Who touches the RSA in a couple?

The amount of the RSA depends on the composition of your household (to estimate how much you will receive, you can do an RSA simulation). If you live in a couple, the FCA considers that you do not have twice as many charges as a single person (sharing rent, bills, etc.). Therefore, you will not collect twice the amount of the RSA for a single person.

Two notions for the RSA Couple should be distinguished. Both couple members are eligible OR one is without resources and the other receives low income (allowing the household to remain eligible for RSA). In both cases, the RSA as a couple will be awarded, or 847.17 euros (amount before deduction of the accommodation package). It will be more important if you have dependent children.

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If one of the members of couple perceives resources, they are deducted from the RSA they could collect in order to define their RSA Couple. We offer examples of calculation for the Couple RSA in this part to clarify the situations.

That’s why if you live in a couple, your RSA will be less important than if you live alone. Indeed, a person living alone will be able to claim the RSA for an amount of 564.78€ while a couple cannot exceed RSA 847.17€ for the whole home (these amounts are those in force since 1 April 2020 if you do not have children before applying the accommodation package). The amounts of the couple RSA depend on the composition of your household as well as the CAF aids you receive (see the RSA couple amount).

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Find all the information about the RSA couple by continuing to read This item: conditions of obtaining, amount and how to get the RSA couple.


Who is entitled to the RSA couple (with or without children)?

What is the RSA amount for a couple?

How to request the RSA couple at the CAF?

Who is entitled to the RSA couple (with or without children)?

Do I qualify for the RSA if my spouse works? Living as a couple affects the amount of Active Solidarity Income you can collect. This is called “couple solidarity”.

We’re talking about RSA couple for people living as a couple under the same roof (married, pacsé, common-law union…). To benefit from it, you must respect the same conditions as under the “classic” RSA, but respecting the resource limits according to your family composition (couple with or without children). All conditions are detailed in this article. You can also check out the details of the RSA for children under 25 years of age.

If you live in a relationship with someone with income, you will be able to benefit from the RSA couple provided that the income does not exceed the amount of the RSA you could earn without income. Click here to find examples of calculations.

It is important to note that a couple benefiting from the RSA will have a lower amount than if each of them lived alone:

  • The amount of RSA Couple is 847,17€ for the whole home (if you do not have children)
  • The one for a single person is 564,78€, or 1.129,56€ if multiplied by 2
  • The calculation of the RSA Couple (without children) is as follows: RSA for single person 50% of the RSA for a single person

This difference is explained by the fact that the CAF considers that the household charges for a couple are shared: rent, bills (gas, electricity, internet…).

It is important for a couple moving in together to make the situation change immediately with the CAF so that your RSA rights are recalculated. If you do not, you will be required to repay an overpayment to the CAF.

Important: If you live in a shared apartment, you are not considered a couple by the CAF. However, many frauds concerning this situation (a couple declaring themselves to be a roommate) are found. If you declare to be a roommate, you may be checked to verify the veracity of your return.

What is the RSA amount for a couple?

First of all, be aware that the amount of RSA paid to a couple depends greatly on the composition of your household Only one amount is allocated for the couple, the calculation is done according to the composition of your household . Find the amounts that match your situation in the table below.

At In advance, to define the amount of the RSA couple you will receive, it is appropriate to approach the housing package of the CAF.

Indeed, anyone will be deducted a housing package from his RSA. This applies to people receiving housing assistance (APL for example), landlords or those with no rent charge (accommodated free of charge).

The following are the housing packages applied by the CAF according to the composition of your household:

  • For a single person: 67.77 euros
  • For 2 people: 135,55 euros
  • For 3 people or more: 167,74 euros

So to find out the amount of the maximum torque RSA you can collect , refer to the column taking account this accommodation package in our table below.

Here are the amounts of the RSA couple in 2021:

Composition of the fireplace Amount before deduction of accommodation package Amount of the accommodation package After deduction of the accommodation package
Couple without children 847.17 € 135,55 euros 711,62€
Couple avec 1 enfant 1.016,60€ 167,74 euros 848,86€
Couple avec 2 enfants 1.186,03€ 167,74 euros 1.018,29€
Couple avec 3 enfants 1.411,94€ 167,74 euros 1.244,20€

In order to better understand the calculation of the RSA couple and the elements taken into account, we offer two examples below.

A couple without children and without income receiving the APL:

  • Amount of the RSA couple (847,17€) — accommodation package (135,55€) — income (0€) = 711.62€ of RSA for the home

A couple with 1 child receiving the APL and whose income is 600€ per month:

  • Amount of the RSA couple with 1 child (1.016,60€) — accommodation package (167,74€) — income (600€) = 248,86€ of RSA for the home

How do I request the RSA couple to the CAF?

How to touch the RSA couple? In order to benefit from the RSA couple, you must apply for a “classic” RSA.

In fact, you must fill in your personal information, but also information about the person sharing your life. If you are eligible for the RSA couple, the CAF will grant it to you automatically.

To apply for the RSA, you can consult the procedure in detail in this article to make the procedure with the CAF. Also be aware that you can do a simulation of your rights to the couple RSA by visiting https://www.caf.fr/allocataires/mes-services-en-ligne/faire-une-simulation. Find a guide to help you in this article.


There is no specific request to the CAF to obtain the RSA couple. The demand is made as for the “classic” RSA. You simply fill in your personal information, including living as a couple.

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