How to motivate yourself to lose 5 pounds?

Losing 5 pounds is accessible to each of us. However, in order to lose them but above all never resume them, it is necessary to adopt some essential rules. Discover our tips.

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To lose 5 pounds, take care of your diet!

Losing 5 kg is accessible by adopting good eating habits. A question that often comes up is “What is better for losing weight? ” Our answer: “Green beans! ” This answer often surprises, but it is very real. Before you turn to weight loss products such as fat burner and slimming pills (read our article on XLS Medical),it is worth eating right . Your caloric intake will have to be controlled in terms of quality but also quantity.

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For the most in a hurry, count between 1 and 2 months to lose your 5 kilos

Generally, we advise losing between 0.5 and 1 kg per week. No need to want to lose 5 pounds in 1 week or even in 10 days! However, losing weight by 5 kg in 1 month is an achievable goal . For this, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the quantities to be absorbed. In fact, you need to know your daily caloric needs.

Take the example of a woman aged 20 years, measuring 1m68 and weighing 75 kg. Its BMI indicates overweight (27.55 kg/m²) inducing an increased risk of disease. To reduce this risk, she needs to lose weight to 5 kilos.

The calculation of her daily caloric requirements indicates that she needs 2206 kcal to maintain its weight (maintenance). The first step is to move closer to this ratio to stop weight gain. Then, to lose her 5 kg, she will have to decrease over the weeks gently the number of calories assimilated by 10% level . Every week she will have to reduce the share of carbohydrates on her plate. We think especially of portions of rice, pasta, sweet potato… which will be preferred especially during lunch. In the evening we advise cooking vegetables and white meat. This low-calorie diet is ideal for drying and losing weight on the scales… the goal of 5 kilos should be achieved quickly!

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Lose weight quickly by increasing your energy expenditure

Roughly speaking, your body works like a scales. It is worth finding the right balance for losing weight. To tilt the scales further on the side of weight loss, you need to increase your daily energy expenditure.

The solution: do sports! Alone or with a sports trainer, activate yourself! If you lack motivation, using a personal coach will allow you to follow a suitable training program. At home or outside, it will concoct you tailor-made sessions , allowing you to lose 5 pounds in a few weeks.

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Losing your 5 pounds locally?

Coaches often have the willingness to lose thighs, arms, belly, etc. Be aware that localized weight loss does not exist . Numerous studies (see here for example) have examined the subject. Depending on your morphology and genetics, the lost 5 kg may have more influence on your waist, hip or belly circumference… It’s hard to predict it in advance.

Nevertheless, to gain tone and avoid melting muscular, strengthening work is indispensable. Again, no rule, free to you to practice the activity you like. However, to lose your 5 pounds and refine your thighs, do not insist on squat all day long. The results will not be faster and you will increase the risk of injury. Well-built sports sessions involving all your muscle groups are the best solutions.

Your coach puts you to sport!

For this, your coach will be able to offer you a suitable sports programme, including for example training circuits allowing you to work both your upper limbs and your legs. Thus, you will burn calories, which will help to lose your 5 kg, and you will also gain muscle tone .

You often hear that it is necessary to do 30 minutes of exercise per day to stay in shape. It falls well, the training circuit presented here offers you to perform 5 laps, through 6 exercises to perform during 1 minute, or 30 minutes of effort in total! Practised at a rate of 3 times a week, this type of session will allow you to transform your body over the weeks. By scrupulously following our recommendations, you will lose your 5 kilos quickly while sculpting your figure.

Once your 5 kg is lost, your entourage will not fail to notice this transformation. What to motivate you to continue to refine yourself, or simply stabilize your shape weight!

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