What studies to become a communications officer?

Responsible for internal (to employees) and external communication actions (press, public…), the communication officer’s mission is to publicize the company for which he works.

Interested in this job? Learn more through the testimonies of Christine, Sara and Nicolas, all three communicators. Find also the information you need to know to become a communication manager.

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🍿 The Trade of Communications Officer (video)

  • Event Project Manager

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  • Speaker and Olympic Champion

  • Communications Officer

  • Podcaster

  • Communications Officer

  • Web Referencer

  • Artistic Director

  • Communications & Marketing Manager

  • Communications Charge

  • Social Media Journalist

  • Photographer & Video Maker

  • Web Editor

  • Translator

  • Deputy Head Estonia

  • Journalist

  • Director of communication agency

  • DGA in Communication Agency

  • Writer

  • Graphic Designer & DA

  • Community Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Marketing Communication Assistant

  • Web Referencer

  • Event Project Manager

  • Content Strategist

  • Communications Project Manager

  • Communications Officer

  • Food Blogger

  • Head of Public Relations

  • Sports web journalist

  • Designer Web Writer

What is the job in charge of communication?

Christine: This job consists of representing a company and disseminating their offers and information. It is therefore a question of promoting the image of the latter through communication actions.

Sara: Being in charge of communication means implementing several communication actions in order to publicize the company we work for.

Nicolas: I am among the 10% of men practicing this profession which essentially consists in making a company known to its public. For this purpose, several actions are created and implemented, such as: creation and dissemination of several types of media (brochures, posters, flyers…), intervention in web communication (social networks, development of a blog…), organization of events, writing press releases, etc.

What do you like more in your job?

Christine: I like the multitude of functions that we can perform within the same company, whether on the Internet or external level.

Sara: It’s a job that makes it possible to reach many facets of a company. We can work on a communication directed to employees or a communication directed to customers, partners, etc.

Nicolas: I like this profession very much because it is versatile and allows to develop the relationship.

What do you like the least about your job?

Christine: Motivating, convincing, organizing continuously can be very stressful.

Sara: The number of positions available for this profession is very limited.

Nicolas: It’s a job that generates a lot of anxiety.

What are the qualifications required to practise this trade?

Christine: You need to have a great ability to synthesize, be comfortable with computer tools and have to know a minimum of image editing software (example: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

Sara: You have to know how to argue, convince, be endowed with a huge force of conviction.

Nicolas: It is important to know how to defend your ideas and speak several foreign languages, including English.

What is the training to practise the trade in charge of communication

The ideal is to have a degree at Bac 5 level such as a Master in Communication or a diploma in one of the specialized schools in Communication. is possible to graduate from a bachelor’s degree in information and communication, communication, etc., to practice this profession.Finally, at Bac 2 level it is possible to opt for a BTS communication of companies or a DUT information — communication, among others.

Is there a competition to be a communications manager?


Are there schools to train as a communications officer?

There are several schools specialized in the communication sector: Celsa, Cesacom Lille, Cesacom Paris…


Cesacom, or “the smallest of Grandes Écoles” is a communication school located in Paris and Lille.

What is the salary of a communications officer?

The communication officer can start with a salary of 1900€ gross monthly.

What advice would you give to those who wish to practise this trade?

Christine: Learn several foreign languages, in this environment experience abroad is favored.

Sara: Be convincing, creative and available.

Nicolas: I will advise them to improve their skills in image editing tools and to take an interest in the world of the web.

Artistic Director

The artistic director creates the visual aspect of an advertisement or a product in combination with the designer-editor.

Support Assistant

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The moderator is the guarantor of the content and discussions published on a forum, a social network…

Educational Engineer

Educational engineer, the developer of educational content (for small and large).

Media Planner

The media planner is in charge of selecting the appropriate media and frequency for launching an ad campaign.

Press Attaché

A true master of communication, the aim of the press officer is to make a company’s brand and products known to the media.

Communication Assistant

The Assistant or Internal Communications Officer has responsibility to inform employees and communicate about the company’s strategy.

Relational Marketing Manager

This job implements the provisions and tools for the relational development of a company’s teams with their interlocutors

Content Manager

The Content Manager creates and manages digital content on the web, with the aim of improving brand image…


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Head of Advertising

The advertising manager is a professional specializing in the promotion of products or services via various advertising media (posters, TV, radio).

Digital Manager

The profession of Digital Manager is becoming more and more widespread in companies, it allows digital transformation.

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