How to properly illuminate a Basement?

The problem of the basement is often the lack of light, whether natural or artificial. As a result, we struggle to fully enjoy this space of the house. Yet solutions exist to create efficient and warm basement lighting !

Illuminate the basement according to its use

Basement lighting will be radically different if the room is a simple storage place, whether it serves as a garage, cellar or if it is a real living roomadditional stresses. In addition, even if the electrical standards are the same as in the whole house, you will have to deal with such as humidity, stock of hazardous goods and safety of the premises.

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The basement garage or workshop

When space is used as a garage and for DIY, it is essential to provide power sufficient lighting, for the practical side, but also for your safety. Ceiling LED tubes or bulbs ensure good overall lighting of the room. Add a few airship lights to counter the remaining shadows.

The specific lighting of the wine cellar

Here is a special case where it will have to be successful in illuminating the roomlow-power bulb on the ceiling, for a subdued ambience. You can add here or there a without compromising the preservation of the bottles. Wine does not like movement, nor strong light. So prioritize a lamp with a wall lightThe installation of electricity must be sealed to highlight the interior of the room and its treasures! Attention, the cellar is usually a wet room. , to the standards in force, in the image of the bathroom. Strictly choose your point-of-sale luminaires and bulbs so that they guarantee the lighting safely.

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Living room in the basement: how to illuminate it?

When the basement includes rooms used for everyday life, whether for a kitchen, bedroom or games room, the question of light is fundamental. The best solution is to try as much as possible to bring the outside light (we explain how in the rest of this article), but it is sometimes impossible. Lighting of the finished basementrecessed luminaire is particularly effective, offering a nice light for a price modest. Multiply the light sources: ceiling light, wall light bulb or even on the floor, there are many possibilities. Feel free to use the colored bulbs, LED tubes or dimmers should take into account the low ceiling and harmonize to highlight the premises. Succeed to give a dimension of greatness and openness where one would tend to feel confined. The to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Promote natural light in the basement

Natural light is free and pleasant, so it must be prioritized to the maximum before thinking about electricity. If there are windows, however small they may be, clear them to the maximum in order to gain brightness in the bedroom or bathroom. If no apertures are present, but the places allow it, try to create skylights as much as possible.

The English Courtyard

To do this, it may be necessary to dig an English courtyard, thus opening part of the basement outward. You can then install a window or even a window door. This layout has the advantage of creating a real recessed terracebasement garage, the English courtyard is ideal for ensuring good ventilation, especially when using a chemical. Similarly, for a , discreet and intimate. In the case of the basement kitchen, this type of installation facilitates the removal of moisture and odors. Without going so far and if you don’t have a place, prefabricated modules are easily installed on the edge of the floor to capture natural light to return it to the basement room.

The light reflector

The use of a light reflector naturally increases basement lighting. Wiser placed outside or inside in front of a window, it will reflect intensely light. By tilting the product to direct the reflection to the wall or ceiling, it is possible to gain almost 50% of lighting .

Tips to increase basement lighting to living room

We too tend to associate light with electricity, using an LED bulb, ceiling light or any other fixture. Yet the light effect produced by coatings and decoration is far from negligible, these are alternative responses to increase the brightness of a basement tenfold .

Light colours and glossy materials

Generally speaking, opt for light colors for your basement rooms. Give preference to glossy, lacquered surfacesbrighter shades that will return natural light, but also that of the luminaires. White, light gray, beige, pale and pastel colors are your best allies. They are also very fashionable for decorating your bedroom or living room. You can of course use , by touches, to enhance the aesthetics of the basement.

Mirrors and transparency

Use the reflective power of mirrors. Facing a lamp and in a slight inclination, the mirror increases the brightnesslight diffusion towards the rest of the room. A succession of wisely installed mirrors returns light, natural or artificial, in addition to giving a sense of greatness. The reflection gives a sense of depth, countering the confined position of the basement of the house. In the same way, glass is your best ally, its transparency does not affect the inside the rooms. Use it to partition, even add curtains forprivacy.

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