How to choose a high-performance laptop?

Compact enough to carry it with you, but also versatile enough to run demanding applications, a cheap and efficient laptop is the best tool to do serious work or play at home and on the road.

While standalone tablets and smartphones become commonplace in homes, most people realize that typing a document, doing a long-term search or any other tedious work is more enjoyable when done on an ultra-thin or ultra-fast laptop.

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There is a wide variety of sizes, prices and models with varied features making the choice of a powerful computer highly complicated…

So what do you think is the laptop that would suit your habits? Don’t hesitate anymore and check out our cheaper pc comparison that you can buy in minutes online!

Which laptop to buy?

Best quality/price

Our favorite

The cheapest

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Apple MacBook Pro Acer Chromebook Asus ZenBook Lenovo ThinkPad Ultralight and performance Best performing Screen Resolution Full HD Screen 12.5-inch display Tablet computer 13″ retina display Very affordable Touchpad Interesting price level Windows 10 Home macOs Big Sur Chrome OS Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Home Note : 19,5/20 Note : 19/20 Note : 19/20 Note : 18/20 Note: 17.5/20 814.95 €1,360.00 Price unavailable Price unavailable €379.00 Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Best Quality/Price

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Ultra Light and Powerful Tablet computer Windows 10 Home Note: 19.5/20 814,95€ Find out more Our shot Heart

Apple MacBook Pro Most Powerful 13″ MacOS Big On Retina Display Note: 19/20 €1,360.00 Learn More Cheapest

Acer Chromebook Screen Resolution Very Affordable Chrome OS Rating: 19/20 Price unavailable Learn More

Asus ZenBook Full HD Screen Touchpad Windows 10 Home Rating: 18/20 Price unavailable Learn More

Lenovo ThinkPad 12.5 inch Screen Interesting Price Level Windows 10 Home Note: 17.5/20 €379.00 Learn More

To buy a cheap computer, one can really rely on online product comparisons. That’s why Better-note offers you its comparison of the 5 best PCs that will satisfy you whether it is for basic, professional, or even big player use.

The best value for money is undoubtedly the Microsoft Surface Pro. Available at an attractive price, it combines performance, lightness and autonomy. What more to ask for? Also, its tablet function is very appreciable, so you can use your laptop comfortably every day.

Then we found the superb 13″ Macbook Pro. Like all Apple laptops and stationary computers, they come with a simple and stylish design. We highly appreciate the fact that it is a very autonomous machine, you can work with in a cafe with wifi in complete tranquility. In addition, it is very powerful and the keyboard is pretty nice to use.

We also tested the Acer Chromebook model, a high-performance computer at low cost and ultra-thin that won’t clutter your desktop surely equipped with a design printer too.

Fans of the Asus brand, you will certainly appreciate the Zenbook model, an affordable, small laptop that will last for many years and whose full HD screen is very appreciable.

If you are the gamer genre, using your pc to play, you will fall under the spell of Lenovo’s Ideapad model. It is a quiet computer with an original and remarkable design and all with noticeable power and a very large screen.

How to choose the ideal laptop?

On function

It is actually not very easy to know which platform you really need and even more if you are not familiar with Mac and PC. Be aware that most branded laptops are designed with one of three systems: Windows, Chrome OS, or Mac OS X (only for Macbooks). Ultimately, choosing the right platform depends on your personal preferences. Here are the most used:

Windows 10

This is the most flexible operating system, Windows is present in many more models of laptops than Chrome OS or Mac OS X. The range of Windows notebooks offers really cheap models.

You can find less than 500 euros and more performing at more than 1000 euros with more sophisticated features and design more sought after.

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft system with many improvements including Windows 7 and 8 without including the ability to switch to tablet and pc mode quickly. The “Start” menu is also reworked with a Cortana wizard. Windows also offers many applications.



MacBook laptops are sold with an operating system specific to the American brand Apple, called macOS.

Overall, this operating system offers features similar to Windows 10 but with a difference in the interface. iPhone and iPad users will appreciate using this type of laptop with the Launch Pad app.

However, OS X does not do in the touch, Although excellent quality keys do not allow a touch touch at the moment. The Apple screen is not touch at all as could be for example a Hp laptop on Windows.

Google Chrome

There are Chrome OS laptops at very low prices. This is the case for example of the Lenovo 100s Chromebook pc. Google’s OS is very simple and very secure.

Also, the user interface is similar to Windows with its application menu. You can even slide the windows onto the desk quietly sitting on your desk chair all comfortably. The catch is that there are few offline applications and those that exist are not always operational.

In any case, if you need to buy a cheaper laptop to surf the web with a beautiful Vaio pc, with Chrome you will be served!

