How to furnish an old house?

You want to purchase a mansion of character with ancient charm but you have doubts about the decoration to arrange an old house ? What if you were told that authenticity and modernity can be married? Discover in our article how to decorate your old home in order to give it a second life.

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Our decor ideas to rejuvenate an old house

Before embarking on the work, it is important to keep in mind that the charm of your old home must be showcased while having a contemporary style. Here are some tips to modernize your home :

  • Painting his house

Decorating a house can not do without painting. Indeed, a single layer allows to restore a radiance to your old home while retaining its old charm. Feel free to paint with color in some rooms of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom. This makes it possible to bring heat to the room. Since the paint is not reserved exclusively for walls, you can highlight the stones of the house by painting your furniture in a matching shade.

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  • Highlight atypical elements

The exposed beams are an undeniable asset of charm in your home. It is about enhancing them. To do this, paint the walls in a solid color in order to bring out the wood. Then coat the beams with black varnish to maintain them while bringing renewal. If your home has an old fireplace, you can enhance it by repaint the contours or by adding a chandelier or mirror just above it.

The exposed stone wall is a real plus charm in your home. A simple cleaning is enough to give the stones a brand new look.

  • Perform work when necessary

Some houses of character are old farmhouses or artisans houses. They were often built with remarkable ceiling height to prevent the ceiling from blackening with the chimney fire. What if you took advantage of this ceiling height to build a mezzanine? Not only do you retain the atypical charm of your home, but you value its ancient walls creating a harmony of a mix of old and new.

Modern decoration on old, small details that make the difference

To successfully renovate the old interior of your home, it is the accessories you will add that will set the tone of your personality. Decorate small decorative elements such as a picture or mirror a wall out of two for example.

Be careful, however, not to overload the different parts. Indeed, the space brings a certain visual and aesthetic comfort. By giving a minimalist look to your home, the antique elements jump to the eyes while leaving the living environment unique and natural simplicity.

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