What document for vehicle destruction?

The destruction of a vehicle is subject to strict regulations. This is a mandatory step for owners who want to get rid of their old vehicle. Leaving your wreck somewhere is not only harmful to the environment, it is also a crime punishable by heavy penalties: up to €75,000 fine and 2 years’ imprisonment! Are you convinced of the need to proceed with the destruction of your vehicle? Discover everything you need to know about the steps to follow.

What is the destruction of a vehicle?

Any vehicle (car, van, engine, motorhome…) that is no longer in condition to circulate must be broken. The owner is obliged to hand it over to an approved end of purpose vehicle centre for destruction and recycle waste. This obligation on the owners is primarily established to avoid pollution and nuisance, since the vehicle has several hazardous wastes such as air conditioning fluid, engine oil, brake fluid…

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Destruction of a vehicle is free of charge , provided that the vehicle still has its essential components such as the engine. In addition, if it is no longer in working order, you must provide for a towing fee (about 50 euros) in addition.

Destruction must only be entrusted to an approved VHU centre. To find out if a centre has an accreditation, you must inquire directly from your municipality or prefecture.

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Vehicle Identification Sheet for Destruction

The Vehicle Identification Card (IVF) is a document that you may have to request during your steps. Since the IVF application is only online, ask for your vehicle identification form on for destruction. So you don’t have to travel to the prefecture to get this record.

This is an official document that contains the same information as those on the grey card. You have to hand it over to the destruction company . For your information, be aware that you can of course not travel with your vehicle with this document alone. It replaces the grey card only in certain specific cases such as destruction.

Why an IVF for destruction?

Owners who wish to hand over their vehicle to a VHU centre or wreckage must provide some documentation to make the transfer of a vehicle for destruction . This is the two-sided copy of the grey card, diagonally crossed and marked “assigned on date and time”, the certificate of transfer of used vehicle (form cerfa 15776), and the certificate of administrative status dated less than 15 days.

However, in the event that the owner does not have the grey card (removed or lost), he will not need to request a new card since the wreck will be destroyed anyway. He must simply request the IVF that will contain the technical information about the vehicle. So, in this case, it will replace the grey card to complete the necessary documents for destruction.

Please note that the vehicle identification form or IVF is therefore not to be requested systematically. It is useful only if you have lost your grey card, if it has been stolen or removed for some reason.

Documents required to apply for IVF in view of a destruction

Documents must be collected in order to apply for a vehicle identification card , namely:

  • A declaration of loss or theft of the certificate of registration, or a document justifying the removal of the grey card from the vehicle to be destroyed,
  • A proof of domicile stating the name and surname of the holder of the grey card. You can use, for example, an electricity bill that is less than 6 months old.

What documents are needed to have his vehicle destroyed?

Only the owner can request the destruction of a vehicle. He must collect certain documents which he will then have to hand over to the registered wreck or VHU centre.

If you wish to proceed with the destruction of your vehicle, you must submit a double-sided copy of the vehicle wreck grey card or vehicle identification card (if the grey card is stolen, lost or removed).

Then you will need a certificate of transfer of used vehicle in the form of a cerfa 15776 form.

And finally, you must also provide a certificate of administrative status dated less than 15 days that you can request online, on the website of the Vehicle Registration System or SIV.

Why proceed with the destruction of his vehicle?

If your vehicle is deemed out of service or if you want to get rid of it to buy a new one, you are obliged to break it. Indeed, it is inconceivable to simply abandon your wreck somewhere!

In finding the presence of an abandoned vehicle on public or private roads, the mayor of the municipality will issue a formal notice to encourage the owner to entrust the vehicle to an approved end-of-life vehicle centre. The latter will then have a minimum period of 15 days to collect the necessary documents and carry out the transfer of vehicles for destruction.

According to Article L541-1-1 of the Environmental Code, vehicles such as cars contain polluting waste. In addition to sanctions, destruction is thus above all an ecological gesture. In addition, the parts will be recycled by the approved VHU centre.

How does vehicle recycling take place?

Recycling is carried out whenever the condition of the car permits, especially when the vehicle is still equipped with its essential components. Vehicle pick-up by the approved VHU centre begins with regulatory registration and identification. Then there is safety to avoid accidents during the dismantling of the wreck vehicle. Professionals will then carry out the depollution which consists of removing the various polluting fluids, batteries, filters or catalytic pots. They then remove the parts to be recycled and then resell them on the domestic market and then sell them in the internal market.

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