How to choose its clothing size on the Internet?

The Internet has been a godsend for independent designers over the past ten years: it allows us to speak directly to our customers and meet the needs of underserved markets that traditional retailers cannot meet. But it also means that you, the customer, can not try the clothes before you buy them. We talked a lot about fabrics, design lines and garment structure. Now let’s talk about how to choose the right size for shopping on the Internet.

Getting the right size

So what can a customer do when it comes to deciphering sizes and making sure it fits perfectly? Below are some tips will guide you in the right direction and help you find the right size every time:

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1. Measure yourself

The first thing to do is measure yourself. A size 4 in one brand may seem like a size 6 in another, so it’s important to rely on your measurements rather than the size of your dress.

Measure your bust, waist and hips. You can do this by measuring around your chest for the bust, around your belly button for the waist and around your hip bones for your measurements. Write your numbers and keep them handy when you’re ready to buy clothes online.

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2. Read dimension information

Almost all online clothing retailers have a section of their website dedicated to dimensions information, which can save your life when you spend money on items that you can not try. So don’t ignore it, explode it!

Before you start adding clothes to your virtual cart, make sure the store size rules are well defined. Even if you are a 6 in a brand, it does not mean that you are automatically a 6 in each brand. Some manufacturers simply fit larger or smaller. So do not rely on the size of the dress until you read the information on the website and determined which size would best suit your measurements.

You can even go so far as to ask for advice on LiveChat and on the JJ’s House platform before placing your order to be sure of your size.

3. Order more than one item

Never buy at an online clothing store without generous return policy. A good store offers to pay for returns, but in others you will need to get the return label. Anyway, avoid shops that do not allow returns.

To avoid delays in the event of limited time, order two items of the same garment, of different sizes, on a website with an impeccable return policy. Then return the one that does not match. Just make sure the store offers refunds for returns, not an in-store credit, so you can get your money back once you have returned the item.

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