When to remove the wedding file at the town hall?

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You decided to pass the ring to your fingers to formalize your love? Congratulations! Be aware that you have the opportunity to celebrate your wedding at the town hall (civil marriage) as well as in the church (religious marriage). Be aware that if religious marriage is only an option, formalization will be done in front of the Mayor by a mandatory passage to the town hall. What does the Civil Marriage Act say? Can everyone unite? Can we choose any town hall? How to apply to the Civil Registry Officer? What is the publication of the bans? Is it mandatory? Zoom on civil marriage.

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Marriage and the Law

Since May 17, 2013, all persons of age of the opposite sex or the same sex may unite before the Mayor. They also receive, after the ceremony, a family booklet. There is a list prohibition and exception related to marriage:

  • The minor may marry with the permission of his legal representative and for important reasons.
  • Polygamy is prohibited in France. In fact, if you are already married or in separation pending the judge’s decision, a new marriage cannot take place. It will have to wait until the divorce is pronounced.
  • Marrying a loved one (distant cousin, uncle…) is strictly forbidden.
  • For same-sex marriage, there are restrictions. Thus, it is not possible to marry a Tunisian citizen as with an Algerian or Polish citizen.
  • Persons under guardianship may not marry if the guardianship judge or family council has not agreed. The same applies if one of the parties is under guardianship.

Request your marriage certificate now! Good to know: Paced people asking for the formalization of their love by passing before the Mayor are not obliged to break the PACS contract.

In which town hall to marry?

The bride and groom have the opportunity to choose:

  • The town hall of the parents’ place of life.
  • The town hall where he resides permanently.
  • The town hall of one of the two future spouses.

The civilian officer will need to verify that there is a lasting and permanent relationship with the parents of the prospective spouses or spouses.

Folder: what parts are to provide?

The documents required to establish the file are as follows:

  • The copy of the ID of both parties.
  • Proof of domicile of both parties.
  • The full copy of the birth certificates of both parties.
  • Information relating to the witnesses to the marriage. It is simply necessary to specify on a simple paper the names, dates of birth, place of birth, postal contact information and occupation. Consideration should be given to attaching copies of each individual’s ID.

Good to know: in the event that a marriage contract takes place, it will be necessary to provide the certificate that was edited by the notary.

Hearing of spouses and publication of bans

After submitting the complete file to the mayor elected to celebrate the union, the civil registry officer is responsible for summoning the spouses to conduct a hearing. Generally, this hearing occurs in the presence of both spouses. In case of doubt, the registrar is entitled to refer the matter to the Public Prosecutor to prohibit the ceremony.

After the passage of the hearing, it is necessary to make the publication of the bans. This step makes it possible to announce the future wedding in an official way. The publication of the bans is visible to everyone since it is displayed on the door of the civilian establishment. This publication contains the following information:

  • The names of both parties.
  • The first names of both parties.
  • The coordinates of both parties.
  • The professions of everyone.
  • The place of the wedding celebration.

Agree on a date for the celebration of the wedding

Since the publication to the bans is done, it is now necessary to look at a date. The date must be appropriate for the registrar as well as the prospective spouses. The law stipulates that civil marriage may not be celebrated within 10 days of the publication of the bans. Spouses have 12 months to set a date. Otherwise, the publication of the bans is cancelled. Example: if the bans are published on July 20, the date of the ceremony will only be possible after July 30. Hence the importance of planning your wedding well for a good organization!