What decor on a brick wall?

The Thousand and One Facets of the Brick Wall

The brick wall has long been an iconic element of industrial decoration, and it was mainly made of bricks, of course! Today, it is possible to opt for very realistic siding pads , or for an even simpler option: non-woven wallpaper , which is easy to lay and maintain. These new generation materials open the door to a nice range of effects and colours.

Authentic or imitation version, you can opt for raw brick , cemented or basted with white or black, which allows a wide range of color combinations!

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White brick wall: the prettiest combinations of colors

The white brick wall — picked up to typical New Yorker apartments — is became a must-have element in decoration. It brings an urban touch to a room, while retaining a beautiful luminosity. And it accommodates almost any color!

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© istock The white brick wall works wonderfully in a Nordic inspired living room. It sublimates the tender colors and geometric patterns peculiar to the Scandinavian decoration.

© istock For an inspired interior, dare the total white look combined with a colorful accent wall. The most greedy shades are allowed!

© Leroy Merlin Want a very cocooning decoration in your living room? Betting on a light beige, for a soft decor. Here, we opted for a delicate, tone-on-tone floral print that contrasts pleasantly with the raw appearance of the wall.

© istock If the white brick wall distils a bright atmosphere, it remains nonetheless mineral. On the kitchen side, he associates so perfectly stainless steel.

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© istock The bleached brick wall is perfectly comfortable in a resolutely industrial decor. It is traditionally associated with black. To give relief to the whole, dare dark brown shades, which pull on the chocolate.

© Leroy Merlin The original alternative — even downright trendy? Twister your factory decor by combining the white brick wall a current color, such as petrol blue or duck blue. And here the atmosphere is both more peaceful and more sophisticated.

© Leroy Merlin Want to put color in the house? The white brick wall is perfectly combined with the most vitaminized colours. This type of pallet full of pep’s is particularly well found for the kitchen, where it will put you in a good mood from breakfast!

© istock If the white brick wall has charm, it also finds its place in an interior with a very sophisticated atmosphere. Pair it with dark blue — the must-see colour of the moment — and you’re done!

Raw brick wall: get inspired!

Natural brick can have different shades of red, pink and orange. To succeed your color associations, do not hesitate to draw inspiration directly on your wall!

© 4 Walls White and a terracotta cushion — fitting with the warm shade of this brick accent wall — and a touch of gray… the whole decor gets in tune, and the result is impeccable.

© istock Grey is ideal to sublimate the color of the brick. We like the choice of soft materials and very cocooning XXL mesh, which contrast nicely with the raw appearance of the accent wall.

© istock Despite its appearance raw, the brick wall knows how to make itself soft. A powdery pink, a touch of gold, and here is a trendy and romantic room at the same time.

© istock This brick wall is distinguished by a colour that pulls on orange. This room plays the tone on tone by adorning itself in strictly identical shades, for a contemporary, chic and warm look.

© Boråstapeter The brick wall lends itself wonderfully to a rustic decor, especially in the kitchen. To infuse it with a little freshness, we put on a cold color — here, a sage green. This slightly smoky shade brings a very trendy note to this country house style kitchen.

© Graham & Brown Gourmet chocolate and beige: here is a tandem of very chic colors, which combines perfectly with a brick wall.

© istock Elegant and timeless, the Camel colour blends perfectly with an accent wall brick. This subtle nuance brings a touch of elegance, smoothly and brightness, which works particularly well in an indus’ style interior.

© Graham & Brown Did you fall for a brick wall with relatively light shades? It allows a little overmeasure in the decor. We can then dare red — which makes a strong comeback in our interiors — and even a touch of gold color.

© Little Greene If you have adopted a relatively dark brick red, bet on a fresh shade, daring deep green: emerald green or fir green. This timeless tandem works both indoors and outdoors.

A black brick wall

If the brick wall is often rough or white, sometimes there are some variations. The most candid? The black brick wall, which brings a touch of mystery and elegance to the interior.

© Koziel The wall In black bricks, of course, blends gladly with white. But to give relief to the decor, we think of adding a note of color. Here it is a sunny yellow that makes the living room sparkle, but you a green, an orange or a red also work: let your desires speak!

© Koziel For a more cozy atmosphere, you can use the trick of the white basement associated with the black brick wall, to bring brightness.

© Pretty Lili If the black brick wall can bring a dramatic side to the decor, it also knows how to be playful. It is enough to associate it with a fuchsia or a neon color. Dare, but cannon!

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