What conversion for a caregiver?

Contents: Reconversion after caregiver. Discover a complete article that offers you many ways to explore to guide you to another profession.

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  • Caregiver, a profession of heart… at least in the beginning
  • What reconversion after caregiver?
    • Staying in the care and the paramedical
      • Stay a caregiver but changing work environment
      • Reconversion into a nurse β€” Possible gateway to IDE
      • Reconversion into a caregiver trainer
      • Reconversion into a pharmacy preparator
      • Reconversion into a medical secretary
      • Reconversion to dental assistant
      • Reconversion into an auxiliary of childcare
    • Reconversion in the Wellness
      • Socio-beautician
      • Sophrologist
      • Naturopath
      • Spa Practitioner
      • Hydrotherapist
    • Completely quit treatment
      • Become ATSEM after caregiver
      • State administrative assistant
      • Social
      • worker

      • Sports educator
  • Ask for help to successfully reconvert after caregiver

Caregiver, a profession of heart… at least in the beginning

When you choose to practice the AS profession, you do not do it out of spite. It’s a call from the heart.

Most of the time, we do this because we are social and human.

An important quality to possess is to love the relationship.

We’re on the front line to help them and be there for them.

However, by investing so much in this beautiful job, we may forget each other and pull a little too much on the rope.

We forget to listen to each other and the profession begins to be less attractive than in our early days.

The containment period we have just gone through may have been an opportunity for you to ask yourself questions about your career. Do you want to continue to be a caregiver?

The profession of caregiver, I know it well because I’m a nurse.

When I worked in EHPAD, I always ensured that I maintained good relationships with the SAs in my department.

And coming to help them as soon as I had the opportunity, for me mutual help is the basis of our profession.

In theory , caregiver is an indispensable contact profession for patient care.

Wash, getting dressed, going to the toilet or helping with meals are all the daily support an SA can provide.

But not only. As also provide psychological support and comfort to both patients and families.

In reality , there are other fights to fight other than those of the patient.

The director, health executives and sometimes some nurses have to fight for a better quality of life at work:

A minimum of recognition, a salary at SMIC, lack of staff and equipment, exhausting schedules, having 2 consecutive days of rest…

While working alongside complaints, illness, suffering and sometimes death, it is necessary to come home without bringing the problems of work.

These are so many reasons that explain that the profession caregiver can become too heavy to carry anda need for professional change is felt.

What retraining after a caregiver?

When envy and even sometimes the need for change is felt, we find ourselves lost, deprived in the face of the jungle of the internet, possibilities, testimonies…

The conversion route may seem to be a difficult mountain to climb.

I propose you to see examples of retraining helper in a simplified way, with 3 possibilities:

  • Staying in care
  • Re-converting into a field close to care: well-being
  • Leaving the world of care

Besides, why not discover our new specialist individual support for AS ?

It is tailor-made for ASs! If you want to avoid wasting months finding your way, you are afraid to be wrong, you are truly determined to take your professional future in hand, you can take a 30 minute telephone appointment here to talk about your project and find out how we can help you succeed in your professional development.

Staying in care and paramedical

Stay a caregiver but change your work environment

Sometimes the solution to feel better in his work, it can be simply to change structure.

But do you know all the different services and structures within which an AS can operate?

Here are the different possibilities available to you to exercise as that caregiver :

  • Hospital
  • Clinics
  • Retirement Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Reception centres for the disabled
  • Hospitalization or home support services for seniors

You can practice in the private sector or in public institutions under the jurisdiction of the State or local authorities.

It seems to me that working conditions are more favourable in the public service . You will find a better salary and leave that does not pass through the hatch… If you are looking for more security, this choice will be relevant to you.

According to an HR e-solution study of April 2018, the top 3 service changes preferred by ASs are:

  • Disability
  • Emergency
  • Early childhood, ex aequo with Home, SIAD and HAD.

Reconversion into a nurse β€” Possible gateway to IDE

According to the same survey, 1 in 3 caregiver plans to become a nurse .

Among the main motivations for moving towards this profession are:

  • The desire to expand your skills
  • Have more responsibility
  • Increase remuneration.

To convert to IDE after caregiver, it is necessary to distinguish 2 possible cases.

If you have less than 3 years of activity as an AS, you will need to follow the classic route and apply to an IFSI on the site parcoursup.fr. then selected on folder.

If you have more than 3 years of activity , you can take a specific course belonging to continuing vocational training.

You will be able to enter IFSI after passing 2 selection tests:

1 test in the form of an interview concerning your professional experience.

The 2nd test includes 2 written subtests: one of drafting and one simple calculations.

If you are admitted to IFSI by this way, you will then be exempted from the 1st internship and you will validate at the outset 3 teaching units.

Reconversion into a caregiver trainer

If you want to pass on your knowledge and like pedagogy , this project may interest you.

