What do you call a man who loves women?


  • My guy has a double life: what’s going on in his head?
  • Here’s what can lead to infidelity
  • Differentiating double life from infidelity
  • How do I know if my man has a double life?
  • What if my boyfriend plays a double game?

Some men want to implement this famous sailor quote: “a woman in every port”. However, we will have to make a difference between men who seek to become true Don Juan by multiplying conquests or mistresses for a One Shot , and men who build a real story of love parallel to theirs by having two wives they love. One is no more justifiable or legitimate than the other, but a man with a real double life may indeed find himself stuck in his own trap, connected — sentimentally — to two women. If you find yourself in this situation, or if you have real doubts about the possible double life of your man, we will try to answer some of the questions you are asking yourself. “ How do I know if he’s cheating on me? What if my guy has a double life? Does my boyfriend play a double game? First, we will try to understand what drives some men into double love life, and then we will give you tips on how to detect this type of behavior, and how to act in that case.

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My guy has a double life: what’s going on in his head ?

Every human being, man or woman, is different from another. So there can’t be a single profile of an unfaithful man. Some men never crack in the face of external temptation, some are never even tempted. Others will sometimes flirt or enter into a game of seduction with a woman other than theirs, and still others will deceive their partner for an evening or in the long term. It happens that some men create a double life with two women, two families, and two separate homes. So we can distinguish several types of infidelity to explain what can happen in a man’s head at that time:

Occasional infidelity

Sometimes we talk about an accident, something that man really hadn’t premeditated. The unfaithful man then confess that he did not wish to deceive his wife, but that on a whim, under the call of his urges, he allowed himself to be trained in a one-night blow. What can then motivate a man to deceive his wife “by chance” is the sexual attraction towards a woman he knows or meets, but also his curiosity, or a period of conflict with his current partner. Some men also feel the constant need to please other women,a treason. and they sometimes give in to temptation in a passing “blow of madness”. “Everything was fine with my girlfriend with whom I had been with for 3 years, we lived on a small cloud. However, I had made a strong friendly complicity with one of my colleagues. On an improvised evening at home and after a few drinks, a strange look suddenly transformed the atmosphere and we all have two cracked. She also had a guy and we very quickly felt uncomfortable as a result of our bumps. I love my wife and I don’t even know why I did this.” It is condemnable behaviour, since it is still But this is not a repeat infidelity, and this kind of man then realizes how stupid he has been and how much he loves his wife.

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Repeated infidelity

a man who wants to prove to others that he can chain conquests, and even have several at once. This infidelity is regular and it is often repeated, sometimes in the form of phases. Some men are always unfaithful and almost never manage to fail to give in to their urges, others will deceive their wives at times of significant changes in their lives such as when their wife is pregnant and going to become fathers, or when they find a new job by example. A man can deceive his wife because he is afraid to engage or the relationship begins to become too serious or she moves too fast. He may also need to see elsewhere to find himself, or simply because he does not find satisfaction in his couple. Finally, other men fail to maintain exclusive relationships with a single woman and then constantly deceive her. It can also be about ego:

“ I’ve always been serious with women. I’ve been with a girlfriend for 2 years and it was the first time I was so much in love with a person. I was doing everything for her and would have been able to give her my life so she could be happy. After two years of crazy love, she got me left for a friend of mine. Since that day, I’m not the same anymore. I don’t trust women anymore, and I’m chaining conquests without worrying about what they think. I even created a list in which I put the first name of each of the girls I sleep with. They call me “flirty, playboy, Casanova,” and yet initially I wanted to make my whole life with this person.”

The mistress or second woman

This is another type of infidelitya man to have several women at the same time is the and it is something taboo in today’s society, since our culture is marked by monogamy with each time a single woman to found a single family. However, some men fail to keep themselves in this situation and then learn to play on two tables at the same time. These men have two lives, one with their wife and sometimes their children, the other one with a mistress. What can cause search for the perfect and complete woman. Subconsciously, he will deceive his wife with a mistress who has qualities complementary to her. For example, he will love the maternal and rational side of his wife, and the madness of his mistress. He’s going to look at one of the two what the other doesn’t have. However, it is not all about what can be related to a Don Juan, since a man who has two different women engages with both emotionally. He needs to love two women at once, and then strives to maintain both relationships. For example, some men buy the same gift in two copies, adopt two dogs of the same breed and with the same name etc.

