How to properly wear a dress?

  • How do I choose my long dress?

But it’s not complicated to look for a long dress…

It has to be:

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  • Simple and easy to wear everyday
  • not too thick but with a sharp fall
  • it should be fluid, loose, flexible and airy why not pleated (if the folds begin under the hips)
  • the model must stick to the small template of a meter sixty (and for those I suspect not even have them 60 centimeters. You know, when it’s your mother measuring you with a pack of Herta ham and her seamstress meter. Precision…) without putting aside the medium and large
  • she must have a beautiful neckline but not too provocative
  • no creases on/under the chest (if you You want to spare the “I did not know! When is it for? ”)
  • Do not mold neither belly nor hips but do not be too loose either
  • be passe-partout enough to be put very regularly but without being fadasse
  • with a material that allows a minimum of sweating without having to have the arms stuck to the body all day of heat wave (<25°)
  • it must not bother you when you walk (Ariel?) or to climb the stairs (Zahia?). Cycling is another story
  • Do not be stepped ruffles like those of our 16 years or straight, long, split and linen (you take ten years).

We thought it wasn’t the sea to drink. But that was before looking for a perfect dress finally.

  • How to wear my long dress ?

Forget flip flops forever and choose ankle boots, pumps, sandals or biker boots depending on the weather of the day. Why not sneakers, it works too.

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Adopt for a chic and urban version with a biker jacket, denim jacket or jacket.

It is accessorized to compensate for the effect of magnitude. Short jacket, cuff, big necklace, large bag, beautiful hat and/or a masculine watch to permanently break with the bab spirit of the long.

For a dressed evening and to avoid the total Christmas tree look, we wear a nice jewel and only one as a long necklace for example. Don’t forget to put the package on your pumps. Finesse and sobriety will be the hallmarks of your evening.

Finding a beautiful long dress is not the sea to drink (do you think). But That was before you look.

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