How to use a perfume diffuser?

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How to use a fragrance diffuser/fragrant bouquet?

The perfume diffuser is ideal for giving an olfactory personality to any room in the house. It creates a relaxing atmosphere by extending the fragrant effect. Embellished with beautiful finishes, it accentuates the style of your home. You are told how to use this wellness accessory.

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Create a pleasant atmosphere with an indoor fragrance diffuser

The fragrance diffuser allows you to spread your favorite fragrance in your living rooms. Among the most widely used models is the capillary diffuser.

The fragrance diffuser by capillarity is available in different forms in order to to match any style of interior decoration. Its use is simple: pour the indoor fragrance into the glass bottle and immerse a flower or a few rattan stems. The latter absorb the fragrant composition and diffuse the associated fragrance throughout the room. Feel free to return the sticks regularly for greater efficiency.

Infinite use

You can recharge it infinitely by purchasing bouquet fragrance refills.

After the fragrance is exhausted, clean the bottle with warm soapy water. Once dried, fill it again with fragrance and dip the desired number of new rattan stems.

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