Depending on the size of the screen

Before taking a look at the product specifics, think about the size of the pc you need. Do you want a rather discreet one that can even fit in your bag or tote? Or, you want a large format laptop…

Be aware that Samsung, Toshiba and other brands are classified according to their screen size. Models between 11 and 12 inches are the smallest. They also have very light systems for minimal weight.

You can also buy a cheap Samsung laptop of 13 or 14 inches. This model is easy to carry and its use is simple whether for classes, work or for leisure.

15-inch PCs are the most popular. They are equipped with a large screen so they take up a lot of space. This is the perfect choice if you don’t plan to take it with you on a trip or whatever. Finally, 17-inch and 19-inch models are perfect if you’re planning to buy a laptop to play or work for a long time.

Depending on the brand

Like cars, you are spoiled for choice. If you prefer MACs, you will find different models at a lower price in a few clicks through this comparison.

If you prefer to stay on a pc, you can buy yourself a computer with a suitable quality/price ratio. This is the case for Samsung models, Dell PCs, hp models and many more.

Based on these characteristics


most impressive features than a laptop may have no longer worth much if the ergonomics of the pc is not effective.

If you plan to work a lot on your design desk with a cheap computer, make sure that the keyboard has a sufficiently solid touch feedback and that there is enough space between the keys. Choose a template with a slider that responds to multi-touch gestures.

In addition, components such as hard drive, processor, RAM and graphics chip can confuse notebook enthusiasts. Here are the important features to take into account when choosing your laptop.

On the other hand, if you don’t need a touch computer, bet on a simple or even 2-in-1 model that won’t reduce battery life.

Hard drive and RAM

Even more important that the speed of your processor, the capacity of your hard drive will allow you to store what you need on your pc.

Some cheap computers less than 500 euros are equipped with a 2 Giga RAM. Ideally, the minimum would be 4 Giga if you want a correct performance and 8 Giga if you can spend more.

The display

The more pixels you have, the more pleasant the display will be with clearly visible and readable content. Most cheap PCs have a 1366 x 768 pixel display, but if you can, you can buy a model with a more qualitative display including a full HD laptop.

You can also choose a premium laptop with 2560 x 1600 pixels or more monitors. However, they are more battery-intensive.



If you are not necessarily a great player on PC, do not create 3D objects or videos, a computer with advanced graphics features won’t help you. Otherwise, you will be able to buy them with AMD Processor

Battery Duration

If you plan to buy a PC for basic use, you don’t need to spend a large amount.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about using your computer for hours, for work, at home, a model with a battery that can last 6 hours will be the right choice!


recent days, many ultra-fast and cheap computers are in the category of 2-in-1 models with devices that make it easy to switch to tablet mode. They are often offered with detachable styles.

Indeed, the screens are detached from the keyboard or there are also very flexible laptop models with a rotation of 360 degrees.

These are next-generation laptops for those who want the best in technology. However, if you can settle for a traditional model, do not hesitate to choose a conventional computer on the internet through a suitable comparison.

Depending on the processor

The processor is by far the most important feature before you can validate your purchase on the internet. That is why it is important to compare the models that caught your attention.

AMD A series or Intel core i3/i5


If you are looking for a consumer laptop, whether it’s a color computer like a laptop pink or green for example. The best combination in terms of price is the Core i5 laptop or i3 Core.

Models with AMD A processor are less common but still promise similar performance. Intel core i7 models are great for those who want a gamer type pc or for pro use.

AMD E Series or Intel Pentium/Celeron

These are processors that can be found on computers at very low prices. They provide minimal performance to perform basic tasks like watching videos, editing documents and surfing the internet.

Intel Atom

It is also a processor that can be found on low cost type PCs and on 2 in 1 models. They offer a basic performance but with a longer battery than Celeron or Pentium.

Intel core m3/m5/m7

Low power and low performance models. However, the performance is better than Celeron but a notch below Core i3 and i5.

What is the price of a laptop?

Right now, you can choose and compare a large number of really cheap PCs. You have less than 300 euros on the internet. If you have a larger budget, to make an investment, you can consider buying a model with a better design, more complete features and a durable battery.

Which laptop to buy?

If you are in a hurry and want to acquire a laptop quickly without having to compare models with each other, here is for you the selection of the best selling laptop in 2021.


Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad 3 14IGL05 Computer… 299.90€ 229.99€ Learn More Promo

ASUS Vivobook S S513EA-BQ792T Laptop 15-15.9… 649.00€ 499.00€ Learn More

Dell Inspiron 15 3505 Laptop 15.6″… 499.00€ Read More

Case Logic VNAi215 Nylon bag for… 19,99€ Learn More

What is the best laptop at the moment?

Best-note tested and compared for you the most popular laptops of the moment. Let’s see together the detailed results of our comparison.

