What colors can be combined?

To find out which colors are going together , follow it guide! In this article, I will explain how to combine the colors of your clothes to create sparkling, harmonious and refined looks. You will see at the beginning it seems a little complicated. But if you take the time to understand, it will eventually seem completely accessible to you.

Colors that go together: the rules

To understand how to match the colors of clothes , let’s go back from the beginning. Let’s analyze each color first.

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I propose a visual tool essential for color analysis: the color circle also called the color wheel!

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The chromatic circle is a powerful tool used in painting, graphic design, art, advertising, decoration, fashion, etc. will allow you to find the colors that go together and compose yourself beautiful harmonious colorful outfits.

Primary colors

The primary colors are red, blue and yellow on the color wheel. These are colors that can not be obtained by mixing other colors.

These 3 colors as they do not match very well together within an outfit. It is generally difficult to achieve a nice harmony from these 3 strong colors.

To achieve a more harmonious combination of blue, yellow and red colorsCombination of red, yellow, blue colors unharmonious , you will have to play with the different shades of blue, red and yellow. Then eventually complete your look with pieces of neutral colors soften the whole.

Neutral colours

As a reminder, Traditional neutral colors include: gray, off-white and taupe. But in general, it is all the colors that come close to greys, cream and browns as well as black. Their peculiarity is that they agree with everything. It also includes gold and silver.

Here, for example, we have a look consisting of an ecru trench coat, a navy and white t-shirt, a midnight blue trousers, a mustard yellowCombination of colors red, yellow, harmonious blue handbag and a pair of English red moccasins. The look is very harmonious, not too flashy. It is dosed just what it takes to look colorful and elegant at the same time.

Secondary colors

Secondary colors are directly derived from a mix between the primary colors. Secondary colors are purple, orange and green on the colors.

Secondary colors as are colors that go together . But I invite you here too to not hesitate to play with the different shades of orange, purple and green. This will allow you to get a more harmonious look.

3 colors that go together

Using 3 colors that go together (excluding neutral colors) in a look is already a lot . So be careful not to lose subtlety and elegance. That’s why, I advise you to avoid using 3 very intense colors within the same outfit unless you master the colorful looks perfectly.

Tertiary colors

Tertiary colors are the 3rd large group of colors present on the color wheel. Each tertiary color, comes directly from a mixture between a primary color and a color secondary.

  • Red orange that results from a mixture of red and orange Yellow orange
  • that results from a mixture between yellow and orange
  • Purplish red that results in a mixture between red and purple Purplish
  • blue that results from a mixture of blue and purple
  • Blue green that results from a mixture of blue and green
  • Yellow green resulting from a mixture between yellow and green

2 colors that go together

In an outfit, for example, you can match 2 tertiary colors . The tertiary colors blend well together, but for a harmonious result, I invite you to choose only 2 in the same outfit. Then complete your look with pieces of neutral colors. It will work very well.

The Monochrome

This is the simplest color chord. Monochrome means, a single color. So to make a monochrome outfit you must use a single color for each piece that makes it up.

Monochrome looks made from an identical color.

Monochrome outfits made from one color in different values. An identical color for the main parts of each outfit

The value of a color is its lighter or darker appearance.

Colors that go together in cama ï Monochrome looks in different values eu

The camaieu of colors in clothing is a technique that involves using several shades of colors from the same color family. Each color has many shades that can allow you to achieve sublime color schemes .

Be aware that all monochrome and camaious combinations lengthen and refine the silhouette . The silhouette is not cut in 2 by 2 very distinct colors. On the contrary, it is unified by identical or very close colors. So do not hesitate to compose such outfits, it’s really very elegant and flattering for the figure.

Similar Colors

It’s simple! Simply choose 2 or 3 very close colors on the circle and pair them in an outfit.

Example 1 of colors

  • similar

Example 2 of similar colors

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors allow you to contrast an outfit and match the completely opposite colors on the color circle.

Here is an example of complementary colors on the color circle: red and green. So these are 2 colors that go well together as some shades of red and green such as purplish red and yellow-green for example.

To better understand, I propose you to visualize a look. Here we have an outfit consisting of an ecru sweater, a spinach green trousers, a green hooker clutch and an English red hat. The chord works perfectly between these shades of green and red and the addition of neutral colors (ecru and beige).

Adjacent Complementary Colors

Simply tune a color with one of the 2 colors that is close to its complementary color.

Example of Adjacent Supplementary Agreement

For you to visualize better, I invite you to observe this very nice look. Here we have a red orange coat, a white blouse, a blue skirt, a pair of shoes and a black clutch. Again, the addition of white in the look helps to calm the game a little while bringing a little light near the face.

How many colors to match together in an outfit

I advise you to start with one or two colors of the color wheel (in the shades you like) and add one or more neutral colors to it. You can very well adopt a very colorful style , but everything in harmony and without overdoing it. A colorful and refined look will give you the look of a dynamic woman, cheerful and well in your skin unlike an outfit overloaded in color and poorly assembled.

If you already master the colors in your outfits very well, you can have fun using 3 colors that go together or even more . But always be sure to keep a beautiful overall harmony. A very colorful successful look can give you a stunning look. But a very colorful missed look could give you a wacky look unrewarding 😉

15 examples to match the colors of your clothes

  1. Dark green to match with dark yellow
  2. Greys to match with light pink or dark
  3. Navy blue to match with dark yellow
  4. Dark red to match with dark blue
  5. Dark green to match to dark blue
  6. Light pink or dark pink to match with dark green
  7. Blue navy to match with light or dark pink
  8. White to match navy blue
  9. Dark blue to match with dark orange or brown
  10. Denim and all colors, but in particular jeans to match with blue
  11. Neutral colors matched with one of them: beige and ecru, beige et marron, etc.
  12. Marron à assortir à du jaune foncé/orange foncé
  13. Le bleu clair et l’orange
  14. Le Noir à assortir à du blanc
  15. Toutes les couleurs pastel à assorties entre elles
  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

  • 9

  • 10

  • 11

  • 12

  • 13

  • 14

  • 15

Les couleurs qui vont ensemble en

How to assemble colors in an outfit? summary

Just use the color wheel also known as color circle and master the different types of color chords.

What are the different types of color chords?

To create a harmonious coloured outfit, you can use the technique of monochrome, complementary color association, tertiary color association, etc.

What colours can, for example, be well marrying?

Among the color associations that work at all times include old pink and khaki green, purplish red and tomato red, mustard yellow and olive green, dark yellow and navy blue, petrol blue and burnt orange, etc.

How many colors can you wear in an outfit ?

Generally the best is to use 2 to 3 colors that go together and complement them with neutral tones. But you can also use only one color from head to toe, it can be very elegant.

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Ask me as usual your questions for comments. Then think about sharing the article on social media to help other women wear colors with harmony 🙂

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