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Who receives retirement in the event of death?

In order to be entitled to a survivor’s pension, certain criteria must be met. Unfortunately, the whole family of the deceased will not receive this pension. All the information you need to know about the inheritance of the survivor’s pension on this page.


This is the first and most important of the conditions for entitlement to the survivor’s pension. …


What music for a wedding?

A wedding planner must think of everything! And even to the music of your wedding playlist! You will have guessed it today we will talk about an extremely important point of your wedding since it will accompany you throughout your day! I speak of course about the musical background and your music (the playlist) for your wedding!

As you know, …


What studies to become a communications officer?

Responsible for internal (to employees) and external communication actions (press, public…), the communication officer’s mission is to publicize the company for which he works.

Interested in this job? Learn more through the testimonies of Christine, Sara and Nicolas, all three communicators. Find also the information you need to know to become a communication manager.

🍿 The Trade of Communications Officer


What colors can be combined?

To find out which colors are going together , follow it guide! In this article, I will explain how to combine the colors of your clothes to create sparkling, harmonious and refined looks. You will see at the beginning it seems a little complicated. But if you take the time to understand, it will eventually seem completely accessible to you. …


What party for a PACS?

Don’t know what to offer to a couple? Your friends’ pack is approaching and you still have no idea for a gift?

To celebrate love, nothing better than symbolic objects, sensual or a journey.

Discover 10 inspiring and romantic ideas that will guide you in your quest for the best gift for a couple of friends:

1. Smartbox: 3 dream


What red wine with cheese?

Wine and cheese are perfect pairings, here are the best wines with cheeses. And this is very simple to propose and realize.

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Wine and cheese, often remarkable pairings Wine and cheese are perfect pairings, here are the best wines with cheeses. And …


What is the price for a photo shoot?

Calling on the skills and know-how of a professional photographer to accompany you during an event is a relevant initiative. However, it is possible to find yourself disoriented about the various information available online.

Faced with this observation, a series of questions is required: What is the price for a professional photographer? What types of images can I request? How …


What mechanism of the body causes sleep?

There is another phase of sleep that is even more crucial to overall health. It’s about deep sleepWhen thinking about the mechanism of sleep, three letters often come to mind: R.E.M. These letters also refer to the phase of REM sleep. REM Sleep (for Rapid Eye Movement) has a reputation for being a highly coveted and hard to reach …


What digestive to digest?

Green tea has many health virtues. Among them digestion is in good place. Tea (whether green, black or even white) is known to facilitate digestion both after a busy meal and daily to smooth intestinal transit. Tea and digestion: you are told everything to help you digest in peace.

Tea and intestinal flora: the winning duo for digestion

Scientists have …


What is the capital of love?

There are many cities on the surface of the globe where they are decorated in the colors of love. For two beings who love each other, nothing is more beautiful than walking hand in hand in one of these most beautiful cities in the world. Want to discover the most romantic cities on the planet? This article takes you to …


What gift for a boy’s baptism?

Baptism is a special moment for the whole family, for the child. It is to recognize union with God through the communion of those present, in their personal faith for the future of the child. It is to say that it is believed that this child will be protected, it is also to celebrate family happiness. Obviously, who …


When to remove the wedding file at the town hall?

You decided to pass the ring to your fingers to formalize your love? Congratulations! Be aware that you have the opportunity to celebrate your wedding at the town hall (civil marriage) as well as in the church (religious marriage). Be aware that if religious marriage is only an option, formalization will be done in front of the Mayor by a …


Where to go in September to have sunshine?

In September, it is sunny in much of the world. During this month, the heat of summer is no longer there, the cold of winter has not settled there yet and better yet, it is the return to school.

So as much travel when everyone is busy to have all the space just for themselves.

  • It is good on the

Where to buy an engagement ring in Paris?

Pedro is on his knees, your thrilling is ready to leap, tears in his eyes and hearts in unison, you hear him tenderly declare “Darling, will you marry me? ”. This is the moment that many are waiting for, a moment of emotions that will remain forever engraved in the mind and in the soul. That’s why it is necessary …


How to replace wheat flour?

There are multiple solutions to replace wheat flour.. most of the time I use ready-made gluten-free mixes that can be found quite easily on large surface or I prepare my own mix by mixing different gluten-free flours and starches . I am often asked what flour I use instead of wheat flour and where I get these flours so here …


What is the hormone that promotes sleep called?

Sleep Hormone: Have you ever heard of melatonin? If you are interested in sleep or the biological clock, this is obviously the case. Similarly, if you have ever looked for miracle solutions to counter the problem of jet lag.

We talked very quickly about melatonin on this blog when we were dealing with the biological clock and its synchronizers in …


How to prepare for a wedding at the town hall?

Because planning a wedding can quickly become an obstacle course, I’ve put together ten essential tips to help you organize a stress-free wedding !

This is the essential point when organizing your wedding. Do you have a wool stockings to devote to this day? Or savings you will make a bit every month until D-Day? The help of your …


How to fix a health book?