“ I lived in Strasbourg with my partner, and I was traveling to Bordeaux 10 days a month for work. Everything was going well with my wife, even though I confessthat she lacked this little bit of madness that I always looked for in a woman. One day, traveling to Bordeaux, I met a woman 6 years younger than me, pretty and completely extrovert. I fell in love with it. I then did not confess to either of them the existence of the other. I was telling my mistress from Bordeaux that I was working on Strasbourg for the rest of the time. I played on two paintings for almost 4 years, until a colleague with whom I had argued violently confessed to my wife that I had a mistress. I never confessed to my mistress, I came to live in Bordeaux and married to it. When I think back to my double life, I confess to have enjoyed a lot of pleasure: I totally loved both, with their qualities and their flaws, and it allowed me not to ruminate alone when I was on the move.”

Here’s what can lead to infidelity

We will give you a non-exhaustive list of what can cause a man to be unfaithful. Be aware, however, ladies, that if your man cheats on you or plays a double game with you, it is not your fault. Nevertheless, we can identify some avenues thanks to the observations and analyses of different sociologists and psychologists on the issue of adultery.

  • Sexual dissatisfaction: a man who is not sexually filled in his couple, can go elsewhere to free his tensions. Some men need more sex than others and sometimes need to complete their sex life with a person outdoor.
  • The need for novelties: The routine often settles in a couple, and not all men are insensitive to it. Some people then have the need to seek a new experience, to take risks, to take advantage of the present moment, leaving aside their good conscience.
  • Lack of self-confidence: a man who does not trust him may need to be reassured by seductive. Certainly, the love that his wife brings to him and the compliments she gives him are nevertheless supposed to highlight him. But he needs to know please other women than the one he has already seduced.
  • Revenge: If you have already deceived your man and he knows it, or if you often threaten him to break up, for example, he can express some revenge by deceiving you. This is a frequent response to a feeling of frustration: “she cheated on me and I remain faithful… She always threatens me to break up and I have to suffer…”.

Differentiating double life from infidelity

As we have seen before, there are different types of infidelity, even if all of them are condemnable when they cross the limits established in your couple. In this regard, have you ever set limits in your couple? Or do you feel that limits are naturally implied in a couple relationship? This is a very interesting debate since when some couples admit to being in common-law union, others believe that love is not shared. Yet the sexual fantasy of a threesome relationship is predominantly present, even among couples who do not want to share. If there is a relationship to three, is this a form of infidelity for you? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments. Regarding double life and infidelity, these notions are more or less intertwined, but they are nevertheless to differentiate. regular “plan ass” In an infidelity — and we have just seen it — it may be for man to take revenge, break the routine or need to test his power of seduction as well as his libido. The error is all the more serious when it comes to a relationshipA man who loves two women at once actually has a shortfall to fill. , for example in which the man cheats his wife shamelessly. However, he knows how to share things between his wife and his plan or mistress. In the case of a double life, the situation immediately becomes more complicated. Man actually develops feelings for two people at once. It may happen to him to love both with the same power and do not wanting to part with one of the two under pain of suffering. It is then a bigamy in which he will build two separate couples. Two parallel love relationships, between which he will have to skillfully juggle. He must not be mistaken in his name, must know the schedules of his two wives, and must develop his reflexes and its spread in the face of each other’s questions. Double life is clearly a game of lie. To find out if your man is lying to you, feel free to read our article here. It seeks a balance by complementing the contributions of one with those of another. These are — for him — two opposing pleasures, but connected to each other. An exciting trap for many men who then become dependent on this bigame system.

How to know if My man has a double life?

