Prepare a luxury holiday in France

After a year full of uncertainty, we all have in mind a year 2021 full of new discoveries. If the evolution of the situation allows, your dream destination will reopen soon! In the meantime, we have thought of some destinations according to your budget: 2021 Cheap Holidays, Reasonable Long-Weekends, Great Luxury Experiences… You can already start planning your next adventure while keeping in mind that it is best to stay flexible.

keep in mind that the French government recommends that any traveller 11 years of age or older take a PCR test and isolate the time to get the results if you return from a European region listed in red, orange or grey Let’s on this map.

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Cheap but unique holidays

It’s not always easy to plan a not too expensive holiday. Either the theft is cheap, but the accommodation is out of budget. Either it’s the other way around! We tried to find three destinations that answer this problem: leaving on a low budget without exploding the transport budget, but without compromising on the quality of housing .

Village life on the banks of the Charente

We start in the heart of Charente northwest of Angoulême. You are offered as a base point the grocery store of Venat. It is a place that is both a grocery store, a bed and breakfast and a cafe. There is even a hut to rent on the banks of the Charente to spend several days in autonomy with a reserve of drinking water, a barbecue and a gas stove. From here, excursions in the area are easy by car: to you the wineries of Cognac, the steps in the Park regional Périgord and creative workshops with the family.

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Since December 15, the gradual decontainment of France allows us to travel between French regions. © Photos Grocery Store of Venat It is therefore possible to go on holiday to discover the Charente in 2021. A perfect destination for a budget family trip.

To sleep at the Épicerie de Vénat, plan €60 per night for a double room , including breakfast. The road is easily from Bordeaux (1h30). Renting a car will allow you to explore the surroundings in complete freedom!

Rent a Car in Bordeaux In the hinterland of Veneto

Who says not too expensive trip does not say that you can not take a little height. We leave at a thousand meters above sea level on the plateaus of Asagio in Veneto. We stop at Locanda la Scuola, a guest house nestled in an old school with crazy charm. It is an ideal base to visit the area with family during the 2021 school holidays. For example, stop at Malga Serona farm to discover the production of regional cheese, Asiago.

Can we go to Italy right now? Yes, it is possible to travel to Italy © Photos Locanda la Scuola (left) . There is no quarantine on arrival but there are local restrictions (curfew) at this time. You will also need to fill out this form, report to the Regional Health Authority and present a negative test.

To sleep at Locanda la Scuola, you can plan a budget of about 70€ per night for a double room . It is easy to reach the bed and breakfast by car from Venice Airport (1 hour’s drive). Perfect for a not too expensive holiday abroad in 2021.

Cheap Flights to Venice Road-trip in Belgium

Next year, why not discover our Belgian neighbor? A few kilometers from France, Belgium can still make you travel. For a cheap option, think about roaming with motorhome rental. For a budget of around €1000, you can rent a motorhome with a capacity of 4 beds for a whole week. It is perfect for a 2021 nomadic holiday on May holidays for example.

Free as the air, alternate between walks in the Westhoek nature reserve on the coast, gourmet lunches and hikes in the Belgian Ardennes.

Belgium has its borders open at the moment, however there are strict entry measures. It is necessary to report via a form and perform quarantine in some cases. Inquire well before leaving or wait until the measurements soften!

Reasonable budget destinations

Void in Ystad, the extreme south of Sweden

Some of you will maybe taken a taste of isolation and calm… If you do, prolong this state of mind in the Skåne region of Sweden! In a former farmhouse, the TypeO Loft Bed and Breakfast has everything to keep disconnecting and thinking about yourself . The design is very clean and very functional. Attention is precisely centered on the surrounding nature.

Can we go to Sweden right now? Yes, it is possible to travel to Sweden without quarantine or documents to be presented on arrival. To stay at TypeOloft, count from 140€ for two people, including breakfast (minimum of two nights). For dinner, the owners offer a meal option to prepare yourself with local products. A small yet affordable luxury and a must for slow living enthusiasts © Photos Mike Karlsson Lundgren for TypeoLoft . Access is easy: TypeOloft is 25 km from Malmo Airport.

