How do I set up a chatbot?

Thanks to advances in this technology, installing a chatbot Reading time: 4 minutes is a relatively simple process today. However, it is essential to take into account several keys to doing it correctly and ensuring that it will meet all the company’s expectations.

Online chatbot has become a digital automation tool, key in marketing, sales and customer service processes. In short, it is software capable of communicating with users and customers through conversations that are increasingly similar to real human language.

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Installed on a website or messaging apps, it manages to automate communication by eliminating the need for human agents in much of the interactions.

In short, its ultimate goal is to provide a friction-free user experience that multiplies sales and loyalty. To achieve these goals, we must follow a series of steps to install a chatbot, which we share below.

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Install a chatbot step by step

Before you start chatbot development, it’s essential that the company establish why you want to create a chatbot and what needs it wants to meet.

Generating leads, booking and appointments or providing customer service are three of the most common uses for online chatbots.

Based on the figures, remarkable success in automating these areas is possible: businesses implementing a chatbot save 30% on customer service costs, as they can handle 80% of routine user queries, according to Invespcro.

Once the objectives to be met have been decided, the process of installing a chatbot goes through three stages:

1. Create the chatbot

There are several options at this point. On the one hand, large companies opt for generate a chatbot with your own code and internally. This is a very expensive process and only accessible to a few.

On the contrary, the democratization of this technology has come hand in hand with platforms that facilitate its creation and that do not require technical knowledge or large investments.

They work through conversation templates and other customizable elements. However, it will be every company that must generate the right conversational experience. For this, there are several factors to take into account:

  • Explore the standard customer with whom the chatbot will interact: establish their main needs, the tone of language in which it is usually expressed, what will your customer journey be…
  • Configure the bot, including its name and the appearance of the dialog box, among other options.
  • Generate a greeting , explain to the user that this is a chatbot and specify how it can help you.
  • Create the most frequently asked questions and their associated answers. That is, make the conversational design for the online chatbot.

To do this, start by reflecting on the most typical topics that users ask about (“offers”, “prices”, “shipments”…). Next, set the questions related to these topics and the answers that the chatbot will need to provide. Included here is the time when corporate bots should refer the conversation to a human.

Some chatbot creation platforms offer templates to create these conversations according to the wizard’s ultimate goal. However, customizing them is essential.

  • End with a farewell that gives the user confidence.

At this point, the Most companies decide to have an external consultant to help them create the best possible chatbot according to their needs.

2. Install it on the different channels

Installing a chatbot on the web involves incorporating a snippet of code into the company’s website.

Regarding websites created with WordPress or Joomla, some bot creation platforms have their own plugins .

In the case of installation in messaging apps, such as WhatsApp chatbots, it is first required to exceed the requirements as a company to access WhatsApp Business . Once passed, you need to request the API, the programming standards that will allow you to integrate the chatbot into this application.

3. Train the chatbot

Chatbot training includes all actions to improve the service that the chatbot offers to the customer. This is a specific need for Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence , who can learn from their interactions.

In this way, companies must develop the chatbot’s ability to understand human language at deeper levels, going beyond the simple meaning of words.

Enterprise Bots with Artificial Intelligence also understand the user’s intent , translating the request into appropriate commands. However, it is necessary to train them.

This is a process that many companies also choose to outsource, leaving this task in the hands of a specialized consultancy firm.

At Centribal, we help companies create and install the chatbot that best fits their goals.

As customer experience experts, we don’t just perform a technical installation. We go further and analyze the needs of the business, proposing the right formula for your company to be become a customer-centric business where customer experience is the key to success. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you.