Does the tempered glass cut?

Tempered glass, or tempered glass, is a form of safety glass specially treated to ensure that in case of breakage it will break into small crystals instead of breaking into large, sharp and dangerous chips.

Since glass is specially designed to distribute pressure and break in a specific way, it can be delicate to deliberately cut tempered glass.

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There is a special process that you need to follow when trying to cut tempered glass, otherwise it will break and can no longer be used. It is important to exercise extreme caution throughout the process so as not to hurt yourself.

Step 1 — Clean Tempered Glass Thoroughly

Ensure there is no dust or dirt particles that could interfere with a clean cut. Clean it thoroughly with a window washing solution and let it dry completely.

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Step2 — Aneal the glass

Heat the glass in a homemade oven until it reaches 900 degrees Fahrenheit, then turn off the oven and let the glass and oven cool for eight hours.

This process of annealing or heating changes the glass so that it is no longer tempered and does not break when cutting.

Step 3 — Prepare the glass for cutting

Once the glass is annealed, place it on a flat surface and place a T-square where you want to cut it.

TIP: Immerse your glass cutter in kerosene, which will allow for a sharper cut.

Step4 — Cut the glass

While pressing with moderate pressure down, slide the knife along the straight line with a single Smooth movement to form a thin line on top of the glass. Do not pass the cutter over the glass.

Step 5 — Separate your cuts

Place the stud under the line and place your hands on either side of the glass. Press down on both sides of the stud. If you have done everything correctly so far, your pressing should make it possible to squeeze the glass evenly along the line.

WARNING: This is one of the most sensitive and dangerous parts of the process. Be sure to wear protective gear before moving forward.

Step 6 — Smooth the edges

Smooth the edges by rubbing them against a sharpening stone. This will not only make the glass smoother and less dangerous to carry, but also strengthen the glass.

Step 7 — Rotate your glass

Once the cut is complete, you can choose to temper yourglass again.

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