What bra for beautiful neckline?

Finding the perfect bra when you have a generous breast can quickly seem to be on the obstacle course. Besides, it’s the same thing to find the right clothes when you have a strong chest. But on the lingerie side, it is true that it is not always simple indeed to combine comfort, support and aesthetics, all without breaking its piggy bank! But fortunately, more and more lingerie designers offer models adapted to strong breasts, pretty and very trendy. We take stock of the types of bra to wear when you have a strong chest .

How to know her bra size?

Certainly, we seem to be pushing in open doors like this, but the truth is that a vast majority of women wearing a bra do not do not know their “real” size! This is due to different things, but mainly to the fact that we forget that our breasts change over the course of our lives, and most of us have not measured his chest circumference since buying the first bra! Age, pregnancy, gain or weight loss… Multiple factors can influence the size of our cap, so to find the perfect bra for a strong chest, we start by taking your measurements !

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Gain a tape measure and measure your back circumference: just below your breasts. This measure will give you your size (80, 85, 90, 95, etc.). Then measure your chest circumference by passing the tape meter just over the tip of your breasts, without squeezing. The number obtained will tell you your hat. With your updated metrics, refer to the table sizes of your favorite lingerie brand and choose the right one! Do not hesitate to take advantage of a shopping outing to have you taken the measurements by a saleswoman, so you will be sure to have the right ones! Finally, remember that sizes vary from brand to brand, so remember to check before shopping and try, it’s still best to find out if a bra is your size .

Types of bra that go well to strong breasts

Joy, happiness and joy, the time of the only underwired bra is indeed over! Today there are many options available to generous breasts, both pretty and comfortable, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are the different types of bra perfect when you have a strong chest .

The minimizer bra

Very comfortable and excellent support, the minimizer bra is perfect for anyone who finds their chest a little too generous . The “minimizer” is designed to smooth the chest without compressing it, harmoniously distributing the volume of the breasts over the bust. Often endowed with thin shells, it allows to give the chest a beautiful rounding, very natural.

The push-up bra

Do not believe that the push-up is reserved for small breasts! Nothing prevents you from cracking for a beautiful neckline that is a bit sexy, provided you simply opt for a model with a small padding. It is indeed the small pads placed below the breasts that allow the push-up effect, be sure to choose a push-up thought for a strong chest , with smaller pads so (here to discover the undiz push-up little padded and ultra glamorous!)

Underwired bra

The underwired bra is a model that holds the chest very well and offers great comfort. Its cups perfectly fit the breasts, without compressing them, and without adding artificial volume. It makes a pretty neckline and gives a natural shape to the chest.

The Basket Bra

Quite similar or underwired bra, the basket bra is also very comfortable and maintains the breasts rather very well , it is sometimes called the bra “semi-fitting”, a great classic of Lingerie large size. The cups rise a little lower on the breasts, but the back and shoulder straps are wide to maintain an effective and comfortable fit.

Bandeau Bra

We’re not going to hide it from you, the bandeau bra is not the model that will offer you the most support if you have a strong chest, but it is not a form of bra to banish. Many brands offer headband bra for strong chest that allow the wearing of nice backless and other bustiers, do not deprive yourself!

Underwired Bra

It is true that whales are very useful when it comes to maintaining a strong chest, but today there are a lot of options without reinforcement that can also you go if you have a generous chest , it all depends on what you are looking for. Do not hesitate to try different shapes and materials to see if the support and comfort suits you: bra (sports or not), triangle, bandeaus-nude…

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