You will, on the other hand, Arm you with patience because we do not become an IFSI trainer in a few months.

You must first be FDI and then become a health framework .

To do this, it takes 4 years of full-time exercise as an EDI and pass a competition to join one of the 39 IFCS (Institute of Training of Health Executives).

For a year, you set aside nursing to train yourself in team coaching.

At the end of your apprenticeship, you can then apply to become an IFSI and IFAS trainer .

I invite you to read this beautiful testimony of Perrine, nurse trainer in IFSI.

Reconversion into a pharmacy preparator

There is no gateway from caregiver to pharmacy prep, just a few EU equivalencies .

If this profession attracts you, you will need to obtain the Professional Patent (BP) as a Pharmacy Prep.

To do this, you must register in a CFA .

Count 2 years of training in alternating between professional activity in the officine or hospital and in studies (800 hours).

The BP is recognized as Bac level.

If you wish to become a hospital pharmacy preparator , you will need to pass the diploma of the same name after obtaining your PO.

You will then obtain a Bac 2 diploma after 42 weeks in alternating , continuing education or through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) and after selection.

Reconversion into a medical secretary

This track is interesting to consider if you are looking for less than responsibilities and a less stressful and less exhausting environment than the AS job.

In exercising this profession, your role is to ensure the proper functioning of the secretariat and the medical office.

Apparting, reception and installation of patients before certain examinations, follow-up of records for care by social security are various missions that will punctuate your daily life.

In order to become a medical secretary, there are several courses provided by private or remote institutions (such as the CNED training, recognized by the State) .

Reconversion into a dental assistant

This profession is close to medical secretary .

The missions are the same with a technical part in addition .

You will assist the dentist during medical procedures.

To exercise this profession, you must go through a one-year professional training .

Your AS experience will be an asset in obtaining a professionalization contract .

Who will reward you, at the end of a degree at the Bac level .

Reconversion into childcare auxiliary

If you like working with children , this retraining trail should interest you.

To be able to exercise this profession, you will need to obtain the state diploma of auxiliary of childcare e .

The training is accessible without a diploma and lasts 1 year .

Once your diploma is in your pocket, you will be able to practice in pediatric centres, emergencies, reception centres or homes.

In charge of the well-being of children from 3 months to 3 years, you will also be asked to answer the questions of parents if necessary.

Precisely speaking of well-being.

If the world of care and paramedical does not really attract you anymore, have you envisaged a reconversion care aid in well-being?

Reconversion into well-being

We’re not a health professional by chance. Most of the time, there is really a reason why the world of care attracted us.

On the other hand, when care disgusts us, no longer attracts us of everything, it is often the world of well-being that is most coveted by caregivers in retraining.

I have prepared a list of trades that are accessible without long training and that are available to you in the world of well-being :


I suggest you start with a trade between the paramedical and well-being and that requires a vision of reconversion over 3 years. I detail this job in this article .

This profession will be the only exception on the list when I tell you about short training e.

But I include it because I know that it may be of interest to many of you because it really focuses on the well-being of people.

It is necessary to know that socio-aesthetic is in full emergence .

Particularly through comprehensive care of hospitalized patients and people decsocialized or incarcerated.

To become a socio-aesthetician during a reconversion after caregiver, it will be necessary to spend at first a CAP of aesthetics with a CFA.

Then pass a University Diploma in Socio-Aesthetics (1 year of training) .

I propose you read this interesting testimony from Nathalie who has the dual skill helper and socio-beautician.


Sophrology is an activity focused on relaxation techniques through breathing and meditation to teach patients to manage their emotions.

The sophrologist helps the patient to be more serene in the face of problems of stress, sleep, eating disorders…

To be able to practice this profession, there is no need for a diploma but I strongly recommend you to follow a certifying training in order to master the techniques and practice this discipline seriously.

In general, sophrologists practise in liberal . It is therefore important to be professional because your reputation will be through word of mouth.

If the profession of sophrologist attracts you, I invite you to continue reading here .


You’re saturated to see how much medication is given to patients? And you are attracted to the naturalness ?

Then the profession of naturopath might interest you as part of a reconversion after caregiver.

Indeed, this job aimsto help clients have a better lifestyle thanks to natural care and advice .

To achieve this, he uses lifestyle reviews to guide the best solutions: natural therapies, specific diet or adapted physical activity.

To become naturopath, it is not necessary to have a diploma.

However, if you want to live from it, you need to be effective and serious because your customers will help build or destroy your reputation.

That’s why, take a training, making sure to pay close attention to the choice of your school .

I invite you to read this article I wrote.

Spa Practitioner

A profession maybe little known.

And yet who knows a lot of demand and therefore offers you a great chance of being hired at the end of the training.

