How do I sell my deceased father’s car?

The vehicle of a deceased person is inscribed in the inheritance in the same way as his real estate and other property. If some heirs wish to keep the car, others prefer to separate from it by selling it. You will find on this page the steps to follow depending on the two scenarios.

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Inherit the vehicle

If the heir or heirs wish to retain the vehicle, the change of the certificate of registration must be made within 3 months of the death of the holder to reflect the new owner of the vehicle . The procedure is paid off unless the heir is the spouse of the deceased and he wants to put the certificate of registration in his name.

To apply for the change of the name of the grey card, you must provide the following:

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  • receipt of valid technical inspection if applicable,
  • proof of domicile from less than 6 months,
  • completed Cerfa form n°13750,
  • original certificate of registration,
  • proof of the status of heir (certificate of heredity, notary certificate or notoriety certificate),
  • proof of identity (identity card, passport ,…),
  • certificate of the notary or signed letter from the other heirs stating their withdrawal as to the ownership of the vehicle.

If it is the surviving spouse is the heir of the vehicle, the process is facilitated when the union is placed under the regime of the community. On the other hand, if it is a marriage with separation of property, the widower must obtain priorwritten permission from the other heirs .

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Sell the vehicle received as an inheritance

A new registration certificate must be issued in advance of the sale unless:

  • the vehicle is resale less than 3 months after the death of the vehicle holder,
  • or if the vehicle has not been used on public roads after the death of its owner.

However, in the second case, it is imperative to provide the new purchaser with a certificate that justifies that the vehicle has no longer circulated since the death of its owner.

Otherwise, the heir (s) must take account for administrative procedures related to the renewal of the certificate of registration of the vehicle .

Indeed, the grey card needs to be updated in order to provide a new plate to the new purchaser. It should be noted that all heirs must appear on the grey card, unless they choose to withdraw.

In this case, they must issue a letter of withdrawal or a certificate from the notary confirming the attribution of the vehicle to a single heir.

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” Destroy the vehicle

And finally, if the heir or heirs wish to have the vehicle destroyed (this is the case of wrecks cars), they must contact a state-recognized Ext-of-Use Vehicle Centre in order to proceed with the demolition of the vehicle in accordance with the standards.

The following parts must be provided to the professional concerned:

  • original and complete registration certificate with the detachable coupon, marked with the words “assigned for destruction date signature of the heir (s)”,
  • official certificate of transfer cerfa n°13754*03 on behalf of the heir (s) and their contact details,
  • certificate of administrative status dated less than 2 weeks,
  • attestation on honor that proves that the vehicle hasn’t rolled.

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