expensive as we think. Especially from France, access to the country is very affordable. Outside the city of London, where art, history and music are the key words, travelers will be able to recharge their batteries on the beautiful coasts of the territory. Several luxury establishments are located there to welcome tourists.


If the luxury of Paris is certainly quite expensive, France has more than one ride in its bag when it comes to luxury stay. Thus, in some municipalities such as Mont-Saint Michel, it is perfectly possible to afford an affordable luxury. Several luxury accommodations welcome travelers on site, who promise many pleasures to enjoy. Relaxation in the middle of nature, historical discoveries, but also gastronomic tastings are particularly at the rendezvous.


Portuguese luxury is also one of the cheapest in the world. Local 5-star establishments regularly offer promotions, while airline ticket prices are quite reasonable. Portugal is, however, a prestigious destination in terms of luxury. It reserves for lovers high standing relaxing by the sea, VIP explorations or gourmet preparations. The best offers are to be discovered in good travel plans sites.