If you are currently asking yourself the question is that something is wrong. Be careful, when I say something is wrong, it can also be a paranoid on your part, or a lack of confidence in yourself. Indeed, the questions we ask when we doubt your partner prevent us from taking a step back on the situation. “I am convinced that my boyfriend has a double life, that my man has an adventure. He then plays a double game.” Well, not necessarily. However, here are the signs of infidelity in a man in some cases. If you find yourself on several points, you can start really asking yourself questions about your man’s loyalty.

11 points to check

  • It becomes less and less reachable. Whether by telephone, SMS or smoke signals, your man is a real minister and is finding less and less time to answer you. He’s so overwhelmed!
  • He adopts a defensive reflex when you pick up his phone or computer. Of course, if there are compromising things for him inside, he’s not going to give you access. Of course, it may be only a desire to keep a secret garden, but there are limits anyway. If even under pressure and threats, he refuses to give you his phone, something is wrong…
  • He often comes late by constantly changing patterns. There are plugs on the highway, but when it comes back at 8:00pm instead of 6:00pm, it may seem strange anyway. Work, work… It’s an example of courage! Unless he’s gone for a drink at a woman other than you, oops. I didn’t say anything.
  • He suddenly pays more attention to his physical appearance (clothes, hairstyle, silhouette). He’s going to pretend he wants to please himself. This may be true, but if he overnight puts himself on his 31 when he paid very little attention to his appearance before, your doubts may be legitimate.
  • It becomes more and more whimsical, and often changes his mood. A man who has a double life can very quickly find it difficult to manage his emotions. It then often passes from one emotion to another. He comes home from work and seems quite smiling, then a message from his mistress or a lack of presence can make him irritable and angry. He is much more stressed, he must constantly look for new pretexts to go out or return later, and it puts him in all his states. Beware!
  • He hides you his bills. If he used to let cash tickets, bills, or account statements hang out, and he’s not doing it now, it may be because he has become a maniac overnight. All the better, he will be able to help you with household chores. Or he hides his outings and expenses…
  • He gets angry more easily when you ask him questions or doubt him. He’s on the defensive, and gets angry instead of calmly showing you that you’re getting a little paranoid. It is a reflex on his part, which hides either his ras-le-bol from daily intra-couple conflicts, or his new extra-marital relationship.
  • He still seems concerned and claims that this is his job. Clearly, he has his head elsewhere and he is always very thoughtful. If you’re with a poet writer it can be understood. But if this behavior is unusual, and every time you ask him the question “what you think about” he answers you “nothing”, or if he claims that he is thinking about work, perhaps he hides another concern: another woman.
  • He’s gaffing on your first name. This may be a nice bumper on his part. If it confuses your first name with that of another, it may well be a revealing lapse. The worst thing is if it happens to bed. But at that moment I know you will be able to jump on him to ask — logically — for explanations.
  • He no longer wears his wedding ring or a jewel you gave him. Maybe he doesn’t want to show other women that he belongs to another. He may even lose her covenant and find her a week later. In short, you’ll have it understood, it is a strong symbol.
  • He doesn’t smell the same as usual. We think of a woman’s fragrance right away, but if your man is smart he will think about washing before returning home. However, smells do not fade as easily, and if you feel that its smell is different from usual, your doubts may be well founded.

What if my boyfriend plays a double game?

If, thanks to our advice and your spy skills, you understand that your man does play on two boards, it’s up to you to play. You have to put him in the face of this obvious. Either you manage to trap him by having managed to intercept a compromising conversation or text message, or you follow him if you are sure he is going to a girl’s house. From there you will be in a position of strength and he will have to explain. to step back on this whole situation, and that you can make the best decision for your well-being. Moreover, if you ever agree to forgive him this infidelity, you must imperatively warn him for the rest : this is a second and last chance, and he will no longer have to cross these new limits Well heard, if you are in earnest love with him, it is likely that you forgive him and he will surely try to turn your brain back to be forgiven. I’m not saying you should not forgive it, it’s up to you to know where you are and what you want for the rest of your story. You need to know how (which you will set). It is up to you to know what you are ready to endure: the continuation will not be easy, trust will be lost until it proves again. In any case, if you forgive him, you must really do it and not put this story back on the carpet at the risk of constantly gnawing and not advancing your couple.

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