Why do I gain weight while doing sports?

Hello fitgirls! Today, small article about bodybuilding. Indeed, many of you wonder why do we gain weight during bodybuilding. Well, we decided to explain all this to you in this article!

How can bodybuilding make us gain weight?

Know that when you play sports, you will basically muscle and thus gain more muscle mass which means you will weigh heavier! Indeed, your muscles have tissues that weigh very heavy. Suddenly, it is quite normal to take 2 to 3 kilos when you practice bodybuilding because you simply develop your muscle mass. So don’t panic looking at your scales.

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How to know if you take muscle mass and not fat?

Know that bodybuilding, does not prevent in any way from decreasing your fat mass! It will allow you to make it decrease but not completely! For real weight loss, it will be necessary to practice cardio at least 30 minutes per session and this 2 to 3 times a week ideally. To find out, if your physical activity allows you to lose your fat mass properly, new high-tech scales will let you know how much your muscle mass and fat mass is. Nevertheless, it should never be forgotten that a healthy and balanced diet is indispensable in all cases!

How to lose weight while muscle our body?

elastic bands 15 or 20 kgFor this, it’s very simple, a golden rule to never forget: associate your cardio with your muscle strengthening workouts! For your muscle strengthening sessions, we advise you to use without hesitation our ! To do polyarticular exerices but also targeted in order to work all the body.

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Indeed, you should balance your physical activity with 50% cardio and 50% muscle building ! With cardio you can lose weight, but be aware that by adding muscle building next to it you can burn more calories both in activity and at rest! What else? For this, we offer many muscle enhancement programs that could please you for any type of goal! Your muscle building sessions will only take you 25 minutes of your time a day and this 4 to 5 times a week!

The key to success, nutrition:

But the key to success remains nutrition. And, despite what one might think the hardest is not sport but have a healthy and varied diet! The more you gain muscle mass, the more calories your metabolism will need. Attention precisely to provide the right Calories! We really avoid too fatty, sweet and salty foods and we think especially to drink well… water of course!

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