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What lamp for my living room?

Lighting in the living room should first of all be friendly and relaxing. To find the ideal bright atmosphere for the living room, some decorative rules must be applied. Pro tips also exist to avoid mistakes by installing lighting in the living room. The point in this file!

Lighting of the living room: the general rules

The current trend in …


What lawn without maintenance?

Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) is a ground cover perennial grass that is used as a grass that is very drought resistant. This is the ideal alternative for the warmer regions. It has a pretty green color and is very soft to the touch since it is slightly hairy. This sturdy turf will perfectly fill a garden where trampling is


What Thickness of Slab?

Discover everything about the thickness of a concrete slab with

Concrete is a building material that is obtained from a mixture of cement water and aggregates (sand, gravel).

When well poured on a construction site to carry out a work, it guarantees a considerable life of the work.

Pour a concrete is not an easy thing, but when you …


What weight can a wooden terrace withstand?

Installing a Jacuzzi, or Spa allows you to create a real relaxation area in your garden. Combining a spa with a composite wood deck provides an optimal aesthetic appearance. However, some technical constraints must be taken into account to ensure that your installation is durable. Here’s all you need to know before you put a spa on a composite deck. …


How to empty a pool with a cellar vacuum pump?

Having a swimming pool to cool off by swimming can be very soothing. What is less soothing, however, is to find yourself faced with a constraint of emptying the pool for cleaning. For the majority, the cellar vacuum pump is the most common way of emptying on the market. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it correctly, with this …


How do I know if my palm is lacking water?

  • 2.1. Potted planting of palm trees
  • 2.2. Planting in the open ground of palm trees
  • 4.1. Trachycarpus fortunei or Chamaerops excels
  • 4.2. Humiliated Chamaerops
  • 4.3. Phoenix Canariensis
  • 4.4. Butia Capitata
  • 5. THE MOST

How to recognize a garden cockroach?

There are more than 4,500 types of cockroaches in the world. And although this number is high, the good thing is that you only have to worry about five or six different species of cockroaches, depending on the region in which you live. Most species of cockroaches rarely invade homes, including the Western Wood Cockroach and the brown hooded cockroach …


How to clean a cloth carpet?

Cleaning a carpet is a delicate yet necessary operation, even when the carpet does not have stains. Discover our tips for effective and safe cleaning?! …


How to prevent water from freezing in a cistern?

Hens must have access to clean water all day long (it is not necessary for them to have access to it overnight, which makes it easier for us to already half the work 😊).

In winter, a bowl of water forgotten outside in the evening will be frozen every morning, which in itself is not a problem. What becomes more …


How to remove black stains on liner?

This is the haunting of any pool owner: seeing spots appear on the coating of his pool. Often difficult to leave, usually recurrent, unsightly, they quickly become a nightmare. Not all stains clean the same way, for the simple reason that they do not all have the same origin. The treatment will also depend on the coating of your pelvis: …


How to arrange a wall?

Desperate in front of your old or damaged walls? Don’t panic, we have identified the most beautiful creations to dress your walls and coat them with their most beautiful features.

  • The most original wall decor and creations The most
  • fashionable wall coverings
  • The ideal decorative accessories for dressing a wall

Do you want to give a fresh boost to your …


How to properly illuminate a Basement?

The problem of the basement is often the lack of light, whether natural or artificial. As a result, we struggle to fully enjoy this space of the house. Yet solutions exist to create efficient and warm basement lighting !

Illuminate the basement according to its use

Basement lighting will be radically different if the room is a simple storage place


How to clean the oven with white vinegar?

Clean your oven with natural products in 5 tricks!

The oven, today present in all kitchens, is an indispensable device for making your daily dishes, however tasty they may be. Not only does the oven give off a mesmerizing smell when cooking food, it also ensures healthy cooking. Indeed, it does not require the addition of fat and contributes …


How to use a perfume diffuser?

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

How to use a fragrance diffuser/fragrant bouquet?

The perfume diffuser is ideal for giving an olfactory personality to any room in the house. It creates a relaxing atmosphere by extending the fragrant effect. Embellished with beautiful finishes, it accentuates the style of your home. You are told how to use this wellness …


How to remove air bubble tempered glass?


Screen protectors are often used for screens of computers, games, phones and other electronic devices. It is specially designed for protection and it looks like a sticky film that allow you to place on the screen so it must be transparent. Sometimes people might notice that there are air bubbles coming out of the screen after placing the…


How to measure a click clack?

Measurement of the accessories we have is sometimes done randomly. For example, to measure your click-clack cover, you must proceed methodically. First, it will be necessary to take the measurement of the length then that of the width, then that of the height and finally that of the surface.

To see,

Measure length

To properly measure your click-clack cover, …


How to choose a gas stove?

The stove is a must-have equipment for both individuals and kitchen professionals. Finding the right device can be difficult, however, given the variety of models currently available on the market. Here are some tips that will allow you to choose your stove right.


  • What is a stove?
  • What is the best stove?
  • How to choose a good stove?
    • Fireplaces:

How to furnish an old house?

You want to purchase a mansion of character with ancient charm but you have doubts about the decoration to arrange an old house ? What if you were told that authenticity and modernity can be married? Discover in our article how to decorate your old home in order to give it a second life.

Our decor ideas to rejuvenate an


How to make a round in glass?

Creating a ventilation grille to better ventilate an interior or the exhaust of air conditioning may require the cutting of a glazing. However, cutting a glass is an operation that can be extremely delicate to perform. Find out what it takes on glass cutouts for ventilation and air conditioning.

Cutting a glass for air conditioning and ventilation

In heat waves, …


How to build a closet?

The corners of apartment rooms and especially in the entrances are often unused. However, these corners are easy to arrange, in storage spaces and closed by one or two doors, with a custom-made cupboard adapting to any type of structure of an interior.


  • The square cup
  • Blocks
  • Crossbeam
  • Shelves
  • Doors
  • Finishing

The square battens

Corner closet in a bedroom…


Does the tempered glass cut?

Tempered glass, or tempered glass, is a form of safety glass specially treated to ensure that in case of breakage it will break into small crystals instead of breaking into large, sharp and dangerous chips.

Since glass is specially designed to distribute pressure and break in a specific way, it can be delicate to deliberately cut tempered glass.

There is …


How to set up a garage as a living room?

Turn your garage into a living room

To gain a few more square meters, you plan to convert your garage into a living room? Know that a wide possibility is available to you. However, you still need to plan certain points before starting work: installation, prices, space, administrative obligations… Here is a practical guide that will accompany you from the …


How to optimize the place in a closet?

Regarding theorganization andstorage , we are all different. A method that works for one, does not work for the other. And, I am committed to presenting you solutions that can improve your daily life as much as you are. Today, I want to help you save space in your wardrobe because storing clothes is often a difficult task …