How to prepare for a wedding at the town hall?

Because planning a wedding can quickly become an obstacle course, I’ve put together ten essential tips to help you organize a stress-free wedding !

This is the essential point when organizing your wedding. Do you have a wool stockings to devote to this day? Or savings you will make a bit every month until D-Day? The help of your loved ones can be? No matter how you finance your wedding, evaluate all the spending items set your budget , and the budget you can spend on them, and set your priorities… photo, caterer, dress, it’s only you to decide.

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He or she has just asked you the question, the emotion has fallen somewhat, it’s time to start organizing your day. And if we can say for a moment, that it’s good we have time, marriage is only 12 months away, know that the most popular providers are often booked very long in advance. Count about 12 to 18 months for a room, or 10 to 12 months for a photographer, or a wedding planner depending on the date. Of course this is especially the case for weekends between May and September. If you choose an off-season Saturday, or a weekday, your service providers will likely be more available organize your scheduling .

take your time Yes I tell you everything and its opposite. It is certainly necessary to go ahead for many positions, but it is also necessary take time for reflection, as for dress for example. Needless to decide in June this year for a wedding that will only take place next summer, or two years later. With the new collection coming in September, there may be a dress that will please you even more! On the other hand, count 6 to 8 months to make your tailor-made dress, and the agendas of the talented designers fill up quickly, very quickly!

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Florist, creator to share, filmmaker or DJ, you must choose them for their work, and trust them carefully choose your service providers . Do not ask a photographer for vintage processing photos, or fineart if it’s not his style, or a florist of graphic compositions if his favorite universe is rather the country compositions. If your providers are not comfortable with the work you ask them, they will not be able to give you what you expect, and everyone will be disappointed. As much to avoid.

Make the network work! Ask your entourage their good ones (and their bad ones! ) addresses! Even if it is above all a matter of feeling, the opinions of those who know you will surely be relevant. And ask about their good addresses to the providers you have already chosen. They will advise you professionals in line with your expectations, and that they will have already had the opportunity to see work! I will never say enough, a good team of providers, is almost the assurance of a marriage without couacs or drama side organization.

From the choice of colors, instead of your reception to the menu or style of your dress, do not let yourself impose something that does not look like you. Whether by your loved ones or by some ideas of conventions, and imagine a wedding that looks like you made according to your desires . If it were to redo, I would probably organize a nice brunch in all simplicity for our wedding, rather than a dinner, certainly very beautiful, but maybe a hair too sophisticated for us.

make compromises Yes pretty fiancée, this day is your day, but it’s also a bit the time of your mom, your dad, and especially that of your half. So if he is not a fan of the idea of wearing a bow tie or colorful sneakers, and even if it’s really too cute, listen to him. And if your mom really stuck at the idea of embroidering you a small cushion of wedding rings, tell her yes, if there’s only that to please her.

Plan your day schedule and talk with your service providers communicate with your service providers to make sure everything is realistic and achievable. For example, count at least two hours for the bride’s beauty, hairdressing and dressing, or at least an additional quarter of an hour at the initial timing for commuting like mayor ceremony-cocktail when everything is not happening in one place. There is always a car that does not follow, a missed highway ramp or a forgotten key.

Do not overestimate your DIY cravings! pay attention to DIY You may be manual, enthusiastic and full of good ideas, don’t go either force you to make 170 organic soaps if you really don’t want it (and then we can find them all made on Etsy*! ).

The Essentials Remember the essentials. Certainly there is the choice of wine, the dress, the wedding rings, and the sacro holy stage of the table plan, but did you take a little time, with two to evoke your desires of life for two, your vision of marriage?

Let go Because no, despite all your goodwill, the schedules, excel tables and other good advice, there will necessarily be an unexpected detail, a speech that forks, or a slightly cloudy sky… But remember that whatever happens, you will have put all your heart in it, and that the main thing is there, that’s there is you are married!

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And you, any tips to share with future brides? Things you would have liked to be prepared for? “If I’d known…”? Feel free to share your experience in the comments of this article.

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