How to congratulate the newlyweds?

Have you had the chance to be invited to a wedding? I am sure that you are already thinking about your outfit, the gift you are going to give and that you already count the days they remain before this famous date.

To accompany your gift, you decided to write a little word on a greeting card for the newlyweds but are lacking inspiration? Or as the custom wants, after the wedding you want to send a congratulations card to the newlyweds?

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Here are some text templates that you can write on your wedding card.

If you already have your ideas for writing your thank you card but don’t know how to structure your congratulations message, here are some good practices. First, start your message by congratulating lovers on their union. Then continue your letter with a wish. After, thank them for the superb evening you spent with them. Finally, sign the congratulations text and accompany the signature with a personalized sentence.

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Examples of wedding congratulations texts

I have found for you some examples of messages to make to accompany your beautiful congratulations card. You will find all the examples based on the tone you want to give to your wedding greeting card.

Classic Wedding Congratulations Message

For a classic wedding congratulation message here are some ideas:

“Let your union be the start of a beautiful adventure filled with joy and happiness! We wish you to be happy throughout your life path. Kisses.”

“What a joy to attend your wedding! We would like to congratulate you once again on your union. We wish you eternal happiness, lots of joy and laughter for two.”

“On this wonderful day, we wish you happiness and sincere congratulations. Long live the newlyweds!”

“We congratulate you on your wedding! You were both sublime! We wish you our best happiness.”

“All our warmest congratulations. We wish you joy, love and happiness forever.”

“We wish you a life as beautiful as this wedding. We extend our best wishes for happiness and congratulations on this magnificent wedding.”

“May your hearts be filled with joy, happiness and love forever. Congratulations on your wedding.”

Funny and humorous congratulations text

Do you want your little message of congratulations to stand out from others by humor? Then this selection of funny messages for a wedding is for you!

“The life of the newlyweds is so beautiful… You have finally found the person you will get to upset your whole life!”

“The key to a successful marriage is neither complicity nor sharing of responsibilities… it is the remote control of the TV!”

“After the wedding, husband and wife increase their waist circumference… The bride by the children and the groom by beer! Let the increase begin!”

“It was time for you to get married! I have just won my bet: 1000€ in the pocket ! Thank you and congratulations to both of you!”

Original Wedding Congratulations Text

These few lines will help you write original wishes to the newlyweds on a pretty card!

“Let this wonderful day be a reflection of your future life: full of surprises, twists, happiness and tenderness. Congratulations!”

“A great happiness is composed of small moments of joy. We therefore wish you full of little moments of joy every day.”

“The four pillars of the couple are trust, love, listening and support. Since the time we know you we can see that you have built beautiful foundations. Congratulations to both of you!”

Romantic Congratulations Message

Marriage is a symbol of love. Why not write a little word of congratulations on the theme of romanticism to your lovers ?

“Love always triumphs. Let your life be filled with this love and help you overcome all obstacles, that’s all I wish you.”

“Love turns our lives into a true fairy tale. During your wedding you gave us a little bit of your happiness. Let this love last forever, we wish you the best.”

“I wish you all the happiness of the world. As the song says, let your sun brighten the shade and shine with love every day. Again congratulations on your wedding. I kiss you.”

Family and friends: congratulatory messages for a wedding

The little words of wedding congratulations are quite different depending on your relationship with the bride and groom. The closer you are a person to the groom or bride, the more you can write them a beautiful personalized message. Here are some inspirations of Customization messages based on your relationship with the bride and groom.

Text of congratulations wedding for friends

Are you a close friend of the bride and groom? Then you can get inspired by the following phrases, while customizing your little word.

“We are so happy and proud of your union! May your marriage bring you as much joy and happiness as you have brought to our lives. Congratulations!”

“We all need to find our half. I’m so proud my best friend found this person so special. All my wishes for happiness and congratulations on your wedding. May your life be filled with joy and love.”

“We have been friends since childhood and all the parties we spent together, this one is by far the most beautiful. Congratulations on your wedding.”

Wedding Congratulations Message for a Member of

family Are you part of the family of one of the newlyweds? Here are some ideas you can use to write your congratulations letter.

“It’s finally official, you have returned to the family! We couldn’t be happier to welcome you. Big kisses and congratulations to both of you.”

“What a wonderful day for both of you and for our family! May the joy and love you feel on this day lasts all your life. Congratulations.”

“Today we are adding one more member to our family and we couldn’t be happier. Enjoy every moment. Congratulations on this wonderful union.”

Congratulations text for a co-worker or acquaintance

Are you a co-worker of one of the newlyweds? You are a friend of the groom’s parents and have difficulty finding the words to write your wedding greetings text? So write a simple message!

“Congratulations on this wedding. Thank you for this beautiful day spent with you. We wish you joy, love and happiness for this new life.”

“Congratulations to the newlyweds! We are delighted to have been able to participate in your wedding ceremony. Let all your wishes come true and that this happy event brings you a lot of happiness.”

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