Where to go in September to have sunshine?

In September, it is sunny in much of the world. During this month, the heat of summer is no longer there, the cold of winter has not settled there yet and better yet, it is the return to school.

So as much travel when everyone is busy to have all the space just for themselves.

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  • It is good on the Northern Hemisphere and on the Mediterranean shores, the climate is pleasant.
  • It is also a good time to visit one of the countries of Asia such as China, Indonesia.
  • It’s time to go further and try the adventure by going to Northern Australia
  • In North America, too, the climate is more temperate.

How to choose your destination for a trip in September?

To have a good stay and get out of scenery during the month of September is better to choose to make a trip that is more adapted to your lifestyle, here are some travel ideas:

  • If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the beach and the sun well during the summer, some sunny destinations can make you catch up during your stay.
  • If you are no longer trendy exit but earlier culture and sightseeing , you will enjoy the gentle air of September to make great walks in different European cities and be able to visit several monuments without queuing and without feeling embarrassed by the crowds.
  • For sportsmen eager thrills, nothing like traveling to go hiking. During the month of September all hot regions in the summer are possible as long as the heat has not yet settled there.
  • For a family trip , nothing like the tourist destinations that in general are the most popular as Disneyland, Futuroscope or Asterix Park. During the month of September, the waiting time for attractions is greatly reduced.

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What to visit in September?

Whether you are a young retired or on leave or have decided to add a few more days to your vacation, you will enjoy traveling during the back to school period. As it is a low season, the hotel offers quality service at a very attractive price. So after choosing your type of trip, here are some destination of choice for those who want to meet the sun :

  • Greece, Italy or Croatia are all three potential and interesting destinations for a stay in the sun.
  • Or why not Andalusia by touring the towns of the Costa del Sol and end by going to Malaga, the city of Picasso.
  • Let try by the Balearic Islands, where the change of scenery is guaranteed by passing through the islands of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza or Formentera.

For those who want to discover new site, admire the landscape and spend a more cultural and rewarding stay, here is a selection:

  • Visit Porto and Lisboa the capital of Portugal, with low prices and an ubiquitous sun, this is the destination of the moment.
  • If you travel in love and are looking for a romantic destination, how to resist the temptation to visit Prague, a city to discover, absolutely.

For those who intend to go on an adventure, in an atmosphere of discovery and a sportsmanship here are some destinations:

  • During the month of September, it is possible to visit the desert. Let yourself be tempted by North African Sahara either by visiting Egypt or one of the Maghreb countries.
  • For a hike in peace and full of spirituality, follow the footsteps of the hikers on the road to Santiago de Compostela.

France is also very quiet

Some think that the holiday is only offered in summer, but you can also enjoy a very friendly climate in September. If you do not have an infant and school obligations, you will be able to travel. Sometimes some regions in France deserve to be discovered, because they live up to expectations.

  • In the south of France and especially the most touristic areas, you can then make a dead end on the crowd .
  • You then enjoy a little more of the surroundings, which is not the case with tourists who are numerous in the summer.
  • Enjoy Brittany as well, but during first weeks of September.
  • You can also enjoy all the tourist cities, scenery and specialties more easily.

You now know that it is possible to go on vacation in September without necessarily dwelling on countries on the other side of the planet. This avoids you many inconveniences such as jetlag, but also expenses due to the plane, authorizations to travel… Because of this, it is very pleasant and pleasant to move in France and some departments like Auvergne deserve to be discovered.