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How to lose your extra pounds?

You finally decided to make yourself to the idea that no, the scales are not crazy, you’ve just a little exaggerated about desserts lately!

Know that it is easy to get back in hand, to lose weight quickly and surely, to get rid of these 5 small excess pounds accumulated without realizing it.

But then how to lose weight quickly


How to motivate yourself to lose 5 pounds?

Losing 5 pounds is accessible to each of us. However, in order to lose them but above all never resume them, it is necessary to adopt some essential rules. Discover our tips.

To lose 5 pounds, take care of your diet!

Losing 5 kg is accessible by adopting good eating habits. A question that often comes up is “What is …


How to lose weight when eating less?

You have been trying to lose your extra pounds for a long time? Even significantly reducing your calorie intake, these are stubborn! Did you know that this can be the reason why you don’t grow thin? And yes, if you want to lose weight, you will not only have to eat healthy but also enough.

Regular meals give you energy


Why do I gain weight while doing sports?

Hello fitgirls! Today, small article about bodybuilding. Indeed, many of you wonder why do we gain weight during bodybuilding. Well, we decided to explain all this to you in this article!

How can bodybuilding make us gain weight?

Know that when you play sports, you will basically muscle and thus gain more muscle mass which means you will weigh heavier! …


How to do bodybuilding to refine?

When you decide to refine and lose weight, we necessarily look for the best method. The one that will allow you to lose weight quickly and effectively, without yoyo effect. So, should we give preference to cardio activities or bodybuilding? Discover our tips…

What sports should you prefer to refine?

Bodybuilding, cardio, mix of both… When it comes to fine-tuning, …


What are the level 2 diplomas?

In France, there are different mechanisms for accessing training to acquire and develop their skills.

State diplomas, professional qualifications, certifications, it is sometimes difficult to find out in the multitude of offers offered.

So what are the differences between professional credentials and diplomas? Which routes are best suited to my profile, project or situation?

What is a diploma?

A diploma


Why want to evolve professionally?

Professional evolution… the coveted phase of many people… but is it absolutely necessary to want to evolve?

What are the most common motivations related to professional development?

Is there only money that counts in all of this?

In what case is evolution a danger to you? for others?

Answers to these questions in episode 5!

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Why when I’m tired I shady?

Do you have a little blow in your nose? Then it is likely that you see “double”! But is there a scientific explanation for this phenomenon? Below we explain where this expression comes from and what is the effect of alcohol on your eyes.

You always see double

We will reveal you a secret: you always see double. The difference …


What conversion for a caregiver?

Contents: Reconversion after caregiver. Discover a complete article that offers you many ways to explore to guide you to another profession.

To join the special Facebook group reconversion after caregiver, it’s right here 🙂


  • Caregiver, a profession of heart… at least in the beginning
  • What reconversion after caregiver?
    • Staying in the care and the paramedical
      • Stay a caregiver but

How to become a health care provider by being a caregiver?

Provided he has served for 4 years, a hospital public service nurse may change careers and become a health executive. The one-year training is available by competition in one of the 40 IFCS (Instituts de Formation des Cadres de Santé) throughout France. Becoming a health manager (or senior health manager) in a hospital means coordinating teams, supporting developments and contributing …


What is the history of dyslexia?

Where do the specific disorders of reading learning come from. To the extent that we can rule out causes such as intellectual deficit, sensory deficit (think of poorly detected deafness!) , social disadvantage, or pedagogical deficiency, the default hypothesis to explain dyslexia is the existence of a relatively specific cognitive impairment.

Phonological consciousness

According to the dominant hypothesis today (the …