Organize a luxury trip to France

Everyone dreams of saddling in a sumptuous infinity pool, staying in a 5* hotel overlooking the coconut palms, dine in a prestigious restaurant located at the top of a roof top, to get a massage by expert hands at the spa… Everyone, certainly, but few realize this dream. Why? Because 81% of French people think luxury is reserved for the rich (according to an IPSOS survey). And if you were told that with organization, imagination and good tricks, going on a luxury holiday

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will be your next trip? Banco!

Choosing your airline

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Travelling in luxury mode begins with the choice of the airline. Some offer quality services even in eco-class. Competent staff and small treatments, free champagne, cushion and blanket offered… Comfort will be at the rendezvous. Not to be mistaken, here is the top ten airlines ranking, according to TripAdvisor: Singapore Airlines (Singapore), Air New Zealand (New Zealand), Emirates (United Arab Emirates), Japan Airlines (Japan), EVA Air (Taiwan), Southwest Airlines (USA), (UK), Qatar Airways (Qatar), Azul (Brazil) and Korean Air (Korea) South). See the cheap tickets at the moment.

Be upgraded

“It’s always the same ones who are upgraded! ” FALSE. Here are some tips for accessing travelers’ sesame: the upgrade. Register very early in advance. Your flight may only have one or two seats in first class. When checking in, you can say “since you are the first to arrive, you can have upgraded seats for free. Arrive late without booking your seat. With a little luck, your flight is over-booked. You will then be upgraded. Be faithful!

Choose a loyalty card with the airline chosen for your R&A, and it will be more likely to prefer its usual customers.

Travelling in low season

Well-known but yet infallible technique: leave when everyone prepares or returns from vacation. Hotels adjust their prices according to demand. The higher the rate, the higher their rates will be. For the same service the prices can double… Beware, the low and high periods do not correspond all the time to our school periods, inquire according to your destination. For example, an exotic country reaches exorbitant prices on Christmas and New Year. For tourist destinations, they are more expensive from July to August. Travelling in low season saves

you but also to avoid tourists.

Rent a villa in several

Booking your accommodation in a group is an opportunity to access luxury for cheap. A huge villa would cost far too much for you alone, but if you share the costs, then it would become affordable. We did the calculation at Bourse des Vols, for a prestigious villa in Bali, leave with 12 people and pay only 45 euros/person/night. And no excuse: the house is so big that everyone will have their little privacy corner

(6 double bedrooms). Is it not a good life?

Book a private chef

A family meal in peace? With children, it’s hard to get dinner in a gourmet restaurant… the good idea? Reserve the services of a local private chef. Much cheaper than a full meal in a 5*, from tailor-made since it will adapt to your tastes, allergies, preferences, desires, more consistent: we promise you, you will not be hungry anymore at the end! And most importantly, it can cook for you at home, the time of a meal, for the day or even more. It is you who decide. The little bonus? With a local chef, you are sure to taste the best typical specialties of the country


Get a tailor-made suit

If luxury clothing shops are too expensive, consider making your clothes at a tailor‘s place. In Asia, the price of tailor-made costume challenges any competition! You can be sure of the quality: the fabric usually comes from these countries. Without the cost of export, linen, silk, virgin wool and all luxury products become accessible. The staff is highly qualified, fast and

professional. Count 1 hour to take your measurements and go in 3 days to pick up your light suit (s).

Discover all the tips for a cheap luxury trip. Have you ever made this type of trip? Share your experience with us!