How to build a house with little means?

Building a house is often the project of a lifetime. So it deserves all your attention, especially if you have a tight budget. By making the right choices and not rushing, you can very well build the house of your dreams at a lower cost. Discover five tips to lower the price of your future home.

Choose the right plot to build

Before you even start developing your home, choose your land carefully. Check that it is connected to the mains sewer and that it will not need much earthmoving. Be aware that the terrain in the foreground of the road is cheaper than those in the second plane.

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Make several quotes

For your project, you can call on a builder of traditional houses whose prices are firm, but usually opaque on details. You can also solicit a contractor or architect who are often more transparent about their tariffs, but whose total cost may change as construction progresses. Feel free to ask for several opinions.

Opt for a compact floor plan

To reduce costs, opt for a plan that is close to a square or rectangle, so you’ll have fewer walls to build. By the way, a two-storey house is cheaper for construction than a single-storey dwelling, as it requires smaller land, less extensive roofing and therefore less material.

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Design a bioclimatic home

It will not cost you more, but can make you significant savings in the long run. Simply adapt the plan and equipment of your home to the climatic conditions that surround it. For example, direct living areas to the south to that they enjoy the heat of the sun and choose large openings. Also give preference to durable and insulating materials to save energy.

Make the finishes yourself

To build a cheap house, have the big work done by skilled craftsmen and take care of the finishes yourself. Take care of the laying of flooring, painting or laying wallpaper, assembling and installing bathroom or kitchen furniture, etc. If the challenge frightens you, be aware that there are many online tutorials and even classes at home.

Thus, not only will you save money, but also, you will have the satisfaction of having put your stone to the building in the proper sense!

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