Which drone to choose for a teenager?

Children’s drones are designed to be easy to fly, with simple controls that can be understood in seconds, and have the advantage of being much cheaper than high-end drones for adults. They can be great Christmas and birthday gifts.

If you are a father or mother and read these lines, you’re probably nervous about entrusting control of a drone to your child, but don’t be afraid, the best children’s drones offer many features to ensure safe flight. Some drones can be safely used indoors and outdoors, while others should be used exclusively outdoors.

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In this guide, we will introduce you what the best drones for Kids have to offer in terms of features, flight performance and safety, so you can make the right choice for your little boy or little girl.

If you are looking for a slightly more sophisticated drone, check out our list of the best drones for beginners .

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Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 30 m | Battery life: 7 min | Camera: without camera | Price: 29.99€ | Age: from 6 years old

The Snaptain H823H is a mini drone for kids designed to withstand all kinds of misadventure. The drone is tiny and weighs less than 30 grams but its propellers are protected by a sheath and it can thus make 360° rotations without the slightest risk of breakage.

The controller is as small as the drone and may seem a bit uncomfortable in the hands of an adult since it is a children’s drone. It is powered by three AA batteries (which are not included), and its range is about 30 meters, which does not matter since it is a drone intended for indoor use. The controls are very responsive and the drone has a headless mode, which makes flying easy to control.

The Snaptain H823H comes with additional propellers, 3 batteries with a runtime of 7 minutes each, a screwdriver, a charging cable and the remote control. All for less than 30 euros.

9 — ATOYX AT-6

Available on Amazon

Range: 50 m | Battery life: 8 min | Camera: without camera | Price: 26.99€ | Age: from 6 years

Want to offer your child an easy-to-take drone? The innovative design of the Atoyx AT-66 mini drone aims to make it simple to use, while being feature-rich, stable in flight and safe for the youngest.

It is possible to use 3 different speed modes, depending on whether your child is a beginner or more experienced. The mini drone is set to low speed by default. Thanks to the Altitude Hold feature, the drone can stay in automatic hover, while pressing the “back home” button, the Atoyx AT-66 automatically returns to the controller. What’s more, with the button “3D” located on the left of the controller, the drone can run 360 degree barrels, a very fun experience.

The Atoyx AT-66 comes with 2 batteries that each offer a flight time of 8 minutes, and the drone is available in four colors: red, blue, white or black, to suit everyone’s preferences.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 30 m | Battery life: 10 min | Camera: without camera | Price: 23.99€ | Age: from 6 years old

The Potensic A20 is the ideal drone for young children who want to discover the basics of piloting a drone for the first time. Genuine drone for apprentices, it fulfills its mission perfectly and includes all the options you can expect: carefully protected propellers from accidents and other scratches, an emergency stop button if your children are flying too closely over the dog, oven or baby, and an alarm that signals battery unloading.

The mini drone is also easy to operate: the altitude hold function ensures the stability of the drone — indoors or outdoors in calm weather — while the automatic take-off and landing buttons provide children with quick control of the basics of piloting a drone.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 50 m | Battery life: 8 min | Camera: without camera | Price: 39.99€ | Age: from 6 years

With the Snaptain SP300, you don’t have to use a traditional remote control, although it also has one. Instead, you can control its trajectory either by moving the arm (provided you wear the watch equipped with an included G sensor) or by waving your hands in front of the drone. All enhanced by a “night mode” that makes the drone shine in the dark.

The drone comes with 2 batteries that each offer 8 minutes of autonomy. The controller’s range peaks to about 50 meters while you need to stay much closer to the drone to use the other two control modes that work with infrared sensors. These same sensors also help to avoid obstacles autonomously, extremely rare thing for a mini drone.

The Snaptain SP300 also includes more classic features, including a “3D Flips” mode that allows for looping and other aerial stunts, a choice of 3 speeds to do your hand at its own pace, a headless mode, and an automatic take-off and landing feature.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 80 m | Battery life: 8 min | Camera: HD 720P | Price: 67.99€ | Age: from 8 years

The Eachine E58 is one of the best-selling drones of all time. It looks very much like the DJI Mavic, a high drone adult range, but it is much smaller and has fewer advanced features. It is so small that it fits in the hollow of the hand, and consists of sturdy plastic. The drone is also equipped with propeller protectors to minimize damage in the event of a collision.

The Eachine E58 is equipped with a 2MP 720p camera with FPV technology and offers a flight time of approximately 7-9 minutes. The camera on the nose of the device can be manually adjusted to 90°. It won’t win an aerial photography award, but it produces good images and quality video footage. The camera also has an FPV connection, which means that you can stream live video images to your mobile phone, which, in my opinion, is one of the best features of this drone.

Among his others Features include one-button take-off and landing, 3 speeds to choose from, 3D flips and altitude hold. As for the battery life, it is about 8 minutes (3 batteries are included). The Eachine E58 is an ideal drone for children and beginner pilots who, in addition to learning how to direct a drone, want to learn to learn how to shoot aerial.


Available on Amazon

Range: 50 m | Battery life: 8 min | Camera: HD 720P | Price: 56.99€ | Age: from 8 years old

If your child is eager to take nice aerial photos or shoot beautiful video footage, opt for the big brother of Potensic A20: the Potensic A30W. Its camera, with a video resolution of 720p, is located at the front of the drone and offers rather stunning shots for a drone marketed at such a price. What’s more, you can also connect the camera to your mobile phone to activate FPV mode.

This mini drone weighs only 63 grams and its miniature dimensions make it easy to store it in a bag or in the trouser pocket. However, it is designed to withstand accidents, which is why its propellers are protected by circular reinforcements.

