Who builds a house?

Aesthetically, you will not find any other coating as noble to compete with the beauty of natural stone. This very durable and traditional material, which withstands the attacks of time, is usually used for facade, staircase and flooring. Whether it is limestone, slate, sandstone, granite, or marble, a specialist will be able to advise you the choice of stone most suitable for your needs.

Since the night of time

The carved stone, also called cut stone, consists of rocks that are carved for the masonry market of the construction of stone houses. Previously, they were not necessarily designed to constitute a construction project. Since the dawn of time, the “ stones of the field ”, were patiently gathered around to cover the walls of a building. A few times stolen from ancient bridges, ramparts and even other common infrastructure to complete the sections of a stone house, they continued to support other pages of history.

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Several constraints to consider

This material is less used than in the past, because not everyone has a budget high enough to afford it. The high cost of this material is attributable to extraction maneuvers in quarries. In addition to this, transport costs to the workshop or construction site are also added. Other fees arise for processing, pruning, and sculpture of stones.

Less expensive alternatives are mixed stone and rock stone.

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Regardless of whether it is the premium version or the more affordable version, both involve very thick walls, which means necessarily on the living area.

Lots of work

Building a stone house is not a small task: it requires a lot of work. The key to success lies in the right balance between mixing the mortar and the choice of stones.

It is also important to adhere to the proportions of mixing several key ingredients for mortar production as the stones are laid. The moisture content must be perfectly calibrated to achieve an ideal consistency, neither too hard nor too soft, just what it takes. Otherwise, the mortar will be too difficult to handle or, on the contrary, the excess water will make it too weak.

For the construction of a stone house with the perfect fingering of a masonry expert, who will concoct you mortar of the right consistency, select the appropriate stones, and skillfully install them according to The rules of the art, do not hesitate to consult the directory of our site to find the rare pearl available in your region.

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