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How to enter the mine of the Sadida Temple?

The Sadida is a tree on Dofus. Yes yes, you read well, a tree that plants trees and animates dolls to type with its branches and brambles! This Sadida stuff guide introduces you to all our stuffs in 10 levels.

Guide to the Sadida stuff about Dofus — Where to start?

Remember that if you are subscribers, you can reset …

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How to build a house with little means?

Building a house is often the project of a lifetime. So it deserves all your attention, especially if you have a tight budget. By making the right choices and not rushing, you can very well build the house of your dreams at a lower cost. Discover five tips to lower the price of your future home.

Choose the right plot

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Is it profitable to buy a mobile home?

I hope you enjoy your holiday well. Some may be in mobilhome.If you are in a nice campsite, you certainly paid 1,200 €/week to rent these 35 m2 of plywood 🙂 A paragraph of Ludovic Matten’s book (page 55) explains how Jean-Pierre, a bold investor bought 5 mobile homes in Savoie and gets them… .22% net profitability! So I asked …

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Who builds a house?

Aesthetically, you will not find any other coating as noble to compete with the beauty of natural stone. This very durable and traditional material, which withstands the attacks of time, is usually used for facade, staircase and flooring. Whether it is limestone, slate, sandstone, granite, or marble, a specialist will be able to advise you the choice of stone most …

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How to calculate the profitability of a material investment?

A company needs to invest, this is to commit it over time by financial, human and/or material means in order to subsequently generate profits. Obviously, since resources are limited and cost, we must be able to make choices by estimating these constraints. In order for the latter to be consistent, a business manager or project manager must rely on …

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What difference between free and busy life annuity?

Buying or selling a life annuity is a transaction that can be tempting for both parties. But like any bet, it carries a share of uncertainty. Free life life or busy life annuity: each of the two formulas carries benefits and risks. In the first case, the purchaser enjoys the property immediately, whereas in the case of an occupied life …

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How to increase its debt rate?

HCSF recommendations and covid-19 penalize borrowers

Recall, last December, the High Financial Stability Board (HCSF) made its recommendations for use by banks. Unless there is room for manoeuvre for about 15% of cases, borrowers can no longer exceed an effort of more than 33% of debt, nor a credit greater than 25 years. While the first penalized are unsurprisingly …

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Why create an IBS at the IS?

You have certainly heard of SCI (Civil Society Real Estate), a tool that many investors use to invest heavily in real estate. But, like many people, you probably think it’s too complicated and that you will never be able to use this kind of technique?

It’s wrong!

In this article, we explain the benefits of SCI and how to use …

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What is a childhood home?

I lived in a foster family for three years. Since my family assistant retired and as I am 17, I moved to a home. I was a little sad because it’s been three years since I was at this assistant. It was like I was at Dad, Mom’s. But on the other hand, I expected to leave.

No cleaning, no

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How to analyze the real estate market?

How to do a market research in real estate?

Before embarking blindly into a real estate investment, it is important to do a market research. A market study is to collect and know information on the ground to get an idea of the price per m², the rents practiced, the demand of the sector and to ensure that we buy …

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How to manage a real estate SCI?

Real Estate Civil Society is the most fashionable social form.

It is the most widely used, after the LLC, and represents 30% of the total number of companies, or more than one million.

They are often used in a family setting as legal support for real estate.

If necessary, it is possible to create as many real estate companies as …