How to do bodybuilding to refine?

When you decide to refine and lose weight, we necessarily look for the best method. The one that will allow you to lose weight quickly and effectively, without yoyo effect. So, should we give preference to cardio activities or bodybuilding? Discover our tips…

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What sports should you prefer to refine?

Bodybuilding, cardio, mix of both… When it comes to fine-tuning, the information found on the net is sometimes contradictory and popular beliefs have hard life. Difficult for an uninitiated to detect the true of the false. With hundreds of people coached, outdoors, at home or in the gym, we want to share with you our expertise so that your weight loss goal is a success.

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Get thin thanks to cardio, bodybuilding… or any other activity!

For sharpening, bodybuilding or cardio are excellent choices. Both allow a significant caloric expenditure, favorable for weight loss. By burning calories every week, you get a little closer to your goal. However, these two activities do not have the monopoly of thinning. If the heart tells you, you can also give preference to collective sports, combat sports, tennis or squash… In reality, to lose weight, the important is not so much the activity chosen but rather your regularity, the intensity deployed as well as your diet. Here are the three main levers to lose weight quickly and sustainably.

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To slimming, please yourself!

To avoid the yoyo effect, you need to take pleasure in what you do. If after several attempts, you hate Always as much cardio in all its forms, let go. Turn to physical and sports activity that gives you pleasure. It is by taking pleasure that you will perform your 2, 3 or 4 weekly sports sessions without noticing it. By the way, the advantage of using a personal coach is that he will be able to introduce you to many forms of practices in order to find the one that attracts you. Thus, playing sports will no longer be a constraint but a pleasure , allowing you, at the same time, to refine yourself.

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Scientifically proven results

To state that bodybuilding or cardio have the same implications for losing weight is good, but you prove it is better!

In 2015, 96 people aged 18 to 50, in obesity, were studied to determine what was the best method of training for weight loss: cardio, bodybuilding, or a mixture of both?

Since a low-calorie diet is essential to refine, all subjects decreased their caloric intake by 30%. Then they were separated into three groups:

  • Cardio
  • Bodybuilding
  • Cardio Muscu

For 22 weeks, each group had to perform 3 x 50 minutes of sport per week, depending on their profile. Of course, the exercises were not chosen randomly. As we announced earlier, to spend calories the intensity deployed must be significant. Thus the group “cardio” turned to running, cyclingand elliptical trainer. The group “bodybuilding” had to perform polyarticular exercises based on lying, military developed and squatdeveloped. Finally, the group “cardio muscu” made a mix of both with a cardio part and a bodybuilding part.

The results of this study confirmed our comments: there was no significant weight gap between the subjects of the three groups . All of them have grown thin in the same proportions.

Beyond the choice of activity itself, this study also demonstrated that diet has an essential role in a slimming program . The 30% caloric deficit imposed on subjects was a decisive factor in losing weight.

To refine yourself, monitor your diet closely and practice the physical activity of your choice. The latter will have to provide you with pleasure, be practiced regularly (at least 2 times a week) and especially with a minimum intensity.

Bodybuild/cardio “slimming” program

If you decided to refine yourself, here is a little boost through some exercises and sports activities, as well as various effective methods to integrate into your workout routine.


  • Squat
  • Developed lying
  • Military developed
  • Traction
  • Ground Raised
  • Rowing


  • Running
  • Rowing machine
  • Bike
  • Swimming
  • Skipping rope
  • Exercises to body weight: burpees, jumping jack, slits…

Training methods for weight loss

For greater efficiency, do not hesitate to evolve your workouts through different methods. Work in the form of HIIT, circuit training , with short, then long rest phases. In bodybuilding, use a range of repetitions between 8 and 15.

In summary

To refine, it is better to give preference to the sports activity of your choice. Bodybuilding as a cardio will positively affect your figure. The important thing is to burn calories, whether through cardio, bodybuilding, or any other sports activity provided it is practiced with a minimum of intensity. Be careful, however, not to neglect your diet! To lose weight quickly, a healthy, balanced, low-calorie (but without excess) diet as well as unfailing rigor will be your best assets.

Need tailor-made support?

To achieve your goals serenely do not hesitate to call on a professional sports coach. Find your

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