Cheap flight to Malmo Caring for yourself in Hossegor

Our next destination is in the southwest of France, in Hossegor. Just 200 metres from the Atlantic Ocean, the newly renovated hotel Les Hortensias du Lac (des Domaines de Fontenille) will take care of you in 2021. Halfway between a surf lodge and a luxury hotel , the place is really conducive to relaxation. It is almost like the other side of the Atlantic, in the Hamptons of the United States.

It is necessary to count minimum 230€ per night for a double room . The hotel’s restaurant will charm you with its cuisine focused on seafood.

Cheap Flights to Bordeaux Rent a house with friends in the Cyclades

To find ourselves in dream conditions in 2021, we obviously think of the rental of a house. It is ideal for gathering and living at your own pace. The house that caught our attention is on the island of Tinos, north of the Greek Cyclades. An island still unknown compared to its neighbor Mykonos. To get together, head to Villa Lychnaftia which can accommodate up to 6 people (3 double rooms) .

Can we go to Greece right now? Yes, it is possible to travel to Greece © Photos Mygreek-Villa . There is no quarantine on arrival, but a form to present on arrival with a negative PCR test.

To rent Villa Lychnaftia, count 850€ per night for the entire house, so 140€ per person (7 nights minimum). Access is by boat from the port of Athens to Tinos (between 2h and 5am depending on the boat).

Cheap flight to Athens Luxury destinations

Are you one of the French people who spent less in 2020 because of containment? So why not plan an extraordinary trip in 2021? If the situation allows, the whole world will reopen in 2021 and we want to inspire you to plan the trip of your dreams.

The great luxury in Corsica

It’s no longer a secret: Corsica amazes and moves as much as a journey to the end of the world. The Domaine de Murtoli is located in the extreme south of Corsica. There is wonder: everything is beautiful! Accommodation is not given but we advise you to go off-season for a softer rate (April, May or October 2021).

Count 420€ per night for a private sheepfold for two people , including breakfast. Take the opportunity to pick your vegetables yourself in the vegetable garden of the estate. Access is done by car (1h) once you arrive at Figari airport.

Cheap Flights to Figari Flow in the sun in Baja California

Another destination that we makes dream in 2021 it is Baja California in Mexico. It is also a yellow zone region, so a region where the virus does not circulate intensively. Take your neighborhoods at Hotel San Cristóbal on the Pacific Ocean, in a heavenly setting.

Can we go to Mexico right now? Yes, it is possible to plan a vacation in Mexico, but the French government is advising against it at the moment. At the moment, a temperature test and a form on your health status are mandatory upon arrival. © Photos Nick Simonite for Hotel San Cristóbal (both photos on the left) Back in France, you will need to present a PCR test.

To sleep at the Hotel San Cristóbal, count from 320€ per night for two people (minimum stay of 7 nights). You can get there by taxi or car from the hotel from La Paz airport in less than 2 hours.

Cheap Flights to La Paz The ultimate Japanese experience in Kyoto

For some, the change of scenery is kilometers of beaches. For others, it is calm, restraint, slowness. If it speaks to you, we encourage you to consider your 2021 holiday in Kyoto. A destination that is not a small budget, but offers truly majestic places if you wish to enjoy a few nights. One of them is the Hoshino Kyoto Hotel located along the Oi River, next to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.

Unfortunately, we cannot travel to Japan yet © Photos Hoshino Resorts : tourist travel is prohibited for French nationals. Perhaps it will be feasible for sakura, the famous cherry blooming season in April?

To experience the Hoshinoya Kyoto, count a minimum budget of 350 per person (2 nights minimum). Definitely not a 2021 cheap vacation option, but a high-flight experience. You can land at Osaka Kansai International Airport and then board the Shinkansen Train to Kyoto Station. After 30 minutes by taxi, you will arrive at the tiny pier of the Hoshinoya Hotel. A boat will pick you up to drop you off at the hotel entrance. Wow!

Cheap flight to Osaka Find out where you can go

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