How to make a round in glass?

Creating a ventilation grille to better ventilate an interior or the exhaust of air conditioning may require the cutting of a glazing. However, cutting a glass is an operation that can be extremely delicate to perform. Find out what it takes on glass cutouts for ventilation and air conditioning.

Cutting a glass for air conditioning and ventilation

In heat waves, it is important to have a cool place (office or home) to live or conduct your activities. In this case, installing a mobile air conditioner or ventilation system would be a good way to refresh your spaces.

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Why cut a glass for air conditioning?

The principle of air conditioning is simple. It aims to absorb hot air from a room and then discard it outside via a exhaust duct. Thus, hot air makes way for cold air in your interior. The most important aspect that is the ejection of hot air can occur as a resultof making a hole through the glazing . This hole will be used to pass through the exhaust duct that will allow hot air to be pulled out to the outside.

There is also a second kind of air conditioner. These are reversible monoblock models. In fact, in addition to refreshing rooms in summer, these models also allow youto heat your interiors in winter. The principle is the same as for mobile air conditioning. But, unlike the latter, the glass hole will bring out the cold air to make way for warmer air.

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The cutting of glass for air conditioning is therefore essential for the proper operation of your device.

Why cut out a glass for ventilation?

Just as air conditioning is intended to refresh the interior of a home or office, ventilation also aims to ventilate your rooms so that they are cooler. Beyond the ventilation of the chamber, thisprevents the development of mold and microbes as well as the presence of dust and odors. However, unlike the air conditioner, the principle here is not the same. If you do not want to open your windows, you can make a cut in the glazing or double glazing to put a ventilation grille into which an aerator will be integrated.

It is important to clarify that a hole can not be made on an existing glazing. It is therefore necessary to replace the latter with a glass already equipped with a hole. To conclude, whether for ventilation or air conditioning, the cutting of the glass aims to contribute to the refreshment of your rooms. However, one question arises: how to make the cutting of glass?

How to make the cutting of glass?

For the installation of an aeration system or as part of the use of an air conditioner, the cutting of the glass must be circular. For good reason, the aerator and drain pipe have different round shapes.

To cut a glass in a circular shape, it is necessary to be provided with:

  • a circular suction cup glass cutter,
  • a pair of gloves,
  • a pencil,
  • a square,
  • a glazier hammer,
  • a burning alcohol cloth,
  • a

  • cutter,
  • circular cartons, and
  • protective goggles.

Step 1 . Mark marks in pencil by drawing a circle with the help of circular cartons. Next, you need to draw two centerlines in the circle in order to determine its center.

Step 2 . Position the suction cup of your circular glass cutter in the middle of the circle and make a full turn. Perform the path in one go to avoid chipping the glass. Then draw a second smaller circle (about 2 cm) inside the first circle. Apply the same instructions with the second circle.

Step 3 . Then tap the large circle with the circular glass cutter to detach the small circle. Once the small circle has been removed, make streaks on the remaining pieces of glass inside the large circle and tap again to remove them entirely.

Step 4 . Polish the glass using the abrasive gum. You need to pass it over the glass slice following the contours circular, but all smoothly. Make sure that the friction is the same everywhere at the risk of creating irregularities.

Who can do this work?

As you will understand, carrying out this work requires to be particularly painstaking. That is why it is better to call on a professional in the field. The latter will be able to do a wonderful job for you. Contact a glazier licensed as an insurance glazier or a professional craftsman. With them you will have all the guarantees of having a quality work.

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