How to use a chatbot?

Customers no longer have to communicate with a company exclusively through human intermediaries: chatbots (if you want to know what chatbots are click on the link above), conversational interfaces that process natural language, can respond to their demands automatically. Thanks to artificial intelligence , these virtual assistants chat with customers and workers from any industry, facilitate communication by being available at any time of the day, and achieve an interesting return on investment for the company.

The channels for which these bots are built are very diverse, Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa are the most common options in the West due to the wide spectrum of users who use them regularly and their integration facilities with DialogFlow and other NLP. Whatsapp is another interesting option given its high adoption in Europe. After an approval process, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to build your own integration, or you can also use a third-party integrated product, which is a more than recommended option if we want to isolate ourselves from infrastructure problems, upgrades or ban

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1. Skyscanner

The popular flight comparator was one of the companies that made a strong bet a few years ago on the use of chatbots to improve communication with customers: they have attendees on both Telegram and Facebook Messenger to interact with them and offer them flight suggestions that they can later book on their website , as well as have them integrated into Alexa.

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On their own website, they highlight that these interfaces are already giving them good results (their Facebook Messenger bot has achieved a great deal user retention) and point out that travelers will increasingly migrate from a format in which they have to click to “a conversation format”.

2. Ebay

Helping customers find what they are looking for in a short time and who can do it with different criteria than usual is the mission of eBay’s chatbot, Shopbot. Through Facebook Messenger, you can request a specific item, use the search engine to find it, or upload a photograph to see if the second-hand item sale website locates something similar. If we like something, Shopbot allows us to complete the purchase process. Thus, it acts as a communication and sales channel.

3. Domino’s

After realizing that one of the most frequently asked questions from their users on Facebook was “What discount can you get on my pizza today?” , developed an interface in Australia that would help them resolve these kinds of doubts by providing offers automatically. In addition, for a few months now, the bot allows you to complete the order process in certain areas, simplifying the task by remembering previous orders from each user. In addition, it is also available via Amazon Echo smart speakers. Thus, pizza chains are saving time and money for human intermediaries who receive inquiries or orders through routes such as the telephone.

4. imaginBank

Last year, imaginBank, Caixabank’s mobile bank, developed a chatbot that represents a new customer service channel with which they can undoubtedly get a good return on investment: available in their app and Facebook chat, solve questions by text or voice, offers discounts taking into account the place of residence and even send alerts.

5. KLM

In addition to advising travelers, as Skyscanner does, the Dutch airline KLM launched a bot on Facebook Messenger that goes further, as it performs all post-purchase customer service: allows you to receive flight confirmations, boarding passes, reminders and advice. Thus, the company provides this service to customers at any time of the day, improving customer service metrics and allowing meat and blood agents to focus on other, more laborious tasks.

6. Meekan

Through its API, the Slack corporate communication platform allows you to improve the productivity of any company’s employees thanks to the bots that are hosted there. For example, Taco Bell allows you to order fast food from restaurants, while others directly improve business processes: Meekan, for example, searches through the calendars of multiple Slack users to help them find the time to organize a meeting.

7. Acebot

This is another of Slack’s bots aimed at improving employee productivity: Through simple commands, company employees can intelligently manage pending tasks , report non-reimbursable expenses, and track expenses.

8. Whole Foods

In addition to improving customer service, bots can also help improve brand image and even be a new marketing tool. One example is the Whole Foods bot on Facebook Messenger: the high-quality food supermarket chain purchased by Amazon offers users the ability to discover new recipes by talking to them. In this way, the company improved its visibility on Facebook.

9. Zalando

The e-commerce giant Zalando also has a Facebook Messenger bot that works as a kind of image advisor: users can send a photograph of the style of clothing they like and the interface will recommend garments. In addition, at the end of last year, he launched a chatbot to locate the best gifts on Google Assistant. Thus, bots are for Zalando a new means of attracting customers.

10. 1-800 Flowers

Although this flower and gift delivery company is not known in Spain, the truth is that it is listed on the NASDAQ and was one of the first to develop a bot on Facebook Messenger. Gywn, his bot, is based on Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence system. In this case, the return on investment became apparent shortly after the product launch: according to the company, 70% of its users were new customers, demonstrating how this channel allowed it to reach a wider target audience.

The domestic market is also taking steps. Here are some of the best chatbots in spanish.

So how could we have been able check with the above examples, bots are a new channel of communication, marketing, customer service and even a tool to improve employee productivity. If you want to learn more about how companies are implementing chatbots, you can download The ROI of Corporate Conversations Interfaces, a comprehensive report prepared by NTS where you’ll find out how chatbots can help the different departments of your company.

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