How to present the alliances to the town hall?

Whether you are planning your secular wedding for this year or are looking for ideas for next year (wedding preparations begin earlier and earlier!) , I will try to help you by writing more and more regularly on this blog that is so important to me. If you have any questions or would like to see a specific topic addressed, do not hesitate to let me know. At the moment, I’m full of ideas, I just lack time to be able to share them all here.

As a first article for this year, I chose to look at a vast topic whose different options are often unknown: the exchange of alliances during the secular ceremony. From the person who will carry them to the way of exchanging them, I share with you my ideas and experiences. Feel free to come comment or share your thoughts!

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Who will bring the alliances?

  • A child

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What could be cuter than seeing your child, godson, nephew or niece, child of a friend bring the wedding rings? In addition to the fact that it brings a lot of emotion, children are often very proud to be entrusted with this important role. At a themed wedding, it is beautiful to dress up the children who will wear the wedding rings according to it.

It is also possible to prepare a small story: bring the children in a small car, hand in hand if they are two or with a sign asking their mom if she wants to marry their dad (for the children of the bride and groom). For our secular ceremony, my husband and I had chosen to place the wedding rings in a music box, whose nephew and godson of my husband turned the hand crank by bringing them (with Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose music). We and our guests loved this very tendering moment!

  • A witness, a bridesmaid or a bridesmaid

You can entrust the alliances to witnesses, bridesmaids or bridesmaids. If they are placed near the bride and groom during the ceremony, the official will ask them to present the alliances for the exchange. Entrusting the alliances to these loved ones will allow the bride and groom to relieve themselves of stress knowing that they are in good hands.

  • A pet

For more of originality, why not involve his dog in the secular ceremony, making him wear the wedding rings around his neck? Be careful, in this case a good training is required! And this depends on the character of the doggie in question: he must be wise, not frightened by the crowd and taken care of by someone trusted.

  • Leave the wedding rings on the spot

© Valérie Baeriswyl If you prefer to make in simplicity and sobriety, the wedding rings can also be found near the groom and the official, in a nice stand. At that time, the official will present the alliances to the bride and groom at the time of the exchange.

What support for the wedding rings?

Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose a support related to it. There too he is possible to find very original ideas depending on the atmosphere of your ceremony. Here are some ideas I’ve grouped via Pinterest.

How to achieve the exchange of alliances?

© Gill Maheu

  • Guided by the official

This is one of the most traditional possibilities. The official asks the bride and groom if it is from the depths of their heart that they wish to take themselves as spouses, or another sentence of this type. Each of the married couple responds in the affirmative and then passes the alliance to the finger of the other. A small sentence can be added by each of the bride and groom to reinforce engagement.

  • Repeating different sentences after the officiant

Here too a rather traditional option, for couples who wish to be guided while expressing promises. The officiant asks the bride and groom to place the covenant at the finger of each other, and then expresses different promises that each spouse then repeats. These promises are to be worked according to the wishes and personality of the couple.

  • Responding to commitments or promises

In this configuration, the officiant makes promises by asking the couple if they commit to follow them. At each commitment/promise, the groom and the bride respond in the affirmative. It is a very friendly option, customizable to wish and where you can put a nice touch of originality.

  • At the conclusion of the exchange of wishes

This is one of my favorite formulas, so moving: at the end of their vows, the bride and groom say to themselves a small phrase or a promise and then pass the alliance to the finger of the other. It is also possible that the exchange of covenants takes place soberly, in silence, following the exchange of wishes.

  • In music

Some strong acts sometimes happen without words, or can be accompanied by a song where words are perfectly circumstance. Why not choose instrumental music or evocative text?

I recently celebrated a ceremony where an exchange of alliances more moving than ever took place on “I promise you” by Johnny Hallyday. It was just magical!

  • Before or after a ritual

The exchange of alliances can also take place just before a ritual, so that the latter is a logical continuation and reinforces the commitment that the couple wishes to express. In the same way, alliances can be exchanged at the end of the ritual, always with the idea of marking this link.

Here are some ideas you can draw on, to create your exchange to yourself, unique and in your image. If you have more, do not hesitate to share them!