In terms of functionality, the Potensic A30W drone has a speed mode. It offers children and novices a smooth and progressive learning curve. By default, the drone is set to its slowest speed, a wise choice for the first indoor flights. Once the flights are well controlled, your child will be able to increase the speed to test his pilot skills.

Finally, the Potensic A30W allows you to create a custom flight route via the “Path” mode. It also has a function called “gravity sensor” that allows you to direct the drone according to the orientation of the mobile phone (via Wi-Fi connection). Most importantly, the drone benefits from several functions intended for beginners, such as headless mode and altitude maintenance.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 90 m | Battery life: 8 min | Camera: HD 720P | Price: 79.99€ | Age: from 8 years old

The Snaptain A15 is another very good model that is one of the best mini drones for kids or beginners. The drone is foldable and easy to carry. What’s more, it is equipped with a 720P HD camera with a 120° wide-angle lens, which captures good quality videos and photos.

In terms of functionality, the drone is equipped with intelligent voice control, FPV function and flight path tracking function (the drone follows the route you draw on its smartphone). The drone also features multiple flight modes, multiple flight speeds, One Key Return function (automatic return to pilot), 3D Flips function and real-time WiFi broadcasts accessible via a phone. As for the gravity sensor mode, it allows the Snaptain A15 to follow the direction in which you are heading your smartphone.

The drone comes with 2 batteries with a battery life of 8 minutes each and is a great choice for a child 8 years of age or older. The advantage of the Snaptain A15 over the Snaptain S5C is that it has more features than the Snaptain S5C, but its battery life is slightly lower and is sold more expensive. As for the quality of the camera, it is very similar on both models.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 100 m | Battery life: 13 min | Camera: HD 720P | Price: 109€ | Age: from 8 years

With a weight of only 79 grams, the DJI Ryze Tello is a compact mini drone at the cutting edge of technology. It features 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, electronic image stabilization and FPV (first person view) mode. It can also shoot in 5 MP, while its flight time is 13 minutes for a maximum range of 100 meters.

When it comes to piloting, the Ryze Tello DJI has no controller, so you need to control it via virtual joysticks on a smartphone app. Fortunately, if your child prefers to have a real controller in your hands, you can get a Tello GameSir controller and connect it to the drone.

Overall, this drone stands for adventure, acrobatics and spectacular feats. In addition to the usual flight modes, the DJI Ryze Tello can looping, take off or land with your hand, and capture 360-degree panoramas. But the drone is also capable hover with its 14-core processor and integrated sensors.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 80 m | Battery life: 15 min | Camera: HD 720P | Price: 75.99€ | Age: from 8 years old

The Snaptain SP600 is one of the best kids drones I’ve had the opportunity to test. It features amazing features, the best of which is its 720p HD camera that offers a 120° wide angle view to capture better images and videos. Other interesting features include voice and gesture control, intelligent flight mode and 2 x 15 minutes flight range (2 batteries are included).

The camera will allow you to take superb aerial photos and videos at a resolution of 720p. The camera angle can be adjusted manually to different degrees up or down. The Snaptain SP600 is not equipped with advanced image and video stabilization, but it is equipped with a 6-axis gyro that helps maintain a constant altitude and minimizes distortions that may occur. Overall, the quality of the camera is very satisfactory, especially for the price at which the drone is sold.

In terms of flight performance, the mini drone is very well designed and is very easy to fly. Although it does not have any GPS system, it allows for a comfortable hover. In addition, the drone benefits from an intelligent flight mode called “path flight”. In this mode, just draw a trajectory on the application and the drone automatically takes this route.

The Snaptain SP600 features a host of other rewarding features including “voice and gestures control” which allows you to control the drone only with voice or movement, a “Back Home” button that takes the drone back to where it’s gone, 3 speed modes for all levels, or a “3D Flips” mode that allows the drone to perform 360° loopings by pressing a button.

The Snaptain SP600 and the Snaptain S5C are very close and difficult to decide. The first has a greater battery life and more features while the second one is sold cheaper and has a more aggressive look.


Available on Amazon Available at Fnac

Range: 90 m | Battery life: 10 min | Camera: HD 720P | Price: 59.99€ | Age: from 8 years old

If you’re looking for a drone for your child that is both easy to use and equipped with state-of-the-art features, the Snaptain S5C is definitely the best drone you can find. With its neat appearance and LED lights, this mini drone looks great. Not only is it equipped with a 720p HD camera and FPV mode (first person view), but it also offers a gravity detector that allows you to control the drone by directing your phone from different angles.

Like the Snaptain SP600, the greatest achievement of this drone resides in its 720p HD camera. The Snaptain S5C is one of the few drones designed for children to be equipped with a premium camera. This gives the possibility to stream live videos directly on a smartphone. Your child can then edit their photos and videos and upload them directly to their social networks or share them with friends.

When it comes to flight performance, the Snaptain S5C is equipped with several very convenient features including a “Wi-Fi signal detection” that warns the pilot if there is a potential loss of connection, a “headless mode” that facilitates flight because there is no need to differentiate between the head and tail of the drone, 3 choice of flight speeds, and an intelligent flight mode called “Trajectory” that allows you to draw a flight route on a smartphone.

The Snaptain S5C is also compatible with FPV headsets and VR headsets for an even more immersive flight experience. The only black spot of the drone is its flight range, which peaks at about 10 minutes (however, 2 batteries are included). Apart from this weak point, the Snaptain S5C is undoubtedly one of the best drones for children at the moment.

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