What music for a wedding?

A wedding planner must think of everything! And even to the music of your wedding playlist! You will have guessed it today we will talk about an extremely important point of your wedding since it will accompany you throughout your day! I speak of course about the musical background and your music (the playlist) for your wedding!

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As you know, several steps will punctuate your day, and to make your wedding perfect we have decided to give you our valuable music tips at every moment of your D-Day.

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The Ceremony

Keep in mind that this is your wedding, you decide everything and everything is possible.

Indeed, your whole ceremony can be accompanied by the same music, or every moment that composes it can enjoy its own melody.

Let me enlighten on the different stages of the ceremony.

First, guests make their entrance to settle in their seat and will rise at the entrance of the newlyweds.

Subsequently, place the procession of honor with:

  1. The arrival of the groom accompanied by his mom.
  2. Witnesses.
  3. The father of the groom and the mother of the bride.
  4. The bride led by her father and followed or preceded by children of honor.

This protocol is absolutely not an obligation and whatever you decide your marriage will be perfect since it will look like you! Sometimes the newlyweds even come together.

During the ceremony, you can exchange alliances and perform a ritual if desired. (See article on rituals here)

These several times then go rhythm your ceremony and can be accompanied by music. To help you best, we decided to guide you by choosing music for every moment of the ceremony.

The entrance of the guests

For the entrance of guests, nothing better than a quiet and romantic ambient music that you can loop if the number of guests is large.

  • Nat King — L-O-V-E
  • Amélie Poulain — Rhyme of another summer

Bridal procession

For the groom let’s opt for something romantic with a hint of punch:

  • Seal — Kiss from a Rose
  • Buddy Holly — Every Day
  • Beatles — All you need is love

The arrival of the bride is THE moment everyone is waiting for, take out the handkerchiefs.

For the most recent:

  • Turning Pages — Sleeping at
  • last Flightless bird — American mouth
  • Beyonce — Halo
  • Christina Perri — A thousand years
  • Lily Allen — Somewhere only we know

Honorary Mention for Ed Sheran who delivers trendy and romantic songs!

  • Ed Sheran — Perfect
  • Ed Sheran — Photograph

And for those who are nostalgic here are our classics:

  • Francis Cabrel — I love him to die
  • Desr’ee — I’m Kissing you
  • Whitney Houston — I will always love you

Exchange of alliances

In order to accompany the exchange of alliances and the ritual we always opt for romantic, a little more rhythmic:

  • Louis Armstrong — What a wonderful world (or Somewhere over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, inspired by her idyllic revival, perfect for a wedding at the beach)
  • Juliette Armanet — Madness
  • John Legend — You and I
  • John Legend — All of me
  • Christina Perri — Arms
  • Bryan Adams — Everything I do I do it for you

Release of the Groom

And finally for the end of the ceremony or exit from the church, something joyful is welcome! Let’s wipe these tears in music:

  • The Land — Another day of sun
  • Chubby Checker — Let’s Twist Again
  • Grease — You’re the one that I want
  • The Edwin Hawkins Singers — Oh Happy Day
  • The Verve — Sweet Symphony Bitter

Feel free to choose something that really looks like you, and even ask one of your loved ones to perform a piano or guitar performance!

The Cocktail

By following from the ceremony and after the group photos, you will be able to meet all your guests around a

cocktail, animated by all kinds of activities.

There is of course a drink bar, culinary workshops, games, a photobooth or videobooth, etc.

For the cocktail, we recommend you have some background music while your guests refresh themselves around a small glass of wine or a cold beer!

We advise you to opt for a DJ with a Pop/JAZZ playlist, a jazz band, a saxophonist or a non-singing band that will perfectly accompany this moment when you can chat, laugh and enjoy with your guests!

The evening

The entrance of the bride and groom

The bride and groom must heal their entrance ! To do this give free rein to your imagination, choose something personal and fun!

To help you in your choice, here are our favorite titles:

  • Beyonce — Crazy in Love
  • Aretha Franklin — Think

Some even chose the song Highway to Hell from the famous rock band ACDC!


As for the cocktail party, during dinner , background music is welcome! Adopt a playlist with soft and ambient music for your wedding dinner.

The Wedding-Cake

Your famous wedding cake makes its entrance, a melody worthy of its spectacular aesthetics is


  • Maroon 5 — Sugar
  • The Black Eyed Peas — I Gotta Feeling

The first dance

As a great romantic, you looked forward to your first dance . Tradition would like the waltz to be in the spotlight for this famous slow, even if everything is allowed!

The chosen one of your heart decided to do things as it should but forgot some basics of dance classes… Don’t panic! Opt for a slow on a loud tempo song with a very strong rhythm, and your rider will have no trouble getting you dancing as it should!

As for example:

  • Etta James — At last
  • Ed Sheeran — Thinking out loud
  • Ben E King — Stand by me

The Dance Night

After this first dance, let’s open the ball! This famous slow must give way to the crazy madness of your guests, so choose a good transition music to go from calm to storm!

Why not Maroon 5 — Girls Like You ft. Cardi B!

Small advice, so that everything goes as you want, plan a Top list of your favorite songs but above all a Black list to give to your DJ! Indeed, some guests will not hesitate to ask for a song from the DJ and to be sure to master everything, what could be better than predicting. Preventing is better than cure as they say!

A final tip, please yourself by choosing also your last dance, the one you will dance with the last warriors left on the dance-floor.

Sincerely, despite the stereotypes Michel Sardou and Les lakes du Connemara will always make their effect!

We remind you that our advice is only there to support you. For your wedding to be perfect it must first of all look like you, so have a heavy hand on originality and dare, it’s your day! All the music in your wedding playlist is for you.

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Photo credits: Emily Soler, Sandra Hygonnenc.

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