What is the motherboard chipset?

One of the most important elements of any gaming equipment is the motherboard. All components are interconnected and communicate via this computer component. But, inside the motherboard we have the chipset, which is in charge of some of the management of communication between components . In addition, it is the one that limits the capabilities and benefits that a motherboard can offer.

What is the chipset

It is a set of electronic chips and circuits responsible for communication and management of IT resources. It is responsible for facilitating the communication of the components installed on the motherboard. It does not only deal with communication between the processor, graphics card or SSD, but also connected devices

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It can be said that the chipset is responsible for communication of a significant part of the computer components .

Initially, the built-in motherboards two chipsets. The first was called The North Bridge and was very close to the processor. Then there was the Soutbridge, located in the lower right corner (usually). Currently, Northbridge is integrated into the processors and only Southbridge is left out, which is the one that manages component communications.

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Normally, each processor family comes with a new chipset family. The chipsets integrate different features, capabilities and technology support . In addition, the chipset is the one that defines the capabilities and benefits that a motherboard can offer.

AMD Chipset

  • High Range: X000 (Example: X570)
  • Midrange: B000 (Example: B450)
  • Low Range: A000 (Example: A520)

Intel Chipset

  • High Range: Z000 (Example: Z490)
  • Midrange: B000 (Example: B460)
  • Low Range: H000 (Example: H410)

What is the chipset for?

The chipset performs the function of managing the communication of part of the various components installed on the motherboard.

Communication between computer components takes place between buses. Mainly the chipset handles the USB bus, the SATA bus and the PCI Express bus . The chipset determines the number of buses destined for each of them.

Usually the chipset buses are usually “secondary”, because the processor has direct buses . These direct processor buses are faster and have priority for the processor.

Basically, the Chipset bus, one could say that they are in reinforcement. These buses are usually slower, because the component needs to make a request to the chipset and this communicates it to the processor. In addition, it is the one that limits the connectivity capabilities of the motherboard.

Where is the chipset

Usually the motherboard chipset is located at the bottom right . Some compact motherboards (mini-ITX, for example) can move it to other points.

Identification of the chipset is usually simple, because in the vast majority of cases it covered with a metal block. This block performs the heat dissipation functions generated by the chipset. In addition, the name of the manufacturer of the motherboard is most often screen-printed.

The high-end chipset can incorporate small fans to improve heat dissipation. Normally, high-end elements of the heatsink tend to incorporate RGB lighting, which makes it even easier to identify this component.

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