How to measure a click clack?

Measurement of the accessories we have is sometimes done randomly. For example, to measure your click-clack cover, you must proceed methodically. First, it will be necessary to take the measurement of the length then that of the width, then that of the height and finally that of the surface.

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Measure length

To properly measure your click-clack cover, you need to start by equipping yourself with a good measuring tool. You can use a tape meter or a fairly large ruler. However, the meter is more suitable.

Once you have your meter, you can take the measurement. To take the dimensions of the length, put it on the zero indication starting from the edge of the backrest of your click-clack cover. Rest the meter to the other end. Mark the measurement you see at the part of your meter that coincides with the border of the click-clack cover.

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After measuring the length of your cover, you can proceed to measuring the width.

Measure the width

Measuring the width of your cover can be done in two ways. The first will be to put your meter at zero graduation on the side of the hand poses of the cover. Now stretch the meter throughout the installation and postpone the measurement according to the point of the meter that matches the size of furniture.

The second method is to measure the click-clack cover from the bottom to the side side. It is necessary to position the meter as previously done for the length and retain the measurement that is in superposition with the end of the bottom of the sofa. Now it you will need to switch to measuring the height of your click-clack cover.

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Measure the height

To measure the height of your click-clack cover, you need to be careful from the right point. The mistake not to be made is to start from the angle of the seat seat. The height from there will not allow you to find the exact height.

So, to get a right height, you need to put the zero point of your meter on the tip of the top corner of the cover backrest and leave it throughout the border to the floor. Thus, you will have an exact length. Finally, it will be useful to deduce the measurement of the surface of your click-clack cover.

Determine the surface

It is simple to determine the size of the surface of your sofa bed cover. Once you have the different measurements of the length of the waist and height, you will only need to do a small mathematical operation. Indeed, it is a question of multiplying the length by the width and all by the height. So you will have the area of the seating area of your sofa bed cover.

It should be remembered that the meter to be used should give the measurements in centimeter and that the surface of your cover will be expressed in square centimeter.

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