Microsoft Surface: best value for money


Surface Pro Laptop – Microsoft

  • New 8th g Intel processor? n? Ration RAM Type: RAM…
  • 2 colours: Platinum or Matte Black

1,069.00 €814.95 Learn More

Here is a great laptop from Microsoft with a sleek, lightweight and ultra-sturdy design. It is actually a tablet, on which perfectly fits a keyboard with a pad. This will allow you to move anywhere with your computer in hand. An effective way to work or entertain without having to carry on an ultra-heavy old computer.

Surface Pro range is available in 4 different configurations, allowing you to prioritize hard disk capacity or RAM available. The 13-inch screen will be comfortable enough to use all your everyday applications.

Available in platinum or matte black color, you’ll get up to 13.5 hours of battery life and a Windows 10 operating system. A real gem of new technologies!

Apple MacBook Pro: Our Favorite


MacBook Pro Laptop – Apple

  • M1 Chip designed by Apple offering improved performance…
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life, a record on Mac, to…

€1,449.00 €1,360.00 Learn More

Featuring its Retina display, this MacBook Pro is both high performance, more powerful and even more “pro” than competitors’ models! Apple has set the bar very high by offering these new 8th generation Intel hexacoor and quad-core processors.

You will also get up to 32GB of memory so you can work and launch multiple applications at once without having latency time. In addition, it is equipped with a Radeon Pro graphics card that combines graphics performance and energy efficiency.

Equipped with TouchPad and TouchID, you will gain efficiency and above all security. In short, you will understand, the new Macbook Pro is not “given” price level but it will satisfy all your needs and you will feel the difference, it is a certainty !

Acer Chromebook: the cheapest on the market

Laptop Chromebook – Acer

  • Operating System: Chrome OS (not Windows)
  • Screen: 15, 6 inches – FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels)

Read more

This Chromebook laptop is offered by Acer at a price that is unbeatable . Let’s see if it’s really worth it!

On the look side, it is quite design, simple and fashionable, it is also available in 3 colours: grey, white or gold. Its 15 inch model of very good quality will be very appreciable given the time we spend in front of our screens, it will therefore bring you a great comfort of use.

Functionality level, we have the choice between several processors: Celeron, Core, or Pentium, it’s up to you to choose the one that you like the most. Operating system level, you’ll need to use Chrome OS, which is a bit different from the OS proposed by Apple or Windows proposed by Microsoft, but not complicated when you took it in charge.

In conclusion, this is the largest of the Chromebooks currently. It is a very elegant model with a nice ergonomics. And it is also a classic model that will be an excellent companion at work. In short, a high-performance and cheap computer!

Asus ZenBook

Laptop ZenBook – Asus

  • Screen: 14″ FHD AC adapter frequency: 50/60…
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10510U/10th…

Read more

This Asus laptop will seduce you with its quality and functionality. Indeed, it is a model that can be easily transported and can be used every day.

This cheap laptop also features the Intel Core i7 processor. You can buy it currently at less than 750 euros. It is a model with HDMI port, USB 3.0 port, USB 3.1 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports. This is a pc that will help you to work more efficiently and watch videos with very high quality display.

It has a 256GB hard drive and 8 GB RAM. In addition, it is equipped with the operating system Windows 10 Home.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Laptop Thinkpad – Lenovo

  • Intel Core i5-5300U 2.30GHz RAM 8GB (8192 MB) SSD 480 GB…

€379.00 Learn

More How many laptops can you buy at a low price? This one is ideal for those who have a relatively tight budget. This ultra-lightweight computer from the Lenovo brand is a model with the Windows 10 operating system.

This is a model with a nice touch of style and durable. Its battery lasts more than 9 hours. This pc has a modest performance, it will do its job very well to surf the web or play the role of secondary computer.

From a design point of view, for such an inexpensive model, this Lenovo Ideapad is anything but “cheap”. You can purchase it with an Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium or Intel Core i3 processor. It is also a very light model that fits easily in your bag. This model features a 17.3-inch display, 1TB hard drive and 4 GB RAM. Keyboard keys are Azerty. The processor is Intel Core i7. In addition, it has an HDMI port, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port and a VGA port.

Buying a quality laptop is not complicated once you know how you want to use it, whether it is for home, professional or gaming use. Also, seen Brands and prices that vary depending on power and autonomy, you need to know how much you are willing to spend to have the pc you need.

Best-note thought about offering you the best models in the current market and concluded that the Microsoft Surface Pro model is definitely worth a visit especially if you already have a laptop for work. This is the kind of ultra-simple secondary computer that can help you improve your daily life. On the other hand, if the price doesn’t scare you, then choose the Apple Macbook Pro model, which will make a difference every day!