What pants with a blue jacket?

Blue is considered to be easy to match with other colours.

But suddenly, what colors go with blue clothes?

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I was also asking myself the question. So I did some research.

  • What are the tones of blue?
  • Can we combine navy blue and black?
  • What to wear with a blue T-shirt?
  • How to wear blue trousers?

In this article, I answer all these questions.

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Different shades of blue

To properly combine blue with other colors, it is necessary first of all to choose a beautiful blue.

Mineral blue

In the repertoire of tar colorsWhite, mineral blue is a slightly green blue.

The mineral blue is a slightly green blue

Similar blues are found under the names petrol blue (rather dark blue-green) and duck blue (blue-green rather clear).

indigo blue

Indigo blue is denim blue, blue jeans. It’s a blue that leaning towards purple.

The indigo blue is a light blue reminiscent of the blue of slightly faded jeans

It is a light blue easy to wear.

navy blue

Navy blue is a dark blue, very classic.

So it’s nice on more original pieces like a henley:

The real navy blue is a perfectly blue tone (example of Henley Tar White)

A real navy blue that just falls on a blue tone (neither green nor purple).

Royal Blue

The royal blue is a bright blue. Similar tones are found under the name electric blue.

The royal blue is recognised by its very bright color

TO the reverse of navy blue, which is very sober, is a blue that is noticed. When royal blue plays the role of central color, navy blue is better to support and accompany other colors.

What colors to wear with blue

Blue can come with bright colors or be highlighted by neutral colors.

Match blue with bright or warm colors

To match blue with bright colors, you need a rather neutral blue. The blue comes to play a role as a support to accompany the bright color.

The easiest way is to leave on a navy blue.

Blue can be matched with yellow, purple, or red. These bright colors bring brightness alongside the navy blue.

Match blue and yellow

Yellow gives peps to an outfit. And it matches well with blue.

Yellow is easily worn with blue

You can choose between a mustard yellow for a winter outfit and a chick or pastel yellow for a more summer outfit.

Match blue and orange

Orange blends surprisingly well with blue.

Here is an example with sky blue, turquoise, and orange:

An outfit with daring colors, but good harmony and some elegance

An orange accessory or T-shirt can also be a real touch of originality to an outfit.

I talk about it in my tricks for wearing orange clothes.

Match blue and burgundy

Burgundy red is a fairly dark color.

It is possible to lighten it with a bright or light blue.

Here, the royal blue goes well with the burgundy pants

You want to know more? Read my tips on how to properly wear burgundy red.

Match blue with neutral colors

Blue also goes with more neutral colors such as white, gray, beige, or burgundy red.

Match blue and white

Blue and white work well together. The assortment has a very elegant side.

The navy uniforms show that.

We notice the elegance of blue worn with white on these uniforms of the National Navy

To easily combine blue and white, I think the sailor shirt is a good choice.

Here is an example with the Tar Marn T-shirt White:

The marnière T-shirt can be worn easily with blue trousers like raw selvedge jeans

It can also be worn easily with a blazer.

The stripes “marinière” add a touch of elegance and relaxation to the navy blue blazer

It is also possible to give the same effect with a shirt.

It’s a style that I like: blue shirt with half open a T-shirt underneath

Would you like a sailor? Discover my selection of the best brands of men’s sailor mariniers.

Another way to wear blue: You can “frame” a white T-shirt from a navy blue jacket or cardigan.

It is always easier to wear a dark color in the second layer

It’s a bit the same idea as to match the sailor T-shirt. You put a light color in the first layer and a darker color above.

Match blue and grey

Light gray can be worn as easily with blue as white.

By the way, it is possible to use the same trick as above:

As for the white T-shirt, you can “frame” a grey T-shirt with a blue jacket or cardigan

Gray is very versatile. So it’s easy to match it with any type of blue.

For example, gray goes very well with indigo blue:

Here, the indigo blue T-shirt is highlighted by the grey coat

As you see, wearing gray with blue is very easy.

Match blue and beige

The combination of blue and beige has a very classic side.

It is possible to add touches of blue with a belt to make a color reminder of a blue shirt or navy blue shoes.

The braided belt comes to make a color reminder of the blue checkered shirt

It is very easy to match blue with beige.

Wearing blue with black

Black is a color that is difficult to wear.

But this one goes well with blue. In this case, navy blue is to be preferred. It’s a matter of balance.

We can then “frame” the black of navy blue.

Here the carbon black T-shirt is framed by a navy blue

peat Or vice versa, one can “frame” the blue of black.

Here, the navy blue T-shirt is framed by a black cardigan. Bright first layer and darker second layer

You can also mix blue and black by playing on color reminders.

The blue scarf with black touches comes to make the transition between the black trousers and the blue T-shirt

Here, the scarf adds depth to the blue T-shirt and makes the connection between blue and black.

Blue clothes to wear

Here is a list of must-have blue clothes:

  • The “blue” jeans
  • Navy blue blazer
  • The blue trench coat
  • The Coat
  • Blue chinos
  • Navy blue henley
  • Denim jacket
  • The blue polo shirt
  • Navy blue scarf
  • The blue T-shirt

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