How to heat his garage in winter?

Playroom, storage place, construction workshop… the garage can have several uses.

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Initially, a garage is provided to store items and/or to park its vehicle. On the other hand, it can be used as a playroom and as a workshop. In this case, the installation of a heating system in your garage is necessary. In this article you will find out the different varieties of heatingHeating your garage is sometimes an indispensable step in winter! for your garage.

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What are the heating options for a garage?

There are several methods to heat your garage during the colder seasons. Here are the most effective options for heating this room. The question to ask is: do you want to install a permanent heating or an additional heating in your garage ?

Infrared heaters without evacuation: permanent solution

This popular and safe option is quite easy to install. The majority of infrared heaters are equipped with catalytic heating elements. That is, all of the thermal energy is dispersed in the garage instead of being evacuated through an evacuation duct. This choice is also discreet and economical .

Be aware that non-exhaust infrared heaters emit steam and carbon dioxide into your garage, so they are unviable for garages including a woodworking workshop. For any other use, this device is completely safe.

Hermetic combustion heaters: permanent solution

Combustion heaters Hermetic seals are a good solution if your home already uses natural gas as a source of heating. These must be installed on an outside wall so that fresh air enters from the outside and evacuates the exhaust air. The fact that the installation is on the wall allows you not to use too much space. By the way, this option warms your garage quickly enough .

Electric radiant ceiling panels: additional heating

Electric radiant panels can be used in different places such as on the ceiling, on the wall or suspended by a ceiling grid. Easy to install and discreet , panels are more efficient when installed near your workspace.

This option should be started only when you are preparing to serve from the garage. The advantage of this is that you do not spend on heating when you are not present. Most devices only take 30 minutes to bring your room to a comfortable temperature.

Portable heaters: additional heating

As mentioned in our article on different heating systems, the portable heater is a good solution for heating your garage.

What power is needed for his garage?

The power of a heater is expressed in Watt. In order to know the necessary power for your garage, you need to establish the proportionality ratio of 100 W per 1 m² .

So you’ll need to measure the length and width of your garage to multiply these figures. Subsequently, you will be able to select the BTU (power) necessary for your garage. Use this online calculator for better accuracy.

How to keep the heat inside the garage?

In order for your garage to heat properly during the winter, it must be well insulated. Poor insulation makes sure to let in fresh air, which brings an effect contrary to the heating system in the garage. In addition, poor insulation increases the energy bill during this season. Here are some tips to keep the heat inside your garage. But be aware that the insulation of your garage is the basis.

  1. For comfort and heat stability, you should program your heating system to the desired temperature;
  2. Hold the exterior doors open as long as long as possible to avoid fresh air from entering. The heating in your garage will therefore retain a optimum room temperature;
  3. If necessary, you can insulate your windows with insulating plastic wrap to further reduce cold air infiltrations;
  4. You should inspect the garage door weatherstripping at least once a year. Look at its flexibility and the condition of it. Feel free to replace it if it is cracked ordamaged.

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