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What are the haute couture houses?

Haute couture is a term we’ve all heard before. But what does this appellation really mean? What are its differences with ready-to-wear and how can a brand get this label? Fashion Skills answers your questions. All about the Haute Couture Appellation

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What is Haute Couture?

Legally protected since 1945 in France, the term haute couture


What is the fashionable color in 2021?

The first pieces of the new collections have arrived in store and on the Internet and we can already clearly spot the colors and prints that will be trendy in 2021!

After a year 2020 a bit sad, pastel tones, vitamin shades, floral prints… restore the smile and bring a good dose of freshness to our dressing room!

In partnership …


What bra for beautiful neckline?

Finding the perfect bra when you have a generous breast can quickly seem to be on the obstacle course. Besides, it’s the same thing to find the right clothes when you have a strong chest. But on the lingerie side, it is true that it is not always simple indeed to combine comfort, support and aesthetics, all without breaking its …


How do you dress when you’re little?

Many women envy those who are thin. However, when you are small and thin, it can be difficult to find exactly the right associations so as not to look too master and look like high school girls.

The secret? Showcase the parts of your bodies you love and add volume where you think you’re missing.



How to wear a dress with short sleeves in winter?

You don’t always dare to wear a dress in winter. Maybe because the cold weather pushes us to wrap ourselves in big knitwear or because we don’t know how to arrange it. Still, worn with tights or leggings, it is possible to reinvent the look of the dress even in cold weather! If you want to change the classic trousers …


How to wear a beige dress in winter?

The long summer dress has been a trend for several years. But the winter long dress, we see more and more this year. Bohemian style or more dressed, it’s an easy way to dress chic in autumn and winter 2019-2020. There are currently a lot of different models from which you can choose the best for your figure. And the …


How to have a retro look?

A little overwhelmed the hippie or bohemian look, has been on the street for some time with a vintage look or retro chic, a look with an outdated charm that still requires a reinterpretation if one does not want to be outdated or look at any point like a real pin-up. Yes, the contests and other highlights of these girls …


What pants with a blue jacket?

Blue is considered to be easy to match with other colours.

But suddenly, what colors go with blue clothes?

I was also asking myself the question. So I did some research.

  • What are the tones of blue?
  • Can we combine navy blue and black?
  • What to wear with a blue T-shirt?
  • How to wear blue trousers?

In this article, I …


How to choose its clothing size on the Internet?

The Internet has been a godsend for independent designers over the past ten years: it allows us to speak directly to our customers and meet the needs of underserved markets that traditional retailers cannot meet. But it also means that you, the customer, can not try the clothes before you buy them. We talked a lot about fabrics, design lines …


How to expand leather boots?

Whether it’s stiletto heels, ballet flats or boots, suede shoes always look good and remain trendy. However, they can be uncomfortable especially right after purchase. How to stretch suede shoes securely so that you can enjoy them to the fullest? Here are our tips.

Suede is very stretchy, but also more likely to be damaged than other materials. It is …


How to properly wear a dress?

  • How do I choose my long dress?

But it’s not complicated to look for a long dress…

It has to be:

  • Simple and easy to wear everyday
  • not too thick but with a sharp fall
  • it should be fluid, loose, flexible and airy why not pleated (if the folds begin under the hips)
  • the model must stick to the small

How to wear a flowing straight dress?

The flowing straight dress has been in trend since the fall of last year. The modernity of this chic and unobstructed dress is not the most important advantage it has. It is also a dress item that is very comfortable to wear while not forgetting the elegant silhouette that the flowing straight dress creates for you.

Any ideas which outfit …


Who likes to hurt?

There is no love without a risk of suffering, or even without suffering. Indeed, the more you advance in life, the more we grow, the more we experience, the closer you also get to death. Of course, we don’t think about it every day. But it is part of life and is even intimately linked to life: by the very …


Where is the Panama hat made?

Do you know the history of the famous Panama hat?

I discovered that the Panama hat was originally from Ecuador and went to Cuenca to visit a company where it is still manufactured… It has existed since the 16th century and remains known all over the world for its quality and style!

Few people really know its origin, its history …


How to present the alliances to the town hall?

Whether you are planning your secular wedding for this year or are looking for ideas for next year (wedding preparations begin earlier and earlier!) , I will try to help you by writing more and more regularly on this blog that is so important to me. If you have any questions or would like to see a specific topic addressed, …


What do you call a man who loves women?


  • My guy has a double life: what’s going on in his head?
  • Here’s what can lead to infidelity
  • Differentiating double life from infidelity
  • How do I know if my man has a double life?
  • What if my boyfriend plays a double game?

Some men want to implement this famous sailor quote: “a woman in every port”. However, we will …


What model of jeans for large thighs?

Do you want comfort when wearing your jeans? Make sure that they adapt perfectly to your morphology. The Cutting, size and color are especially important factors to get that rendering. This is exactly the case for men with a athlete physics.

No matter what style or jeans brand of your choice, opt for the one that will make you elegant