How to expand leather boots?

Whether it’s stiletto heels, ballet flats or boots, suede shoes always look good and remain trendy. However, they can be uncomfortable especially right after purchase. How to stretch suede shoes securely so that you can enjoy them to the fullest? Here are our tips.

Suede is very stretchy, but also more likely to be damaged than other materials. It is not difficult to expand them, but all the art lies in doing it without damaging your shoes. Find out how to do it.

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Enlarge suede shoes. Things not to do!

Let’s start at the end by emphasizing what you absolutely can not do with suede shoes to stretch them. First of all, do not use No hair dryer or radiator. This method works well for leather but suede is softer and therefore should not be exposed to any heat source. In this way, you risk destroying the suede irrevocably.

Another traditional and equally dangerous method for suede, is to insert water bags into shoes and leave them overnight in the freezer. However, this material is very sensitive to moisture, and it is even better not to wear suede shoes in rainy weather. The use of ice bags can expand your shoes, but can also damage them quickly. Therefore, if you want to keep high-quality suede, avoid this method.

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The secret lies in moderation and patience

Is it possible to enlarge suede shoes? Of course, but you have to give them time and a little boost. The safest method is to put on large socks (ideally two pairs) then your suede shoes and walk around the house for a few hours. In this way, the shoes will be able to expand by adapting to the length and width of your foot.

If this is not enough, lightly moisten the socks. Be careful to wring them well, they must be wet and not wet otherwise they may damage the suede. You have to put on the problematic shoes and wear them for a few hours.

Stiletto heels Elisabetta Franchi519.00Stiletto heels R.Polański74.0062.00Stiletto heels Baldowski116.00Stiletto heels R.Polański78.0055.00Stiletto heels Versace Jeans Sew190.00133.00Stiletto heels R.Polański74.0057.00Stiletto heels R.Polański76.0052.00Stiletto heels Baldaccini66.0038.0038.00Stiletto heels Gino Rossi71.0050.00Stilettos Stuart Weitzman357.00214.00Stiletto heels Baldaccini69.0045.00Stiletto heels Guess140.0071.00 A more comfortable method for your feet is to properly fill the shoe with wet newspapers rolled into a ball and let it stand overnight. Again, make sure that the paper is not too wet and the amount of paper is enough to expand the shoe.


One commonly used method is to use alcohol or brandy. Even if these substances help to enlarge your shoes, they may also discolor them. If you use them, it is at your own risk.

How to expand new suede shoes? Place for experts

The days when only grandmother’s methods could help us is gone. The safest will be to use fabric softeners for shoes made of spray or foam. Such products make suede softer and more easily adaptable without damaging it. The shoes will therefore be more flexible and will fit perfectly to the feet. Before putting on your shoes, insert the product inside and wear them for at least 30 minutes. Here, it’s ready! You can now enjoy your new shoes, beautiful and comfortable!

In addition, on you have 30 days to return your purchases free of charge and without fear.

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Always check these tips on your own shoes. It may happen that the methods described in this content do not always work effectively, which can damage shoes. Remember that you use the solutions and advice described in the article at your own risk and that the above text cannot under any circumstances serve as a basis for a claim.


Washing shoes in the washing machine can lead to loss of warranty. Always think about it before deciding to wash your favorite pair of shoes.

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