What are the websites?

Whatever your industry, being visible on the Net is essential to increase your #communication capital. Companies are increasingly using the Net as a showcase, it is a privileged medium to communicate about its activity and reach a targeted audience .

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3D demo of the homepage of the showcase of the domain of finets by the web agency AntheDesign

A website allows you to convey as much information about your business at a lower cost. Among the different types of existing websites you will necessarily find the one that will meet your expectations, but which one to choose?

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What are your goals on the net?

It is essential at first to define the purpose (s) of your presence on the Internet, they can be as follows:

Being visible

Have a well-referenced website allows your company to be visible on the web to an expanded audience, which can be targeted according to your sector of activity.

Improve your notoriety

Your website allows you to develop your popularity, improve your awareness among Internet users.

Develop your database

What a godsend for you! Be able to develop a database of leads quickly and efficiently, thanks to the data you can collect about your leads, your customers by analyzing page frequencies, the origin of visits… (Sources: Google Analytics).

Online sale

Indeed, the creation of an e-commerce website can represent a great opportunity to market your products without necessarily having a physical point of sale!

A website allows you to set Provision on the Net quickly and efficiently a maximum of information at a lower cost, whether commercial, technical, informative…

What are the different types of websites?

3D demo of the homepage of the showcase site Ater Environnement by the web agency AntheDesign

An analysis of your needs is essential before moving on to the design of your website. You need to focus your thinking on the ways you are willing to mobilize for the success of your communication on the net. You also need to estimate your resources in terms of budget and time to make your website live by feeding it regularly.

You can entrust this type of service to a web agency, it can also take care of the SEO and positioning of your site Internet. A well-thought-out, well-filled specifications are needed to assist in the decision making on the choice of the appropriate website to communicate on the web.

There are several types of websites

The showcases sites,

Information role highlighting the brand image of your company, presenting your business, your products, your services.

3D Demo of the homepage of the oenomobile showcase website by the web agency AntheDesign

Institutional sites,

Presentation of the organization and values of the company, by describing the activity, the transmission of key figures and the necessary information to the target audience.

E-commerce sites,

Merchant sites allow you to sell your products directly to Internet users who pay directly online.

Ecommerce website avuedoeil

Intranet sites,

These private and corporate sites share business information only with authorized persons.

The portals,

Services offered: messaging, calendar, news panels.

Personal sites,

Sites made by individuals, most often out of passion for a specific subject.


More open than personal sites; visitors can leave their comments.

Community sites,

Social networks allow Internet users to come together around a common interest, information sharing.

Collaborative sites,

Allowing collaboration between Internet users, the basis of Web 2.0. Wiki type name.

In In short,

Whatever you choose from the different types of websites to present your business, remember that your site is the showcase of your company, your visual identity, your business card on the web! Think Ergonomics, Design and Fluidity! Your visitors should feel comfortable browsing your site and easily find their landmarks, make them want to stay and come back! Capture your visitors!

Do not hesitate to contact us, the mission of our web agency will be to accompany you in the creation and promotion of your website.