How to choose your motherboard correctly?

The motherboard of your PC is the component that connects all parts of your PC together. This makes it somehow the heart of your computer. So it makes sense to take your time to choose the right options for your gaming PC if you want to have a reliable and scalable computer.

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Without further ado, here are the important aspects to consider when choosing a motherboard.

The Processor

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The first factor to consider is your processor. Of course, the motherboard must be designed for your CPU. The two main specifications to observe are the socket (the connection that receives the processor) and the chipset (the motherboard controller). Of course, on the specifications of the motherboard you will find a list of compatible processors. Of course, make sure that your processor is there.



The second factor to consider is the size of your case. Indeed, there are several sizes of case. Your motherboard must match it, or be smaller. In ascending order, the standard sizes are Mini ITX, Micro ATX and ATX (sometimes called “full ATX”).

A larger motherboard will force you to have a larger case, but will have more connectivity.

Features and Connectivity

Third, you will need to consider features and connectivity. Does the PC location allow you to plug it over Ethernet, or do you need an on-board wi-fi card? Do you need USB 3.1 and USB C connectivity on the PC? If you have NVMe SSDs in M.2, do you have such a connection on the motherboard?

In short, list the other components of the PC and your devices one by one, and account for the ports.

If you intend to clocking the processor (commonly called “overclocking”), in order to get maximum performance from your processor, make sure that the motherboard has a powerful and quality power supply. Many forums and online community articles do motherboard tests to evaluate the quality of their power supply to the processor.


Thereafter you will probably want to consider the aesthetics of the product. While colours do nothing about the quality of a product, one of the important advantages of a custom PC is the ability to match it to your taste. Why not take advantage of it.

More and more motherboards have lights that allow you to program them to display the colors of your choice.

The brand

Finally, the brand of product is to be considered. Having tested a lot of manufacturers, in my experience Asus and Gigabyte (sometimes called Aorus) make excellent products. Rely on the reviews published online to get an idea of the experience you will have, thanks to the feelings of other users.

If you follow these points, you definitely increase your chances of finding the perfect product for you.

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