What is the value of the Palace of Versailles?

Pioneer of real estate appraisal since 2008, Meilleurs-Agents offers a publicity campaign that dishevels: the Sun King, guided by his faithful minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert, evaluates online his famous castle with “2,328 rooms” but… without bathroom. The film launched at the beginning of February on major national channels and DTT will be visible throughout the year. “We deliberately broke the advertising codes by choosing to make a film, to be as impactful as possible and to put the leadership of Better Agents on online property valuation,” says Astrid Fockens, marketing director of the company.

Democratize online estimation

With this film, Meilleurs-Agents wants to encourage all owners to estimate their property on the site, if only to follow “If 50% of owners/sellers in France make an estimate on our site, 46% do not know these estimation tools, adds Astrid Fockens. Our challenge is therefore to do pedagogy, to democratize this practice so that it becomes a reflex.” BetterAgents thinks that, even if we do not sell, it is always interesting to know the value of its heritage. “This is precisely information that can be provided to the owners since we update our prices every month, takes over Astrid Fockens. Our tool is now perceived as the most reliable on the market according to What Choice. It has been around for ten years and it is constantly updated. This is what we highlight in our advertising spot.”

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More estimates, more contacts for

agencies The countryside is welcomed. According to Meilleurs-Agents, the benefits are already significant: the film generates a significant increase in online estimates on the site, enough to bring more sellers contacts to its partner real estate agencies. “We are the first digital platform that allows individuals to buy or sell at the right price,” concludes the director marketing. We fulfill this mission by enlightening them, giving them information. With over 850 indices and 35 million prices updated every month, we are the leading producer of online real estate statistics. Sellers who make an online estimate can then be connected with a professional in their neighbourhood to refine the value of their property. The more we have online estimates of qualified sellers, the more requests for evaluation appointments we bring to our partner agencies, which are more than 9,000 today.”

New tools for better prospecting

Since the beginning of February, BetterAgents has been offering very accurate pricing maps at the address in 30 additional cities (more than 1,000 cities in France today). The platform has also launched a mobile application to facilitate access to its estimation tool, available on iOS and Android.

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On the professional side, since last January, Meilleurs-Agents has been selling the prospecting card. Real estate agencies that have subscribed to this option can thus view the perimeters in which the owners have made an estimate of their property with a view to selling it. This will allow them to target their field prospecting. And to better motivate their teams…


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