How to properly reference your website?

If you are looking to make your website known, increase traffic and make it more visible, it is important to reference your website on Google. Indeed, it is the best way to get important traffic, relevant and free. 1ere Position, a natural SEO agency, accompanies you in your SEO strategy by giving some tips to properly reference your site on Google:

  • Make the site accessible for Google
  • Find the right keywords to position yourself
  • Follow the SERP daily
  • Create qualitative and relevant content
  • Introduce structured data to your website
  • Optimize the loading speed of your website

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Make the site accessible for Google

For website indexing and positioning, Google analyzes each site with its Googlebot indexing bots. If they do fail to reach your website because it is not suitable, not “crawlable” or if it is restricted for indexing bots in the robots.txt file for example.

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The content of the site must also be thought for indexing robots. It is essential to provide content that is readable to Google. Thus, the text content is crucial but also the image attributes, the caption of a video…

Help Google visit and understand the content of your site to reference its site on Google!

Search for keywords

Wanting to reference your website on Google or even alternative search engines makes sense only if the goal is to position itself on the right keywords.

To choose your keywords correctly, it is advisable to take into account the volume of search, the relevance of the keyword and the feasibility. Use keyword search tools to capture the right traffic and hence qualified traffic and understand the intentions of Internet users.

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Follow the SERP to see how Google presents you

Before arriving on your website, users go through the SERP (the search results page) of Google. Well referencing your site on Google requires optimized and attractive results.

To improve the click rate and traffic to your website, you need to optimize meta title and meta description, even if Google could choose others. To properly reference its website on Google, SERP is a central element.

Referencing your site with better content

“Content is King” is an expression that is even more confirmed for SEO. Creating good content means content Qualitative and above all content adapted both for your target while respecting Google’s rules.

The quality of the content attracts both the favors of Google but especially those of Internet users. Quality content is much more likely to be shared and come viral. This is an asset for SEO because a qualitative site will get backlinks and therefore additional authority.

Structured data to reference a site

Referencing a website also goes by following the news of Google and the opportunities that the search engine offers. For many years, the latter has been integrating structured data to provide a better search experience for Internet users. There are additional elements compared to a classic search result: reviews in the form of stars, photos, events, products…

The Structured data from your website increases the chances of positioning yourself on Google. The advantages of this type of data are very interesting:

  • Increase Visibility
  • Boost click rate
  • Increase conversions

Optimize the loading speed of your site to reference it

To reference a website, Google takes into account hundreds of criteria. Among them, the loading speed is found in the most important ones. It helps to limit the bounce rate, some loading errors, and a low number of pages visited. With more and more mobile browsing, it is important to switch to lighten your websites to adapt to new uses.

It is appropriate to make a technical optimization of your website to make it faster. Discover our tips for increasing loading speed of a website.

Our SEO consultants support you to optimize your performance on Google.


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