Who receives retirement in the event of death?

In order to be entitled to a survivor’s pension, certain criteria must be met. Unfortunately, the whole family of the deceased will not receive this pension. All the information you need to know about the inheritance of the survivor’s pension on this page.

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This is the first and most important of the conditions for entitlement to the survivor’s pension. Only the person (s) who are married to the deceased may receive a survivor’s pension.

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This means that children or grandchildren cannot receive a survivor’s pension.

Our advice: Are you passionate and are approaching retirement age? We advise you to make a civil marriage in order to be eligible for your spouse’s survivor’s pension.

Children and grandchildren

As explained earlier, children and grandchildren are not entitled to receive the survivor’s pension of their deceased parent, even if they were the last parent left (except as explained below).

On the other hand, children and grandchildren can assist their last living parent in preparing the file for a survivor’s pension application . Annified by grief, your help will be very valuable. Follow all the tips noted on this website to finalize your application as soon as possible and send it to the relevant organization.

Don’t forget! You must order a birth certificate of the deceased in order for your file to be validated. Otherwise, you will be automatically denied.

Please note: you are not necessarily notified if your organization refuses to apply for a survivor’s pension! Contact them if you do not have news after 1 month.


On the death of a civil servant parent , the orphan has the right to apply for a pension. It applies only to children under 21 years of age.

orphan child may also be entitled to the survivor’s pension of the spouse, parent of the child. This happens when the spouse has died or is not entitled to the pension. This pension is equal to 50% of the pension An that the deceased staff member received or could have received.

The amount of this pension is, of course, divided into several shares if several persons can claim it:

  • several orphaned children,
  • divorced spouses.

The orphan’s survivor’s pension is paid only for the following staff:

  • State official,
  • Territorial official,
  • Hospital official.

To do an application for a survivor’s pension for orphans when the deceased parent was a state official, you must complete the Cerfa form No. 11979*06 . Namely: the orphan’s pension is equal to 10% of the pension that the deceased official would receive or could have received.

To learn more about the survivor’s pension, watch the video below:

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