Whether it’s a toy for your child or a collectible, a doll ends up wearing out over time. Facial colors tarnish, seams let go and bring out cotton wool, limbs break, etc. To give your baby a semblance of life, consider repairing it. Discover the different methods that exist to restore your baby.

Restore your doll yourself

If DIY and …


How to take the first slice Sims 4?

All about social events in the Sims 4!

by Thought

Have you considered planning a reception or social event at your Sims? It is possible to organize different types of parties simply by picking up your phone. Whether it’s family gatherings with hearty dinners, gourmet meals at private parties with friends, birthdays, wedding, special black and white parties or costume …


How to congratulate the newlyweds?

Have you had the chance to be invited to a wedding? I am sure that you are already thinking about your outfit, the gift you are going to give and that you already count the days they remain before this famous date.

To accompany your gift, you decided to write a little word on a greeting card for the newlyweds …


How to print Duplex on a Canon Printer?

Far from being a whim, a scanner can make your life easier in many ways. If you appreciate mobility and cheap shopping, then a portable scanner is the device that will transform your life and daily tasks.

Digitization is a logical solution to deliver us from the clutter caused by the piles of documents that accumulate in our drawers. In …


How to send flowers in Italy

The 6 Best Flower Delivery Choices in Italy

It is obvious that Italy loves flowers so much that it has not only one, but three national flowers: pink for its traditional symbol, the white lily for its religious symbol and violet for its popular symbol. That said, you can never go wrong with these unusual florists in Italy who know …


How to choose the size of her wedding dress?

To be perfect on your wedding day, it is essential to choose your wedding dress according to your body shape so that it enhances your figure . But what is a silhouette in X, A or V? Mermaid, strapless, princess… what cut will enhance you most? Don’t worry, we explain everything! This will give you a little idea before going …


What skirting board with waxed concrete?


  • 1 What thickness for waxed concrete?
    • 1.1 What is the price of waxed concrete?
    • 1.2 What support for waxed concrete?
  • 2 What kind of skirting board to choose?
    • 2.1 What is the height of a skirting board?
    • 2.2 How to calculate the number of skirting board?
    • 2.3 What is an MDF skirting board?
  • 3 What kind of skirting board

How to clean yellowed plastic?

Whether it’s household appliances, everyday objects or PVC, plastic tends to lose color and turn yellow over time. Fortunately, there are some tricks that make it possible to whiten plastic.

Whiten yellowed plastic with white vinegar

To whiten a plastic that has become yellow, prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar. Place the mixture on a sponge and rub …


How to remove the hinges from a door?

If you want to remove a door so that you can work on it in total freedom and with the utmost ease, you must do what you need to make disappear the hinge supports that have become totally unsightly on your frame. Indeed, the hinges (also called hinges) are composed of one part fixed on the frame and another fixed …


What decor on a brick wall?

The Thousand and One Facets of the Brick Wall

The brick wall has long been an iconic element of industrial decoration, and it was mainly made of bricks, of course! Today, it is possible to opt for very realistic siding pads , or for an even simpler option: non-woven wallpaper , which is easy to lay and maintain. These new …


How to renovate a fireplace?

Your home has an old fireplace that you want to modernize? To dress up this unmissable decorative element of your living room, discover our ideas and photos!

Modernizing a fireplace: makeover to renew the decor

1. Repaint your chimney

You have a Haussmannian type chimney with stamp and you don’t want to part with it? Give her a young shot …


Who touches the RSA in a couple?

The amount of the RSA depends on the composition of your household (to estimate how much you will receive, you can do an RSA simulation). If you live in a couple, the FCA considers that you do not have twice as many charges as a single person (sharing rent, bills, etc.). Therefore, you will not collect twice the amount of …


Who are the beneficiaries of the RSA?

Exclusion of certain benefits in the calculation of the RSA : henceforth, the Handicap Compensation Benefit (PCH), the Daily Allowance of Caregiver (AJPA) and the compensation received by the family caregiver for the elderly or disabled under the PCH will no longer be taken into account in the calculation of the RSA.

The decree is available on this link.



What finger wedding ring?

Why is the ring finger worn on the ring finger? And why do some bear faith in their left hand, while others on the right? Here are the answers ♦

Why is the ring finger worn on the ring finger? And why on the left? The choice of the finger on which to wear the ring is not accidental. But …


How to account for rents received?

Accounting record rent received

Both a company and a real estate civil society can collect rent in advance but also certain charges. A condominium trustee or the rental SCI can then charge the amount to the tenant, a business can also use a condominium trustee to manage rental expenses.

Recordingofrentreceivedand advances on expenses in a rental


What step to bring an Foreigner to France?

For French people living in France, declare themselves as a self-entrepreneur is supposed to be simple: in theory, simply fill out the registration form correctly to be able to start your new activity!

But what if you’re not French ? What if you don’t live in France ? Many foreign nationals and people living outside France ask themselves the question. …


How do I report annual resources to the CAF?

You have received a letter from the CAF asking you to report your annual or quarterly income … Unsure what amount you need to enter? Here is all the useful information you need to know before returning your resource return to the nearest FCA.

In this article you will find the following information about reporting CAF resources :

  • What is