To be able to exercise this profession, you must have a Bac Pro or a BTS Aesthetic and Cosmetic .

Once your diploma is in your pocket, you will work in a Spa.

You will be in charge of welcoming customers, monitoring them and carrying out the care.

The nice little side is that you also have the responsibility to create a relaxing atmosphere: candles, music…

This job is one of the most complete in the wellness category .


Are you attracted to water and well-being ?

Then the profession of hydrotherapist can be a track to dig.

Working in institutes specializing in wellness, some large hotels or thalassotherapy centers.

Its mission is to accompany the client during all their water therapy sessions: wellness programs, relaxation and thinning.

It is necessary to have a good quality of listening and love the contact while ensuring compliance with hygiene and safety rules.

You can practice this profession directly through your AS degree and learn directly in the field .

But if you want to go through the training box , the University of Bordeaux offers an alternance training specialized.

If you no longer want to be in care, paramedical or well-being at all, rest assured, there are other ways of retraining after nursing help.

Completely quit care

When care, well-being and even sometimes people have become unbearable, the urge to completely leave the world of care is often felt.

At that point, it will be important to take a step back on your situation.

I explain myself.

Sometimes the head in the handlebars, the working conditions, colleagues, the hierarchy, the patients who pray, the heavy care etc can lead us to think that this universe is no longer for us.

However, you may find yourself in a big moment, at the edge of a burn or in full burn out.

In that moment, the urgency is to take care of yourself. Really.

A reconversion project will be biased if you are in a period of total rejection of the treatment. Sometimes a few weeks, a few months are enough to pass this course and finally say to myself β€œno actually I need too much human contact, relational, I would be too unhappy behind my office to manage papers…”

But sometimes, your relational tank may be full, your desire to leave the world of care may be present for months to years. You feel it’s time to take action.

Become ATSEM after caregiver

If you want toevolve with children while leaving care , have you thought about ATSEM’s job?

ATSEM stands for Territorial Specialized Officer of Schools Kindergartens.

To convert back to ATSEM, you must pass a CAP Petite Enfance, renamed CAP Educational Accompanying Early Childhood .

Then pass an external competition .

Then the ATSEM has the status of civil servant, synonymous with stability and security of employment. He can work for a municipality, an intercommunal structure or even a department.

If ATSEM works in kindergarten, it is under the responsibility of the principal and the teacher he assists.

It is also possible to exercise in collective nursery and any educational structure for young children.

State Administrative Assistant

Also in the category of trades offering stability and job security , this track can be interesting.

Directed towards the secretariat, the reception of the public, the State administrative assistant is an intermediary between citizens and the State.

To be able to practise this profession, you must pass a category C competition and no diploma or age limit to pass it .

This trade can also be accessible without competition if you are between 16 and 25 years old, on file or by being registered with Pole Emploi .

Social worker

If studies do not scare you and want to gain autonomy and responsibility .

Becoming a social worker might be of interest to you.

You will need to have the bachelor’s degree or equivalent to pass the DEASS (State Diploma of Social Service Assistant). It is a diploma that prepares in 3 years.

The mission of this profession is to accompany and guide people in difficulty.

They need to identify their problems and solutions.

With the aim that these people regain their autonomy thanks to an action plan.

These actions will have an impact on their daily lives: housing aid, childcare, vocational retraining, financing, etc.)

Sports Educator

Do you like sports? Do you still have energy to pass on to others?

πŸ™‚ This is a way to take care of your body and use it more pleasantly.

Becoming a sports educator is an interesting retraining.

Its role is to teach people of all levels to practice a sporting activity: dance, martial arts, collective sports…

It is possible to practice in schools, associations or specialized structures (holiday centers and recreation).

To access this profession, various possibilities are available to you ranging from the level of Bac, Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (BJEPS) to Bacc. 3, Bachelor of Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS) .

Other tracks are of course to dig and this list is not exhaustive.

Ask for help to successfully reconvert after caregiver

Surely you’ve already taken a look to find out who writes these words.

My name is Charlotte and I am a nurse converted in the support of IDE and AS in vocational retraining. Yes, because our problems, our sufferings are quite close…

When a nurse or SA contacts me to see more clearly in her conversion, i often ask her if she already has a little idea.

Of course, the answer is not always obvious.

And external help can be valuable in gaining clarity, guidance while saving time and confidence to successfully reconvert after caregiver. Why not do a specialized skills assessment for SAs?

And it’s fine because that’s what we offer, and he is eligible for CPF because Charlotte K is Qualiopi certified (the highest quality level of training organisations)! If you are truly determined to take control of your professional future and start your conversion, you can take a 30-minute appointment here to start your registration .

I hope to have helped you, through this article, to see it clearer in the different solutions available to AS who wish to reconvert.

And do not hesitate to share this article if you know of caregivers who want to evolve professionally.

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