How to calculate the discount of a car?

Listing your vehicle requires an estimate of the price beforehand. How to calculate the value of your used vehicle accurately? How can you avoid using your entire network or reading a mountain of articles to have relevant and appropriate information? Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

Know the real price of your used car

Sites like L’argus allow this calculation to be done quickly. Simply enter the main features of your vehicle such as: make, model, year, mileage, fuel, options… and you get a selling price in minutes!

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In addition to giving you an appreciation of the value of your vehicle in relation to the market value, these sites can also give you visibility into the price depreciation based on the time and kilometers you browse every month. If you plan to sell your vehicle or acquire a new one in a few months, it is quite possible to make a projection over several weeks.

What method to get the rating of his car?

In order to create this objective base used during a sale or negotiation, Cote Argus has been relinquished by expert traders for 90 years. The automotive market is moving very fast so how do they do it?

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Based on real takeover, repurchase and resale values in concessions, the Argus scores 180,000 vehicles each year. Its teams of experts continuously observe the new and second-hand markets to derive algorithms, which they readjust throughout the year according to the evolutions studied. Argus management software therefore allows to apply a more or less pronounced depreciation curve on the new price of a vehicle, taking into account the finish and its options, to get the right price for it.

In concrete terms, what are the benefits for you?

An accurate report of the vehicle will be issued to you for a derisory price. Whether you use this service for a purchase or sale between individuals, a takeover by a dealer or a leasing, you now speak the same language as your interlocutor. This is therefore a big advantage for all neophytes in the automotive sector.

You will therefore be able to exchange from a common base that reflects the reality of the market and gives you solid knowledge to argue, compare and negotiate! The risks of a misassessment by you or your interlocutor are greatly reduced. As a result, you are sure of yourself and can approach your project serenely!

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